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Awards & Membership Cttee 2011-2013 Print

The Awards and Membership Standing Committee advises the President and the Board on policy matters pertaining to awards and honors and to membership issues of the Academy. The Vice President Awards and Membership, chair of the committee,  is charged with the development of policies and procedures for conferring honors and awards on Members, and is responsible to the Board for the preparation of lists for election of candidates as Members and Corresponding Members, in accordance with the policies set forth in the Statutes and Bylaws and elaborated by the Board from time to time.

As of February 2011 the composition of the Awards & Membership Standing Committee is as follows:

Membership term October 2011 - October 2013   
d'Escatha Yannick, France, M 4
Zhuang Fengyuan, China, M 3
Contant Jean-Michel, France, M 4

Ex Officio Trustees  
Nair Madhavan, India, M 2
Krimigis Stamatios, USA, M 1
Suresh Byrana, India, M 2
Mukai Chiaki, Japan, M 3
Jankowitsch Peter, Austria, M 4

Mohammed Seidu Oneilo, Nigeria, M 4
Musabayev Talgat, Kazakhstan, M 2
Othman Mazlan, Malaysia, M 1
Stone Edward, USA, M 1
Tachikawa Keiji, Japan, M 2
Ushakov Igor B., Russia, M 3
Wu Meirong, China, M 4

Ajayi Baba Jide, Nigeria, CM 4
Arevalo Yepes Ciro, Colombia, CM 4
Camacho Sergio, Mexico, M 4
Chong Yean-Joo, Singapore, M 1
Degtyarev Alexander, Ukraine, M 2
Djojodihardjo Harijono, Indonesia, M 2
Ibrahim Hussein, Syria, M 2
Ince Nejat, Turkey, M 2
Liepack Otfrid, USA, M 4
Malyshev Veniamin, Russia, M 2
Masmoudi Mustapha, Tunisia, M 4
Ninomiya Keiken, Japan, M 2
Prasad Malapaka, India, M 2
Russomano Thais, Brazil, CM 3
Tomukum Chia, Cameroon, CM 4
Ventskovsky Oleg, Ukraine, M 2
Viviani Antonio, Italy, M 2
Zolotoy Sergei, Belarus, CM 2





































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