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8th Low Cost LCPM Print
8th IAA Symposium on Low Cost Planetary Missions

31 August- 4 September 2009
Goa, India

2nd announcement

more information at:

30 August (Sunday)
1830 – 2000 Registration
31 August (Monday)
0830 – 0930 Registration at Conference Site
0930 – 1045 Inauguration
1045 – 1115 High Tea
1115 – 1230

Session-1: International and National Programmes
Session Chairs: Gregg Vane and J. N. Goswami

Speaker1: Jean Michael Contant - IAA
50 Years of IAA and Low Cost Planetary Missions

Speaker2: Gregg Vane - NASA
NASA's Program of Robotic Scientific Exploration of the Solar System and the Role of Low-Cost Missions- Authored by James L.Green, NASA HQ

Speaker3: J.N. Goswami - ISRO
Lunar and Planetary Exploration: An Indian Perspective

1230 – 1400 Lunch Break
1400 – 1530 Session-1 (continued)
Session Chairs: Gregg Vane and J. N. Goswami

Speaker4: Christian Erd - ESA
Status of ESA Cosmic Vision M-Class Missions

Speaker5: Hajime Yano – JAXA
JAXA’s Programme

Speaker6: David Kendall - CSA
Canada's Planetary Program as it relates to Low-Cost Missions
1530 – 1600 Tea Break
1600 – 1730

Session-2: New Results from Low-Cost Planetary Missions
Session Chairs: David Kendall and R.R. Navalgund

Speaker1: Gregg Vane - NASA
Science from the Martian North: Phoenix, the First Mars Scout Mission – Authored by Peter Smith, University of Arizona and Karen McBride, NASA HQ

Speaker2: J.N. Goswami - ISRO
Exploration of the Moon: Chandrayaan-1 and Beyond

Speaker3: Ralph L McNutt Jr - NASA
Messenger: Results from the First Two Mercury Flybys Authored by Ralph L. McNutt, Jr., Sean C. Solomon, Peter D. Bedini, Eric J. Finnegan, David G. Grant, and the MESSENGER Team

1900 onwards Welcome Dinner at Hotel Cidade de Goa
(Hosted by Chairman, ISRO)
01 September (Tuesday)
0900 – 1030 Session-2 : New Results from Recent Missions
Session Chairs: David Kendall and RR Navalgund

Speaker4: Daniel Andrew - NASA
Looking for Lunar Water on a Budget

Speaker5: David Kendall - CSA
Results from the Meteorological Station on the Phoenix Mission

Speaker6: TBC
1030 – 1100 Tea Break
1100 – 1230

Session-3 : Low-Cost Planetary Mission in Development
Session Chairs: Sabrina Feldman and BN Suresh

Speaker1: Randall Taylor - NASA
GRAIL: Managing a Low-cost Mission for the Discovery Program – Authored by Randall Taylor and Maria Zuber

Speaker2: Masato Nakamura - ISAS
Present status of the Planet-C Venus climate orbiter in 2009 – Authored by Masato Nakamura, Takeshi Imamura, Munetaka Ueno, Atsushi, Yamazaki, Naomoto Iwagami, Takehiko Satoh, Shigeto Watanabe , Makoto Taguchi, Yukihiro Takahashi, Makoto Suzuki, Takumi Abe, George L. Hashimoto , Manabu Yamada, Nobuaki Ishii, Kazunori Uemizu and Tetsuya Fukuhara
Speaker3: TBC

1230 – 1400 Lunch Break
1400 – 1530

Session-4 : New Instruments and Science Results
Session Chairs: C. Webster and AS Kiran Kumar

Speaker1: Alexander Zakharov, Space Research Institute, Moscow, Russia
Russian instrument developments including PhSRM

Speaker2: A.S. Kiran Kumar - ISRO

Speaker3: Robert Green - JPL
The Moon Mineralogy Mapper on Chandrayaan-1: A Low Cost, High Uniformity and High Signal-to-Noise Ratio Imaging Spectrometer Developed to pursue A Diverse Range of Science Questions

Speaker4: Patrice Coll – University of Paris & CNRS
Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry of planetary bodies as Comets, Asteroids, Mars and Venus: Current and Future capabilities

1530 – 1600 Tea Break
1600 – 1730

Session-4 :(continued)
Session Chairs: C. Webster and A.S. Kiran Kumar

Speaker5: Sabrina Feldman – JPL
Next Generation Instruments for in-situ Compositional mapping

Speaker6: Sushil K Atreya – University of Michigan
The Habitability of Mars Science drivers and measurement approach for future low cost planetary missions

