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he Publications and Communication standing committee advises the President and the Board on policy matters pertaining to scientific publications and communications of the Academy. The Vice President Publications and Communications, Chair of the committee, is charged with the direction of the publications of the Academy including: Acta Astronautica and other journals, books, magazines, proceedings, and other scientific or technological papers. This Vice President cooperate with the other Vice Presidents in order to coordinate the publications related to Academy scientific meetings, encourage contributions from the membership to the Academy's publications, and assure that high professional standards are maintained.

As of January 2016, the composition of the Publications and Communication Committee is as follows:

Membership term October 2015 - October 2017
Liu Jiyuan, China, M 4
McNutt Ralph, USA, M 1
Contant Jean-Michel, France, M 4

Ex Officio Trustees 
Jankowitsch Peter, Austria, M 4
Kourtidou-Papadeli Chrysoula, Greece, M 3
Perminov Anatoly, Russia, M 4
Mendieta-Jimenez Francisco, Mexico, M 4
Matsuo Hiroki, Japan, M 2
Piso Marius-Ioan, Romania, M 4
Woerner Johann-Dietrich, Germany, M 2

Kawaguchi Junichiro, Japan M 2
MacLeish Marlene, USA, M 3
Makarov Yury, Russia, M 2
Prunariu Dumitru-Dorin, Romania, M 3
Viviani Antonio, Italy, M 2
Nieuwpoort Gerrit, Netherlands, M 4

Ex Officio Acta Astronautica
Adimurthy Vipparthi, India, M 2
Bonnal Christophe, France, M 2
Chang Eva Yi-Wei, China Taiwan, CM 4
Chen Jie, China 
Chern Jeng-Shing, China Taiwan, M 2
Gerzer Rupert, Germany, M 3
Graziani Filippo, Italy, M 2
Guerman Anna, Portugal, CM 2
Heer Martina, Germany, M 2
Kumar Krishna Dev, Canada
Lu Yu, China, M 2
Misra Arun, Canada, M 2
Perino Maria-Antonietta, Italy, M 2
Qiu Jiawen, China 
Ramachandran Radhika, India, M 1
Razoumny Yury, Russia, M 2
Skoog Ingemar, Sweden, M 3
Smirnov Nickolay, Russia, M 2

Marec Jean-Pierre, France, M 2

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