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IAA Permanent Committee on Space Debris

1/ Terms of Reference:

The IAA Permanent Committee on Space Debris is in charge of the coordination of all activities related to Space Debris within the Academy, covering the complete span of related topics including but not limited to: measurements, modeling, risk assessment in space and on the ground, reentry, hypervelocity impacts and protection, mitigation and standards, legal and policy, Active Debris Removal and Space Surveillance.
As such, its main tasks are:
- Organization of the IAA Symposium on Space Debris A6 for the International Astronautical Congress, mainly identification of the proposed sessions including scope, chairs and rapporteurs, proposals for joint sessions with other symposia, proposals for Keynote Lectures within the A6 Symposium, or Highlight Lectures in the more general IAC frame,
- Organization of any stand-alone conference on Space Debris on behalf the Academy, including nomination of the Program Committee,
- Coordination of the Academy sponsoring, participation and contribution to selected conferences dedicated to Space Debris, such as for instance the ESA Conference on Space Debris in Darmstadt,
- Coordination of the Space Debris contribution in conferences not dedicated to Space Debris, but where some sessions may be devoted to the topic, sponsored by the Academy,
- Identification of potential studies on Space Debris within Commission V or coordinated with any other Academy Commissions, proposals of associated Cosmic Studies and proposals for the corresponding Study Group Memberships,
- Dissemination of information among the members of the Committee, mainly during regular meetings taking place twice a year, before the IAC and during the IAA March meetings in Paris. During these meetings, general information concerning past activities at international level on Space Debris shall be shared among the members, including debriefings from past conferences and major related actions (for instance IADC, COSPAR…). Practical aspects of the preparation of the upcoming Conferences, Symposia, Sessions are also dealt with during these meetings.


Space Debris Situation report 2016, published in July 2017, 170 pages.

Committee minutes, Paris, France, March 27, 2018
- List of participants
- Synthesis of the Space Debris Symposium
- Space Traffic Management Working Group
- Spacecraft Anomalies and Failures Workshop (SCAF)
- 7th Workshop on Satellites End of Life
- 4th International Workshop on Space Debris Re-entry
- 1st IAA Conference on Space Situational Awareness (ICSSA)
- Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies Conference (AMOS)
- 42th COSPAR Scientific Assembly
- International Orbital Debris Conference (IOC)
- ESA NEO and Debris Detection Conference - Exploiting Synergies
- Long-term Sustainability of Outer Space Activities Working Group
- Application of New Debris Risk Evolution and Dispersal (DREAD) Tool to Characterize Post-Fragmentation Risk
- NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC) study on the micrometeoroid and orbital debris assessment for the Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS)
- A Grand Challenge for Active Removal of Space Debris
- Second fragmentation of Titan 3C Transtage SSN #3692
- Post‐Mission Disposal for Micro and Smaller Satellites : Concepts and Trade Studies
- IAA Space Debris Situation Report - Review comments
- IAA Space Debris Situation Report - Table of Content

Committee minutes, Adelaide, Australia, September 23, 2017
-  List of participants
- Synthesis of the Space Debris Symposium
- 7th European Conference on Space Debris
- Space Debris Reentry workshop
- Technical Regulation Modification Proposal
- IAA Publication by UNISEC
- ESA Space Environment report
- Promoting Partnerships Between Commercial Space and the U.S. Government 1
- Promoting Partnerships Between Commercial Space and the U.S. Government 2
- IAA Situation Report on Space Debris Charts for Academy Day IAC 2017
- Open actions on study group 5.14
- Table of contents of the IAA  Space Debris Situation Report
- Tentative table of contents study group 5.17

Committee minutes, Paris, France, March 21, 2017
 - List of participants
- Synthesis of the Space Debris Symposium
 - AMOS 2016 Conference
 - COPUOS Scientific & Technical Subcommittee Activities
 - IAA Study Group 5.10 status
 - 42nd COSPAR Scientific Assembly
 - 1st International Workshop on Spacecraft Environmental Anomalies and Failures (SEAF)
 - Sentinel-1A Solar Array Impact
 - ONERA main space debris facts 2016
 - Large Constellations End-of-Life Issues and Potential Solutions (D-Orbit)
 - Space Data Center (SDC 2.0)
 - Space Debris Situation report 2019

