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Acta Astronautica
Volume 134, Pages 1-384, May 2017

Towards a standardized grasping and refuelling on-orbit servicing for geo spacecraft    Original Research Article
Pages 1-10
Alberto Medina, Angelo Tomassini, Matteo Suatoni, Marcos Avilés, Nick Solway, Ian Coxhill, Iosif S. Paraskevas, Georgios Rekleitis, Evangelos Papadopoulos, Rainer Krenn, André Brito, Beatrice Sabbatinelli, Birk Wollenhaupt, Christian Vidal, Sarmad Aziz, Gianfranco Visentin
Characterization of kerosene distribution around the ignition cavity in a scramjet combustor    Original Research Article
Pages 11-16
Xipeng Li, Weidong Liu, Yu Pan, Leichao Yang, Bin An, Jiajian Zhu
Operation of an enclosed aquatic ecosystem in the Shenzhou-8 mission    Original Research Article
Pages 17-22
Xiaoyan Li, Peter R. Richter, Zongjie Hao, Yanjun An, Gaohong Wang, Dunhai Li, Yongding Liu, Sebastian M. Strauch, Martin Schuster, Ferdinand W. Haag, Michael Lebert
Revisiting the collision risk with cataloged objects for the Iridium and COSMO-SkyMed satellite constellations    Original Research Article
Pages 23-32
Carmen Pardini, Luciano Anselmo
Electromagnetic characterization of advanced nanostructured materials and multilayer design optimization for metrological and low radar observability applications    Original Research Article
Pages 33-40
Davide Micheli, Roberto Pastore, Andrea Delfini, Alfonso Giusti, Antonio Vricella, Fabio Santoni, Mario Marchetti, Oleg Tolochko, Ekaterina Vasilyeva
Design space for space design: Dialogs through boundary objects at the intersections of art, design, science, and engineering    Original Research Article
Pages 41-53
Tibor S. Balint, Paul Pangaro
Development and validation of a mechatronic solar array drive assembly for mini/micro-satellites    Original Research Article
Pages 54-64
Rui Li, Feng Guo, Chunxu Yu, Yu He, Zhuang Ye, Shuai Yuan
Development of a Marslander with crushable shock absorber by virtual and experimental testing    Original Research Article
Pages 65-74
Silvio Schröder, B. Reinhardt, C. Brauner, I. Gebauer, R. Buchwald
Coordinated stabilization for space robot after capturing a noncooperative target with large inertia    Original Research Article
Pages 75-84
Bo Zhang, Bin Liang, Ziwei Wang, Yilin Mi, Yiman Zhang, Zhang Chen
Infra-red and vibration tests of hybrid ablative/ceramic matrix technological breadboards for earth re-entry thermal protection systems    Original Research Article
Pages 85-97
Jorge Barcena, Iñaki Garmendia, Kostoula Triantou, Konstatina Mergia, Beatriz Perez, Sonia Florez, Gregory Pinaud, Jean-Marc Bouilly, Wolfgang P.P. Fischer
Affective states and adaptation to parabolic flights    Original Research Article
Pages 98-105
Aurélie Collado, Cécile Langlet, Tzvetomira Tzanova, Jean-Philippe Hainaut, Vincent Monfort, Benoît Bolmont
Optimal earth-moon transfers using lunar gravity assist in the restricted four-body problem    Original Research Article
Pages 106-120
Yi Qi, Shijie Xu
A seismic-network mission proposal as an example for modular robotic lunar exploration missions    Original Research Article
Pages 121-132
C. Lange, L. Witte, R. Rosta, F. Sohl, A. Heffels, M. Knapmeyer
Computational fluid dynamics analysis of a synthesis gas turbulent combustion in a round jet burner    Original Research Article
Pages 133-140
Mohammad Mansourian, Reza Kamali
Halo orbit to science orbit captures at planetary moons    Original Research Article
Pages 141-151
Kevin A. Bokelmann, Ryan P. Russell
Solar oscillation time delay measurement assisted celestial navigation method    Original Research Article
Pages 152-158
Xiaolin Ning, Mingzhen Gui, Jie Zhang, Jiancheng Fang, Gang Liu
Fault estimation of satellite reaction wheels using covariance based adaptive unscented Kalman filter    Original Research Article
Pages 159-169
Afshin Rahimi, Krishna Dev Kumar, Hekmat Alighanbari
Energy distribution design on the photovoltaic cell array of the SSPS-OMEGA concept    Original Research Article
Pages 170-178
Yang Yang, Yiqun Zhang, Guanheng Fan, Dongxu Wang, Xun Li
Analysis of conditional statistics of a supersonic jet flame in heated coflow via direct numerical simulation    Original Research Article
Pages 179-188
Tai Jin, Kun Luo, Shuqiang Lu, Jianren Fan
Lunar based massdriver applications    Original Research Article
Pages 189-196
Manfred Ehresmann, Roland Atonius Gabrielli, Georg Herdrich, René Laufer
A study of the influence of the sun on optimal two-impulse Earth-to-Moon trajectories with moderate time of flight in the three-body and four-body models    Original Research Article
