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PHAS 2018 Print
IAA PHAS 2019 in Xi'an

International Academy of Astronautics

3rd IAA Symposium on

Private Human Access to Space (PHAS)

27-29 May 2019

Xi'an, China

Call for Papers

Following the successful two first symposium on Private Human Access to Space (PHAS) held in Arcachon (France) in 2008 and 2011, the 3rd PHAS will be held in 27-29 May in Xi'an city, China.

Considering the remarkable progress which have been made in the domain of Private Space these last years, the symposium aims at gathering specialists covering the very broad domain of the “Access to Space and Operations in Space carried out in a Private commercial frame”.


-          The Symposium will deal with the major technical features of the proposed solutions, both for sub-orbital and orbital missions, including the modules, systems, hotels planned to welcome private passengers in orbit; most of them are under development, ready to fly, or have even already performed initial flights, so the participants should be given the opportunity to have a good synthesis of the technical definition and operation of the vehicles,
-          The Symposium will address in detail some key aspects of the systems, sub-systems and equipment involved in the human operations of the vehicles, such as aerodynamics-aerothermodynamics at reentry, orbital rendezvous, ECLSS, reusability aspects; the Reliability and Safety aspects will be given a special attention,
-          The Symposium will cover the Ground Support topics, such as commercial Spaceports, private use and adaptation of institutional launch bases, training centers, but also side activities, entertainment, …
-          The Psychological and Physiological aspects are of key importance, dealing with the selection criteria; Ergonomic aspects can be developed, such as the habitation constraints and the EVA suits,
-          The Symposium will address the Legal, Regulatory and Insurance aspects, on both Certification and Safety aspects of commercial manned space flight; current limitations will be identified and future actions will be proposed
-          The Symposium will deal with the Financial aspects associated to the development of Private Access to Space, mainly in terms of overall evaluation of development cost, the operational costs, associated business plans and financing; to that extent, a special focus will be cast on the market analysis, giving a mid-term and long-term vision to activities identified in the future (factories in orbit, Moon exploitation, Asteroid mining, Solar Power Stations, …)


The International Academy for Astronautics has the ambition of making this Symposium a key focal point for all partners interested in the subject, researchers, industrials, entrepreneurs, space companies, agencies, universities, government representatives, associations, academies…
The conference will propose outstanding communications on all those topics, but will also reserve time for networking and fruitful exchange among all delegates.
A special attention will be given to students in order to guarantee presence of fresh blood who will undertake in near future the dreams of older sceptics...
Please note that a significant exhibit can be organized; please contact us if you are potentially interested.

Program Committee

Christophe Bonnal, France

Jean-Michel Contant, France
Weiren Wu, China
Kai-Uwe Schrogl, Germany 
Jeng-Shing (Rock) Chern, Canada
Shuo Tang, China
Binfeng Pan, China
Yi-Wei (Eva) Chang, Australia

Alain Dupas, France
Anna Guerman, Portugal
Antonio Viviani, Italy
Dong Qiao, China
Filippo Graziani, Italy
Fabio Tronchetti, China
Hexi Baoyin, China
Jacques Arnould, France
Jean-François Clervoy, ESA
Jean-Luc, Wibaux, France
John Sloan, USA
Martin Sippel, Germany
Melchor Antuñano, USA
Päivi Jukola, Finland
Peijin Liu, China
Qilong Yan, China
Shuang Li, China
Tanja Masson-Zwaan, The Netherlands
Tommaso Sgobba, The Netherlands
​​​​​​​Xiaoli Bai, USA
Yang Gao, China
Yazhong Luo, China
Zhe Zhang, China
Zhenhui Qi, China

Local Organizing Committee

Peijin Liu
Binfeng Pan

Yi Li, Fei Du, Chunna Li, Wenjing Yang,Mingming Wang, Haoyu Chen, Shengli Zhou, Wen Ao


Call for papers is available here: (print pdf format)

Please submit your abstract here:

The working language will be English. A typical abstract would be one page long, Word format, 800 words, associated to a short bio of the authors.
For uploading abstracts and additional information please visit:

Topics proposed:
●     Issues from aviation tourism to commercial suborbital and orbital space tourisms(CSOST) 
●     Reusable suborbital launch vehicle (RSLV)
●     Reusable orbital launch vehicle (ROLV) 
●     Fast and reliable reentry technology
●     Low cost and efficient space travel technology
●     Artificial intelligence for CSOST ●  Spaceports for CSOST
●     Market and cost issues of CSOST
●     Legal and regulatory issues of CSOST
●     Certification, safety and insurance issues of CSOST
●     Physiological requirements on passengers and pilots of CSOST
●     Preflight examination and screening criteria on passengers and pilots of CSOST
●     Preflight training requirements on passengers and pilots of CSOST
●     Post-flight analysis on passengers of CSOST

Remark: All the papers and presentations will be distributed to all registered participants during the Symposium. A selection of the best papers presented during the Symposium will be proposed for peer reviewing and publication in a special issue of Acta Astronautica.


1   Aug 2018     1st Announcement
1   Oct 2018      2nd Announcement
1   Feb 2019        Extended Abstract Deadline
16 Feb 2019      Author Notification
1   Apr 2019      Papers Deadline
20 Apr 2019      Early Registration Deadline
20 May 2019     Registration Deadline
For more detailed information, please visit the Conference website available at:

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