PC 2014 Visions and Strategies for the Future
12th IAA Symposium on Visions and Strategies for the Future, Toronto, Canada, IAC 2014, 29 September-03rd October 2014

This 12th Symposium is organized by the International Academy of Astronautics. In Space Activities the focus is usually kept on the short term developments, at the expense of future goals. The Symposium will discuss topics with at least 20 to 30 years prospective lead time and identify technologies and strategies that need to be developed. These developments will be examined with the goal to support also short/medium term projects and to identify priorities required for their development. The Sessions in the Symposium will address innovative technologies and Strategies to develop Space Elevator as well as Interstellar Precursor Missions. A session will address also how Space activities can contribute to the resolution of World Societal Changes as well as to increasing the countries engaged in space activities.

Program Committee Structure:

Hans E.W. Hoffmann, Germany
Giuseppe Reibaldi, Italy

Rapporteur General:

Bruce Chesley, USA
Louis Friedman, USA
Giancarlo Genta, Italy
Mae Jemison, USA
Paivi Jukola, Finland
Roger Lenard, USA
John C. Mankins, USA
Robert E. Penny, USA
Giorgio Saccoccia, Italy
Peter Swan, USA