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1st International Conference IAA-RACT
Space for the humanity

21-23 May 2008,

Korolev City, Moscow Region, Russia

     For the first time International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) and  Russian Academy of Cosmonautics by K.E. Tsiolkovsky (RACTs) hold joint scientific conference «Space for Humanity» dedicated to the most relevant aspects of space industry development and using of space activity achievements in our day-to-day life. 1st IAA-RACTs Conference “Space for Humanity” will be taken place this year in May, 21-23 in Korolev, native land of practical cosmonautics.
Conference is held with the support of Federal Space Agency of Russia, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Government of Moscow City, Government of Moscow Region, major aerospace industry and science organizations and enterprises.
     Astronautics is one of the leaders of scientific and technological progress in the world. It combines both the fundamental research areas such as astronomy, astrophysics, planet research, fluid and solid-state physics, theory of combustion, and applied research areas namely as rocket production, satellite control and communication, support of human in space. Combining fundamental scientific researches and development works astronautics devolves knowledge and new technologies to other areas of a human activity.
On behalf of Russian Academy of Cosmonautics by K.E. Tsiolkovsky I am inviting all concerned in extending cooperation to take part in the 1st IAA-RACT’s Conference “Space for Humanity”.

Russian Academy of Cosmonautics
by K.E. Tsiolkovsky
RAS Member
A.S. Koroteev

     I am enthusiastic about such a conference and would support strongly the conference Chair, co-Chair and would be very honored to be also co-Chair. I believe that it would be a very appropriate time to have a conference in Russia and I am convinced of its success.
   Thanks in advance,
   IAA Secretary General
   Dr. Jean-Michel Contant



 Main subjects of conference are:


1. Space and Society
- Researches of space: political, economic, philosophic, historic and legal aspects.
- Space activity: influence on steady social and economic development both daily human life and societies.
- Prospects of aerospace education. Education arrangement and training.

2. Space engineering, systems and an infrastructure
- Rocket launchers, space vehicles and booster blocks.
- Engines and fuel.
- The cosmodroms and their infrastructure.
- Navigation and space vehicle flight control.
-.Manned flights.
- Radio systems and space communication.
- Telemetry and optoelectronic systems.
- Space medicine. Biotechnology/

3. Basic researches of a space and the international cooperation
- Problems and prospects of research of a space and solar system planets, physics of space.
- Ecological monitoring of a space, failures and accidents.
- Geocosmic monitoring and the operative notification, the organization of counteraction to threats and calls to the person and mankind.

4. Space and power of mankind in the long term as harmony of a nature and mind
- The new power technologies alternative and renewed energy sources.
- Actual problems of electric propulsions and systems.
- Technologies and materials. Nanotechnologies 

Abstract submission, online registration and complete information on:

Abstract submission deadline – March 01, 2008













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