Speaker7: Dhiren Kataria – University College of London
Space Plasma Instruments for Low Cost Missions – A Review of Past Mission Involvements and Current Instrumentalisation activities at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory

02 September (Wednesday)
0900 – 1130

Special Session-1 : Results from Chandrayaan-1
Session Chairs: Carle M Pieters and R. Sridharan

Speaker1: Carle M Pieters- Brown University
Initial scientific results of the Moon Mineralogy Mapper (m3) on Chandrayaan-1: volatiles on the Moon – Authored by Carle M. Pieters, J. N. Goswami, R. N. Clark, J. Sunshine, R. O. Green5, J. Boardman, and the M3 Team

Speaker2: P. Sreekumar - ISRO
Preliminary Results from Chandrayan-1 X-Ray Spectrometer (C1XS) – Authored by Shyama Narendranath, P.Sreekumar, B. Kellet, C.Howe, B.Maddison, L.Alha, M.Grande, I.Crawford, K.Joy, J.Huovelin, S. Athiray and the C1XS team

Speaker3: Prakash Chauhan - ISRO
Chandryaan-1 TMC& HYSI data analysis for apollo landing sites and mare orientale – Authored by Prakash Chauhan, Ajai, B. Gopal Krishna and A. S. Kiran Kumar

Speaker4: J.A. Kamalakar - ISRO
Lunar Laser Ranging Instrument (LLRI) onboard Chandrayaan-1: Configuration, flight performance and Results

Speaker5: Anil Bhardwaj - ISRO
First results from the SARA Experiment on the chandrayaan-1

Speaker6: R. Sridharan - ISRO
First Results from Chandra's Altitudinal Composition Explorer on the Moon Impact Probe of Chandrayaan-1 – Authored by Sridharan R, SM Ahmed, Tirtha Pradim Das, P. Sreelatha, P. Pradeep Kumar, Neha Naik, Gokulapati Supria and Anil Bhardwaj

1030-1100 Tea Break& Poster viewing

Speaker7: M.B. Dhanya - ISRO
Observation of reflected solar wind ions from the Moon by the SWIM of SARA on the Chandrayaan-1- Authored by M. B. Dhanya, Anil Bhardwaj, Stas Barabash, Martin Wieser, Yoshifumi Futaana, R. Sridharan, Kazushi Asamura, Mats Holmström, Audrey Schaufelberger, and PeterWurz

Speaker8: N.S. Hegde - ISRO
Moon's shadow on earth during longest solar eclipse of the century - as observed by Chandrayaan-1
1130 – 1230 Special Session-2
Session Chair: K.R. Sridhara Murthi

Invited Talk: BN Suresh, IIST, ISRO
Education and Training needs for interplanetary missions

Presentations on Posters by young students (3 min each):

1. Ketan Kiran Dande: Low Cost Launch System using Single Stage Rocket and Electromagnetic Rail Gun

2. Y. Kamaleshwar Singha: Finned Body Planetary Entry

3. R. Abinesh: Usage of COTS components in planetary Missions

4. Srimann Rakshit: Inter Planetary Superhighways

5. Tanveer Ali: Propulsion in micro satellites for interplanetary missions

6. Prakhar Agarwal: Technology Challenges for Low Cost Planetary Missions
1230 – 1400 Lunch Break
1400 – 1530 Session-5: Cost Reduction & Optimization in Low-Cost Planetary Missions
Session Chairs: K. Radhakrishnan and Hajime Yano

Speaker1: M.Y.S. Prasad - ISRO
Strategies for cost reduction in Space missions

Speaker2: Hajime Yano – JAXA

Speaker3: M. Annadurai - ISRO
Chandrayaan-1 experience
1530 – 1600 Tea Break & Poster viewing
1600 – 1730 Session-5 (contd.):
Session Chairs: K. Radhakrishnan and Hajime Yano

Speaker4: Philip Varghese - NASA
Telecommunications Relay Support for Low Cost Mars Landed Missions by the Mars Odyssey Orbiter

Speaker5: Gregg Vane - NASA
Implementing Entry Descent and Landing for the Phoenix Mission – Authored by Mr. Barry Goldstein, JPL

Speaker6: TBC
1900 onwards Cultural Programme followed by Dinner at Hotel Cidade de Goa
03 September (Thursday)
0900 – 1030

Session-6 : Technologies for Low-Cost Planetary Missions
Session Chairs: T. K. Alex and Philip Varghese

Speaker1: Subbarao Surampudi - JPL
Overview of the Power Conversion and Energy Storage Systems for Planetary Missions – Authored by Subbarao Surampudi, Ratnakumar Bugga, Nick Mardesich, Bill Nesmith, Julian Blosiu, Barry Goldstein, and Satish Khanna

