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6th Scientific Space Print

6th IAA Symposium on Realistic Advanced Scientific Space Missions

Aosta, Italy
06-09 July 2009

Call for Papers


Areas of Interest

Scientific objectives and payload requirements
Present outgoing missions (Cassini, Rosetta, Voyager, etc.)
Precursor interstellar missions
Propulsion systems
Power generation
Trajectory design
Attitude dynamics
Navigation, guidance and control
Very deep space telecommunications
Sensors, detectors and lens systems
SETI and biosignatures from space
Medical problems of very long range spaceflight
Policy and international cooperation
Motivations and human aspects
Innovative concepts
Two dedicated sessions will be held on the following topics
Nanotechnology and robotics
Hybernation and long-range spaceflight

Symposium dates and location

After the success of the previous five Symposiums on
Realistic Near-term Advanced Scientific Space Missions,
organized by the International Academy of Astronautics
and Politecnico di Torino which were held in Torino in
June 1996 and in Aosta in July 1998, 2000, 2005 and 2007,
a new four-days International Symposium on Outer- and
Extra-Solar Missions will be organized in Aosta in July
2009. Local supporting organization will be the Department
of Mechanics of the Politecnico (Engineering School) of
Turin. The Symposium will be held in Aosta, from 6 to 9
July 2009.

Symposium Goals

The goals of this new symposium on deep space missions
are more ambitious than ever. Thanks to a renewed
commitment of the International Academy of Astronautics,
the areas of interest have been widened and a larger
attendance is expected. To allow all authors to present their
papers at ease the symposium will be longer, with the
possibility of presenting some papers in parallel sessions, if
The aim is to promote an exchange of ideas and
experiences among those interested in the various scientific
and technological aspects of outer solar system and
interstellar exploration and to propose new missions.
Papers regarding the motivations and human aspect of deep
space exploration are welcome, and papers dealing with
advanced concepts and new ideas are encouraged.
Special results from this sixth symposium are intended to
be submitted to the leading Space Agencies as Proposals
for space missions to the outer Solar System and beyond
which are feasible within near term technology.

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