Pages 197-220
Luiz Arthur Gagg Filho, Sandro da Silva Fernandes
Hypersonic entry vehicle state estimation using nonlinearity-based adaptive cubature Kalman filters    Original Research Article
Pages 221-230
Tao Sun, Ming Xin
Propulsion for CubeSats    Review Article
Pages 231-243
Kristina Lemmer
An economic analysis of disaggregation of space assets: Application to GPS    Original Research Article
Pages 244-264
Daniel E. Hastings, Paul A. La Tour
The analysis of high amplitude of potential oscillations near the hollow cathode of ion thruster    Original Research Article
Pages 265-277
Yu Qin, Kan Xie, Ning Guo, Zun Zhang, Cen Zhang, Zengjie Gu, Yu Zhang, Zhaorui Jiang, Jiting Ouyang
Experimental and theoretical study on characteristics of pulse excitation in T-burners    Original Research Article
Pages 278-290
Mi Yan, Ningfei Wang, Junwei Li, Anchen Song, Yu Ma
Fast and robust kernel generators for star trackers    Original Research Article
Pages 291-302
David Arnas, Márcio A.A. Fialho, Daniele Mortari
Photometric study of two marginal contact binaries in SMC    Original Research Article
Pages 303-306
Shanti Priya Devarapalli, Rukmini Jagirdar
Analysis of ultraviolet exposure effects on the surface properties of epoxy/graphene nanocomposite films on Mylar substrate    Original Research Article
Pages 307-313
Marialaura Clausi, M. Gabriella Santonicola, Luigi Schirone, Susanna Laurenzi
Validation results of satellite mock-up capturing experiment using nets    Original Research Article
Pages 314-332
Alberto Medina, Lorenzo Cercós, Raluca M. Stefanescu, Riccardo Benvenuto, Vincenzo Pesce, Marco Marcon, Michèle Lavagna, Iván González, Nuria Rodríguez López, Kjetil Wormnes
Numerical simulation of the gas-liquid interaction of a liquid jet in supersonic crossflow    Original Research Article
Pages 333-344
Peibo Li, Zhenguo Wang, Mingbo Sun, Hongbo Wang
Automatic streak endpoint localization from the cornerness metric    Original Research Article
Pages 345-354
Brad Sease, Brien Flewelling, Jonathan Black
Preliminary results on the dynamics of large and flexible space structures in Halo orbits    Original Research Article
Pages 355-367
Andrea Colagrossi, Michèle Lavagna
Fifty years of IAA History Symposia (1967–2016)    Original Research Article
Pages 368-384
A. Ingemar Skoog, R. Cargill Hall

Acta Astronautica
Volume 132, Pages 1-338, March 2017

Thermodynamic performance analysis of ramjet engine at wide working conditions    Original Research Article
Pages 1-12
Min Ou, Li Yan, Jing-feng Tang, Wei Huang, Xiao-qian Chen
Effect of the rail unevenness on the pointing accuracy of large radio telescope    Original Research Article
Pages 13-18
Na Li, Jiang Wu, Bao-Yan Duan, Cong-Si Wang
Cavitation instabilities of an inducer in a cryogenic pump    Original Research Article
Pages 19-24
Dae-Jin Kim, Hyung Jin Sung, Chang-Ho Choi, Jin-Sun Kim
Characteristics of transverse hydrogen jet in presence of multi air jets within scramjet combustor    Original Research Article
Pages 25-32
M. Barzegar Gerdroodbary, Keivan Fallah, H. Pourmirzaagha
An adaptive scale factor based MPPT algorithm for changing solar irradiation levels in outer space    Original Research Article
Pages 33-42
Trevor Hocksun Kwan, Xiaofeng Wu
Modeling, construction and experimental validation of actuated rolling dynamics of the cylindrical Transforming Roving-Rolling Explorer (TRREx)    Original Research Article
Pages 43-53
L. Edwin, A. Mazzoleni, T. Gemmer, S. Ferguson
The effect of kerosene injection on ignition probability of local ignition in a scramjet combustor    Original Research Article
Pages 54-58
Heng Bao, Jin Zhou, Yu Pan
Motion compensation for robotic lung tumour radiotherapy in remote locations: A personalised medicine approach    Original Research Article
Pages 59-66
Clara M. Ionescu, Cosmin Copot, Dirk Verellen
In vivo bone remodeling rates determination and compressive stiffness variations before, during 60 days bed rest and two years follow up: A micro-FE-analysis from HR-pQCT measurements of the berlin Bed Rest Study-2    Original Research Article
Pages 67-77
Zully Ritter, Daniel Belavy, Wolfgang W. Baumann, Dieter Felsenberg
Finite-time control for asteroid hovering and landing via terminal sliding-mode guidance    Original Research Article
Pages 78-89
Hongwei Yang, Xiaoli Bai, Hexi Baoyin
Parametric study and performance analysis of hybrid rocket motors with double-tube configuration    Original Research Article
Pages 90-96
Nanjia Yu, Bo Zhao, Arnau Pons Lorente, Jue Wang
Physical simulation of the long-term dynamic action of a plasma beam on a space debris object    Original Research Article
