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IAA Program Committee on Second International Conference on Advanced Space Technologies for Humankind Prosperity
April 15-17, 2009
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Chairman of International Program Committee:
Konyukhov Stanislav Nikolayevich – IAA Vice-President, General Designer – General Director of Yuzhnoye SDO, IAA Academician, Ukraine

Co-chairmen of International Program Committee:
Fedorov Oleg Pavlovich – Director of Institute for Space Research of NAS of Ukraine, Head of Research Space Activities Administration at NSAU, Ukraine
Yatskiv Yaroslav Stepanovich – Member of the Presidium, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Chairman of the Ukrainian Science and Culture C ommittee, IAA Academician, Ukraine
Michael Yarymovych – Past President IAA, IAA Academician, USA
Jean-Michel Contant – IAA Secretary General, IAA Academician, France

Deputies Chairman of International Program Committee:
Degtyarev Alexander Viktorovich – First Deputy General Designer – General Director of Yuzhnoye SDO, IAA Academician, Ukraine
Polyakov Nikolay Viktorovich – Chancellor of Dnepropetrovsk National University, Ukraine
Perlik Viktor Ivanovich – Deputy General Designer on Scientific Work, Professor, Yuzhnoye SDO, Ukraine

Secretary of International Program Committee:
Slyunyayev Nikolay Nikolayevich – Scientific Secretary of Scientific and Technical Board, Yuzhnoye SDO, IAA Academician, Ukraine

Members of International Program Committee from Ukraine and CIS Countries:
Mashchenko Alexander Nikolayevich – First Deputy General Designer – First Deputy General Director of Yuzhnoye SDO, IAA Academician, Ukraine
Shchyogol Victor Andreyevich – General Director of SE PA Yuzhny Machine Building Plant, Ukraine
Alifanov Oleg Mikhaylovich – RAS ( Russian Academy of Sciences) Corresponding Member, RASC Vice-President, IAA Academician, Russia
Popov Harry Alexeyevich – RAS Academician, RASC Vice-President, IAA Academician, Russia
Pilipenko Viktor Vasilyevich – Chairmen of Pridneprovsk Scientific Center, Academician of NAS of Ukraine, IAA Academician, Ukraine
Korepanov Valeriy Yevgenyevich – Deputy Director of Lviv Center of Institute for Space Explorations at NASU-NSAU, IAA Academician, Ukraine
Mohamed B. Argoun – Egypt Space Program Manager
Koroteyev Аnatoly Sazonovich – RASC President, RAS Academician, IAA Academician, Russia
Men'shikov Valeriy Alexandrovich – Deputy General Director of Khrunichev GKNPTs, Director of Research Institute for Space Systems named after А.А. Maximov, President of Moscow Regional Division of RASC, IAA Academician
Musabayev Taglat Amangel'diyevich – Chairman of National Space Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Shemshuchenko Yuriy Sergeyevich – Director of Center for Space Law at NASU, Ukraine
Tsimbal Valeriy Nikolayevich – Director of Kalmykov Earth Radiophysical Sensing Center at NASU-NSAU, Ukraine
Krivtsov Vladimir Stanislavovich – Chancellor of KhAI, Doctor, Professor, Ukraine
Zinovyev Alexey Mikhaylovich – Director of Management Company of Scientific Production Group “Dneprotechservice”, Chairman of Supervisory Board of UkrNIITM, Ukraine
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