3/ Membership:

Co-Chair: Bonnal Christophe
Co-Chair: Klinkrad Heiner
Co-Chair: Liou Jer-Chyi

Agapov Vladimir
Aglietti Guglielmo
Ailor William
Alby Fernand
Anselmo Luciano
Anz-Meador Philip
Berend Nicolas
Brachet Gerard
Christiansen Eric L
Crowther Richard
Dolado Perez Juan-Carlos
Faucher Pascal
Finkleman David
Fitz-Coy Norman G.
Flohrer Tim
Flury Walter
Francesconi Alessandro
Francillout Laurent
Gong Zizheng
Hanada Toshiya
Hyde James
Jah Moriba K.
Kaliapin Mykhailo
Kelso T. S.
Kibe Seishiro
Kitazawa Yukihito
Krag Holger
Le May Samantha
Masson-Zwaan Tanja L.
McKnight Darren S.
Metz Manuel
Nassisi Annamaria
Oltrogge Daniel L.
Omaly Pierre
Pardini Carmen
Piergentili Fabrizio
Rossettini Luca L.
Santoni Fabio
Schaefer Frank
Schildknecht Thomas
Shen Lin
Singh Balbir
Somma Gian Luigi
Sorge Marlon E.
Spencer David B.
Stokes Hedley
Usovik Igor
Wiedemann Carsten

4/ Archives:

Committee minutes, Guadalajara, Mexico, September 24, 2016
 - List of participants
 - Joint Small Satellite/Space Debris session to promote the long-term sustainability of space
 - 4th International Workshop on Space Debris Modeling and Remediation
 - The Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee (IADC)
 - 6th European Workshop on Satellites End of Life

Committee minutes, Paris, France, March 22, 2016
 - 6th European Workshop on Satellites End of Life
 - Space Object Behavioral Sciences
 - Why Should We Estimate the Future Costs of Orbital Debris?
 - Business model for ADR – Preliminary ideas
 - Proposed Series of Orbital Debris Remediation Activities
 - Risks of Atmospheric re-entries on Aircrafts
 - What does a collision leave in its wake?

Committee minutes, Jerusalem, Israel, October 10, 2015
 - First International Conjunction Assessment Workshop
 - ISTS, AMOS Conferences report
 - Future Large Constellations in LEO and the Space Debris Environment – A Technical Analysis
 - Review of Mitigation Rules Compliance in LEO
 - SSA in Australia - Recent Developments
 - 8th IAASS Conference - Safety First, Safety for All
 - 41th COSPAR Scientific Assembly

Committee minutes, Paris, France, March 24, 2015
 - Committee attendance list
 - Summary of the 2014 IAC A6 – IAA Symposium on Space Debris
 - IAA Study Group 5.10 - Chapter outline
 - First International Conjunction Assessment Workshop
 - Workshop on Laser solutions for Orbital Space Debris

Committee minutes, Toronto, Canada, September 27, 2014
 - Committee attendance list, September 27, 2014 meeting
 - COSPAR 2014 PEDAS report
 - 3rd European Workshop on Debris Modeling & Remediation Workshop synthesis
 - Study group 5.10 status update
 - 1st International Conjunction Assessment Workshop, CNES Paris
 - Astrodynamics Innovation Committee
 - COPUOS LTSSA status
 - Orbital lifetime evaluation in GTO
 - Survey of the IAA space debris studies

Committee minutes, Paris, France, March 19, 2014
 - The Contribution of IAA Orbital Debris Initiatives Over the Last Twenty Years
 - Status report on Space Debris
 - Study group 5.14 proposal form
 - Study group 5.14 status report form
 - Summary of the End of Life Workshop
 - Chairs and Rapporteurs for IAC Space Debris Symposia

Committee minutes, Beijing, China, September 21, 2013
 - Study group on Reference report on Space Debris
 - Orbital Debris Removal - Draft outline
 - 6th European Conference on Space Debris
 - 2012 Space Debris Activities in France
 - Space Debris Re-entries and Aviation Safety
 - Safety Design for Space Operations
 - Space Safety Magazine - Issue 8
 - Attendance list, 21 September 2013 meeting

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