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The International Academy of Astronautics has currently more than 30 Regional Secretaries covering America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East and Australia. The list of Regional Secretaries is as follows:

Argentina                 Fernandez-Brital Oscar
Brazil                       Russomano Thais
Colombia                 Arevalo Yepes Ciro
Chile                       Gonzalez Raimundo
Mexico                     Camacho Sergio
USA                         Liepack Otfrid

Belarus                   Zolotoy Sergey
Czech Rep&Slov       Lala Petr
Finland                    Andem Maurice
France                     Contant Jean-Michel
Germany                 Kreuzberg Karlheinz
Greece                    Cassapoglou Vassilis
Italy                        Viviani Antonio
Poland                     Wolanski Piotr
Romania                  Piso Marius-Ioan
Russia                     Payson Dmitry
Slovenia                  Krmelj Milos
Switzerland              Balsiger Hans
Turkey                    Ince Nejat
Ukraine                   Degtyarev Alexander
Cameroon               Tomukum Chia
Nigeria                    Ajayi Baba Jide
South Africa            Mostert Sias
Tunisia                    Ben Ali Bouraoui

China                     (*)
India                      Prasad Malakapa YS
Japan                     Onoda Junjiro
Malaysia                 Djojodihardjo Harijono
Thailand                 Vibulsresth Suvit
Vietnam                 Pham Anh Tuan

Middle East
Syria                     Ibrahim Hussein

Australia                Dougherty Kerrie

(*) The IAA Studies Center located in Beijing, China, is performing the Regional Secretary tasks.


Contact with regional secretaries is welcomed. See "About us/contact us" with reference to the name of the Regional Secretary you want to contact.

Terms of Reference

1. Role and Duties
The Regional Secretaries of the Academy shall assist the Secretary General in the conduct of regional activities of the Academy. The Regional Secretaries are appointed for a two-year period and may be reappointed by the President. The region covered by a Regional Secretary, whether multinational or otherwise, must be coordinated with the Secretary General to avoid overlap with other Regional Secretaries.

2. Membership
The Regional Secretaries are responsible
- to help maintaining updated membership lists of active members and recovering links with members having lost contact with the Academy.
- to help maintaining contact with members especially through emails,
- to provide from time to time information on local news for the e-Newsletter,
- to contribute and organize new nominations in their regional area in response to guidelines recommended by the Awards & Membership committee.
- to assist the Secretary-General in re-engaging inactive Members.

3. Finance
The Regional Secretaries may be asked to serve as an intermediary in resolving specific member issues and in identifying new supporting donors (e.g. space agencies, space industry, space services).

Regional Secretaries are not to personally assume any liability to the Academy for costs associated with regional events nor are they authorized to open any bank account in the name of the International Academy of Astronautics.

4. Scientific Activity
The Regional Secretaries may propose to organize Regional Meetings from time to time according the Academy rules.

When the International Astronautical Congress is held in the area of a Regional Secretary, he or she may be asked to arrange for additional help to the IAA secretariat.

The Regional Secretaries may be asked to identify individuals so as to improve geographical participation in the scientific activities of the Academy.

Excerpts of the IAA Bylaws

4.9 Regional or National Bodies of Members
(a) Regional or national bodies of Members, be they called associations, branches, offices or otherwise, may be established by Honorary Members, Members and Corresponding Members of the Academy from a certain region or a country in order to foster the purposes of the Academy, as spelled out in its Statutes, in such regions or countries. Other personalities, who are potential candidates for Academy membership, may also become members of a regional or national body.

(b) The establishment of such a body shall be governed by national law of its seat. Copies of the establishing documents shall be submitted to the Board of Trustees of the Academy, which will take note of them. The Academy shall be informed about the activities of any regional or national body and its financing, Any such body, however, shall be exclusively responsible for its activities.

(c) Neither the Academy as a whole, nor any of its organs or officers shall be liable for obligations of any regional or national body. Should anybody fail to comply with the duties arising from its basic documents or the Statutes and Bylaws of the Academy, The Board of Trustees may consider taking of an adequate action for remedy or even the dissociation with such body.


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