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The journal Acta Astronautica, 2000 pages a year, covers developments in space science technology related to peaceful scientific exploration of space and its exploitation for human welfare and progress, the conception, design, development and operation of space-borne and Earth-based systems. In addition to the regular issues of contributed papers and transaction notes, the journal publishes special issues devoted to selected proceedings of the International Astronautical Congresses (IAC), Human in Space Symposia, Symposia for Scientific Satellites, Low Cost Planetary Missions Conferences, Small Satellites for Earth Observation Symposia and other Academy symposia. 

Academy Newsletter

The Academy produces an e-newsletter (, along with the proceedings of symposia, technical reports, position papers, cosmic planning studies, and press releases.

Multilingual Dictionaries

Initiated in the sixties with a seven language dictionary, the 16 languages Multilingual Space Dictionary is the result of an international cooperation program within IAA. The IAA Multilingual Space Dictionary Study Group produced an homogenous system of terms covering various fields of astronautics like space science, technology, medicine, law etc. In its present electronic form the Dictionary comprises more than 2500 English terms translated by specialists to 16 languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish. The Dictionary is intended to help the work of scientists, engineers, translators and librarians, moreover to facilitate emergence of a new space terminology as well as the preparation of more complete aerospace dictionaries and encyclopedias in different languages.

The Internationa Academy of Astronautics is please to offer the space community and general public including students, researchers a free download of the Dictionary on the IAA web site (Publications section).

















































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