Speaker2: S.K. Shivakumar - ISRO
Indian deep Space network-cost effective system for future deep Space mission operations

Speaker3: S. Ramakrishnan – ISRO
ISRO Launch vehicles for Low-Cost Planetary Missions

1030 – 1100 Tea Break
1100 – 1230

Session-7 : New Concept for Low-Cost Planetary Missions
Session Chairs: Prof U.R. Rao and Alexander Zakharov

Speaker1: Jacques Blamont - France
Using Balloons for the Exploration of Venus:The European Venus Explorer (EVE) Mission and Related International Cooperation – Authored by E. Chassefiere, JE Blamont, S. Limaye, O. Korablev, T. Imamura, KH Baines, CF Wilson, DV Titov

Speaker2: Andy Phipps – UK
Lunar Penetrator Consortium Moonlite - A Low Cost Lunar Scientific and Technology Demonstration Mission – Authored by Andy Phipps, Mark Taylor, Phil Davies, Paul Brooks, Anj Brown, Sir Martin Sweeting, Alan Smith, Rob Gowen, and I.A. Crawford

Speaker3: Pierre William Bousquet - CNES
Trojan asteroids exploration, mission options- Authored by Pierre W. BOUSQUET,Maria Antonietta BARUCCI, LESIIA, Philippe LAMY, OAMP, Benoit MEYSSIGNAC, Denis CARBONNE, Marion LE ROUX, and Julien JAUSSELY

Speaker4: Sanjay S. Limaye – University of Wisconsin
Long-Duration Exploration of Venus with a High-Altitude Balloon: The Valor Discovery Mission – Authored by K. H. Baines, S. K. Atreya, Ann Arbor, Tibor Balint, Jeffery.L.Hall, S. S. Limaye, Stuart Stephens and Pasadena

1230 – 1400 Lunch Break
AFTERNOON: Goa Sight Seeing Trip
04 September (Friday)
0900 – 1030

Special Session -3
Session Chair: J. N. Goswami

Speaker1: Jacques Blamont - France
Piggybacking to Planets

Speaker2: Alan Delamere – Delamere Space Sciences
40 Years of Living with Space Science Cost Problems

Speaker3: Subhananda Chakrabarti – IIT, Mumbai
Quantum Dot Infrared Photodetectors for high temperature imaging applications

Speaker4: Y.B. Acharya - ISRO
Uncertainty assessment and sensitivity analysis in the estimation of reliability of the COTS based hardware system – Authored by Y.B. Acharya and Vivek Goswami

Speaker5: O.P.N. Calla – International Centre for Radio Science
Microwave Remote Sensing of Lunar Surface from Orbit and Rover

Speaker6: S.K. Chakrabarti – Indian Centre for Space Physics
X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Astronomy from the Moon – Authored by S. K. Chakrabarti, Anuj Nandi, Vipin K. Yadav, D. Bhaumik, R. Sarkar

1030 – 1100 Tea Break
1100 – 1230 Round-Table & Concluding Session
Papers for the Poster Session*

Date : 02 September (Wednesday)
1030-1100 hrs &
1530 – 1600 hrs
K.C. Praveen – Univ of Mysore
The Radiation Hard Silicon-Germanium hetero-junction bipolar transistors for space missions

O.P.N Calla - International Centre for Radio Science
Study of Electrical Properties of Lunar Analogues at Microwave Frequencies

Anurag Verma - ISRO
Development of A Commercial Camera for Low-Cost Planetary Missions

SK Charabarthy - Indian Centre for Space Physics
High Resolution X-Ray Imaging Using Shadow Casting Elements

G. Nagendra Rao - ISRO
Star Tracker with Autonomous Optical Navigation

Santosh Vadawale – ISRO
High Energy X-ray (HEX) spectrometer onboard Chandrayaan-1

Sanjay S Limaye – Univ. of Wisconsin
Venus Exploration Analysis Group (VEXAG)

Xavier Raj - ISRO
Two impulse transfer trajectories from Earth to Mars

N.V. Vighnesam - ISRO
Accelerometer based real-time orbit determination

Mark A Bullock - Southwest Research Institute, USA
International Exploration of Venus: A Report from NASA’s Venus Science and Technology definition team on the flagship mission

Ketan Kiran Dande – VIIT
An Overview of different student satellites and their applications in low cost planetary missions

Kurian Mathew – ISRO
Fourier Transform Imaging Spectrometer for low cost planetary missions
*In addition to 6 papers listed under Special Session - 2

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