Program Committee on European CubeSat
European CubeSat Symposium, Brussels, Belgium, 30 January - 1st February 2012

Symposium topics are CubeSat networks/constellations/swarms, Scientific instruments/sensors on CubeSats, Biology and microgravity experiments on CubeSats, Technology demonstration on CubeSats, Micro-propulsion subsystems, formation flying, Attitude determination and control, Telecommunications, ground stations, ground station networks, Orbital dynamics for CubeSats, lifetimes of CubeSats in orbit, CubeSat flight experience, lessons learned, CubeSats as free-flying payloads for the exploration of the Solar System, Future technologies on CubeSats, further reduction in the size of CubeSats, Deployment systems for single, double or triple CubeSats and for networks of CubeSats, Small companies specialised in CubeSats.

Program Committee Structure:

Jean-Marie Muylaert, Belgium

Rapporteur General: