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IAA Permanent Committee on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

1/ Terms of Reference:

SETI is an acronym for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. The primary goal is to examine all aspects of possible future contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, with special reference to international issues and activities. The underlying science of the study of life in the universe includes relevant astrophysical and astronomical phenomena, the nature and distribution of the biogenic elements and compounds, the formation of life-bearing planets, the origin and evolution of biological systems, complex life and intelligence, and the emergence of technological civilizations. Associated missions and technology include planetary science missions designed to search for evidence of extraterrestrial life, the astronomical search for extrasolar planets, and the recovery of possible Martian microfossils on the Earth. The science and technology of SETI itself includes the development of search strategies, and the underlying intellectual foundation, the design, development, construction and operation of telescopes and signal detection systems, studies of their future location in space or on the lunar farside, rejection of radio frequency interference, the archiving of SETI data, and analysis of search results.

The SETI Permanent Committee will also continue to lead in discussions of the implications of detecting extraterrestrial signals: for example, in the areas of philosophy, historical analogs, anthropology, legal, political and institutional issues, sociology, psychology and theology, and interactions with the media and the educational system. All issues concerning possible future transmissions from Earth deliberately intended for ETI will also be included. Continuing collaboration will be sought with the International Institute of Space Law on some of these questions.

In addressing all of the above, the SETI Permanent Committee will seek learned papers for presentation at the SETI sessions of the International Astronautical Congress, publish the best of these papers in Acta Astronautica or elsewhere, generate and conduct, or support special Academy conferences or studies on important topics, and play a proactive role in the continuing study of extraterrestrial life and intelligence. Where appropriate, the SETI Permanent Committee will collaborate also with other committees of the Academy and the Federation, with the Bioastronomy Commission of the International Astronomical Union, and other national and international bodies and societies with an interest in SETI. These terms of reference exclude any consideration of UFO phenomena.
The SETI Permanent Study has four areas of particular concern:
1.    Issues of Policy Concerning Communications with Extraterrestrial Intelligence. (Ernst Fasan AUSTRIA)
2.    SETI Post-Detection Science and Technology. (Ray Norris AUSTRALIA)
3.    Lunar SETI Studies. (Claudio Maccone ITALY)
4.    Media and Education. (Roger Malina FRANCE)

2/ Activity:

Declaration of Principles concerning the Conduct of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Meeting minutes, Paris, France, March 20, 2014
Meeting minutes, Naples, Italy, October 3rd, 2012
Meeting minutes, Cape Town, South Africa, October 5th, 2011
Meeting minutes, Prague, Czech Republic, September 30th, 2010

3/ Membership:

Chair: Maccone Claudio
Co-Chair: Garrett Michael
Co-Chair: Shuch Paul
Secretary: Siemion Andrew

Almar Ivan
Back Impallomeni Elizabeth
Carrigan Richard
Cirkovic Milan M.
Clar Richard
Cosmovici Cristiano
Davies Paul
Davis Michael
DeBiase Robert
Denning Kathryn
Dick Steven
Dominik Martin
Drake Frank
Dumas Stephane
Dutil Yvan
Elliott John
Fasan Ernst
Gallicchio Jason
Garrett Michael
Harrison Albert
Herzing Denise
Howard Andrew
Kopal Vladimir
Lemarchand Guillermo
Malina Roger
Mead Curtis
Monari Jader
Montebugnoli Stelio
Morison Ian
Musso Paolo
Norris Ray
Oliver Carol
Ollongren Alexander
Perek Lubos
Pierson Thomas
Pluchino Salvatore
Ramírez de Arellano y Haro Rosa
Rummel John
Shostak Seth
Sterns Patricia
Stone Remington
Tarter Donald
Tarter Jill
Tennen Leslie
Vakoch Douglas
Walton Lori


Minutes, October 2009
Minutes, September 2008
Status report, March 2007
Status report, September 2006

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