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60th International Astronautical Congress

12-16 October 2009
Daejeon, South Korea

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Call for Papers

Message from the IPC Co-Chairs

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the 60th International Astronautical Congress (IAC), which will be held in
the fantastic city of Daejeon, Korea. In the oriental world, the 60th anniversary always deserves a big celebration
as life completes a circle and starts a new one every 60 years.
The year of 2009 is also the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11’s landing on the Moon as well as the International
Year of Astronomy as designated by the UN.
Korea is very privileged to host the IAC 2009, particularly in this important year, and we hope that it will enter a
new era for furthering the role of promoting space science, space-related business and the peaceful utilisation of
space technology.
Daejeon, the host city, is the home of 57 academic and research institutes, including Korea Aerospace Research
Institute (KARI), Korea Astronomy and Space Sciences Institute (KASI), and National Science Museum. It is also
well known for ExpoPark, which is the former site of Daejeon Expo held in 1993. With the recent opening of
Daejeon Convention Centre, Daejeon is now ready to make IAC 2009 the most successful IAC in every aspect.
These days Korea is observing several important events in space development. The first Korean astronaut visited
the International Space Station in April and a science satellite will be put into the orbit by the first Korean space
launch vehicle from Naro Space Center early next year. Moreover, joining the US-led International Lunar Network
is being seriously considered. Hence, IAC 2009 will be the perfect place to find out about the status of Korean
space programmes and new business opportunities. Located in the Far East, IAC 2009 will also provide you more
chances to meet your Asian colleagues from Japan, China and other countries.
Under the Congress theme of ‘Space for Sustainable Peace and Progress’, the technical programmes of regular
sessions, interactive sessions, plenary events and highlighted lectures will be prepared in accordance with five
sub-themes: agency, industry, climate, exploration, and peace. The technical session chairs will be given much
freedom and flexibility to design his/her own session to comply with the need and uniqueness of the session
while maintaining the high standards and quality of the previous IAC meetings.
The Local Organising Committee of IAC 2009 is already in full operation, doing its best in preparations of the
various support events such as the space festival, space exhibition, technical tours, and cultural programmes.
Participants may also have personal plans to enjoy unique Korean cuisine, hot spring spas and night life in
Yuseong District, peaceful silence at Donghak Temple, and the warm hospitality of the Daejeon citizen.
We are very confident that IAC 2009 will be an excellent opportunity for everyone to contribute to high quality
technical sessions, to participate in debates on important policy issues, to find about Korean industry and its
space programmes, and to savour the cultural heritage of Korea. We urge you to participate in this international
event and look forward to meeting you at IAC 2009 in Daejeon.

Tahk Min-jea and Petr Lála
IPC co–chairs

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