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Title of the Study: Particle Radiation Hazards en route to and at Mars

Susan McKenna-Lawlor, Ireland

Study group Proposal
Study group Addresses 
(see restricted section)
Status report, March 2012

Restricted section of the Study Group 1.5


Daniel Heyndericx, Belgium
Norma Crosby, Belgium
Hilde de Witt,  Belgium
Gerald Degreef, Belgium
J. C. Worms, France
Günther Reitz, Germany
Olga E. Malandraki, Greece
Patrícia Gonçalves, Portugal
Ana Keating, Portugal
Sara Valente, Portugal
V. M. Petrov, Russia
A. V. Kolomensky, Russia
V. G. Mitrikas, Russia
A. V. Shafirkin, Russia
G. De Angelis, Russia
A. Aran, Spain
Y. Futaana, Sweden
M. Yamauchi, Sweden
Laurent Desorgher , Switzerland
Petteri Nieminen, The Netherlands
Giovanni Santin, The Netherlands
Eamonn Daly, The Netherlands
Mark Pozner, The Netherlands
L.R. Dartnell, UK
Pete Truscott, UK
Fan Lei, UK
Stephen Gabriel, UK
Janet Luhmann, USA
S. B. Guetersloh, USA
M. Van Baalen, USA
C. Zeitlin, USA
B. Gersey, USA
D. Lario, USA
D.A. Brain, USA
G.T. Delory, USA
R.J. Lillis, USA
D. Ulusen, USA
D. Mitchell, USA
Thomas P. Armstrong, USA
Joan Feynman, USA
Henry Garrett, USA






















































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