Pages 97-102
Valentin A. Shuvalov, Nikolai.B. Gorev, Nikolai A. Tokmak, Galina S. Kochubei
Advanced numerical study of the three-axis magnetic attitude control and determination with uncertainties    Original Research Article
Pages 103-110
D.S. Ivanov, M.Yu. Ovchinnikov, V.I. Penkov, D.S. Roldugin, D.M. Doronin, A.V. Ovchinnikov
The Gravity-Loading countermeasure Skinsuit (GLCS) and its effect upon aerobic exercise performance    Original Research Article
Pages 111-116
Julia Attias, A.T. Carvil Philip, James Waldie, Thais Russomano, N. Evetts Simon, A. Green David
First order coupled dynamic model of flexible space structures with time-varying configurations    Original Research Article
Pages 117-123
Jie Wang, Dongxu Li, Jianping Jiang
Application of vacuum stability test to determine thermal decomposition kinetics of nitramines bonded by polyurethane matrix    Original Research Article
Pages 124-130
Ahmed Elbeih, Mohamed Abd-Elghany, Tamer Elshenawy
On-orbit identifying the inertia parameters of space robotic systems using simple equivalent dynamics    Original Research Article
Pages 131-142
Wenfu Xu, Zhonghua Hu, Yu Zhang, Bin Liang
Attitude control of an underactuated spacecraft using quaternion feedback regulator and tube-based MPC    Original Research Article
Pages 143-149
M. Mirshams, M. Khosrojerdi
Coupled heat transfer analysis of thrust chambers with recessed shear coaxial injectors    Original Research Article
Pages 150-160
Jiawen Song, Bing Sun
Three-dimensional particle simulation of back-sputtered carbon in electric propulsion test facility    Original Research Article
Pages 161-169
Hongru Zheng, Guobiao Cai, Lihui Liu, Shengfei Shang, Bijiao He
Stochastic and sensitivity analysis of shape error of inflatable antenna reflectors    Original Research Article
Pages 170-176
Bingbing San, Qingshan Yang, Liwei Yin
Thermal investigation of an internally cooled strut injector for scramjet application at moderate and hot gas conditions    Original Research Article
Pages 177-191
Nils C. Dröske, Felix J. Förster, Bernhard Weigand, Jens von Wolfersdorf
Quantification of the responsiveness of on-orbit servicing infrastructure for modularized earth-orbiting platforms    Original Research Article
Pages 192-203
Tristan Sarton du Jonchay, Koki Ho
Improvement of aerodynamic characteristics of a thick airfoil with a vortex cell in sub- and transonic flow    Original Research Article
Pages 204-220
Sergey Isaev, Paul Baranov, Igor Popov, Alexander Sudakov, Alexander Usachov
Mars atmospheric entry guidance for reference trajectory tracking based on robust nonlinear compound controller    Original Research Article
Pages 221-229
Juan Dai, Ai Gao, Yuanqing Xia
Fluid-thermal analysis of aerodynamic heating over spiked blunt body configurations    Original Research Article
Pages 230-242
Qihao Qin, Jinglei Xu, Shuai Guo
Effects of torque spring, CCL and latch mechanism on dynamic response of planar solar arrays with multiple clearance joints    Original Research Article
Pages 243-255
Yuanyuan Li, Zilu Wang, Cong Wang, Wenhu Huang
Numerical study of active flow control over a hypersonic backward-facing step using supersonic jet in near space    Original Research Article
Pages 256-267
Guang-ming Guo, Hong Liu, Bin Zhang
Determining best practices in reconnoitering sites for habitability potential on Mars using a semi-autonomous rover: A GeoHeuristic Operational Strategies Test    Original Research Article
Pages 268-281
R.A. Yingst, J. Berger, B.A. Cohen, B. Hynek, M.E. Schmidt
A small-gain method for integrated guidance and control in terminal phase of reentry    Original Research Article
Pages 282-292
Han Yan, Shuping Tan, Yingzi He
Deployment dynamics of tethered-net for space debris removal    Original Research Article
Pages 293-302
Minghe Shan, Jian Guo, Eberhard Gill
Fault Tolerant Attitude Control for spacecraft with SGCMGs under actuator partial failure and actuator saturation    Original Research Article
Pages 303-311
Fuzhen Zhang, Lei Jin, Shijie Xu
Kurzweil's Singularity as a part of Evo-SETI Theory    Original Research Article
Pages 312-325
Claudio Maccone
Optimal landing site selection based on safety index during planetary descent    Original Research Article
Pages 326-336
Pingyuan Cui, Dantong Ge, Ai Gao
Erratum to “Combustion oscillation study in a kerosene fueled rocket-based combined-cycle engine combustor” [Acta Astronaut. 129 (2016) 260–270]   
Page 337
Zhi-Wei Huang, Guo-Qiang He, Fei Qin, Rui Xue, Xiang-Geng Wei, Lei Shi
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