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Instructions to Guest Editor Print
      As of June 2013

                                                           Acta Astronautica    

                                   Instructions for Guest Editors of Special Issues  

Every year, several issues of Acta Astronautica (AA), the Journal of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA), are dedicated to one single subject. Such issues, called Special Issues, usually include papers presented at either stand-alone IAA conferences or symposia or symposium of the International Astronautical Congress (IAC). They may also include papers which are specially invited for the Special Issue.

A table of all the Special Issues in preparation is accessible at and the current instructions are available below.

Organizers of IAA standalone conferences or IAC symposia have to submit to the Academy nomination of Guest Editors (optimally one responsible person per Special Issue). This nomination has to be done at least 3 months prior the symposium. The Secretary General of IAA, Dr. Jean-Michel Contant "sgeneral (at)" will clarify with the standalone symposium/conference organizers if purchasing printed copies are needed or not and will provide them with the budget input accordingly. If there are needs for purchasing printed copies/CDs of the special issue, an item of the contract between the organizer and the Academy will be added no later than 3 months prior the standalone symposium/conference. Dr. Jean-Michel Contant will inform Maggie Yang immediately and IAA will transfer the money to Elsevier after receiving appropriate invoice no later than three months after the special issue is available. The cost agreed between IAA and Elsevier includes usually the mailing from the Elsevier production centre to each final customer. The IAA provides the labels. When the nomination is accepted and the appointment is made the guest editor receive from the Academy formal instruction letter to contact the Editor-in-Chief of AA, Professor JS Chern "jschern (at)" before the editorial process starts. Prof. Chern will then inform Maggie Yang "m.yang.1 (at)" & Dr. Rachel Gibson "R.Gibson (at)" for EES configuration. Guest Editor(s) will subsequently be assigned a “Guest Editor Role” by Elsevier and will have the task to organize the reviewing process and make the respective decisions on the papers within EES.

NOTE: the final acceptance of papers rests with the Editor-in-Chief of AA and all papers submitted for consideration will undergo standard review process. The Guest Editor will also be responsible for adhering to the Special Issue guidelines and timeframes as stated in the outline found here. Online training for EES is available if necessary.

2013 Special Issue Guidelines

Please answer the following questions as completely as possible as this will aid greatly in the smooth and timely operation of publishing your Special Issue.

All elements are subject to approval by Publisher.

1. Please provide the names, titles, affiliations and contact information (including email information) of all the guest editors (GEs)
a. If multiple GEs please indicate one main point person

2. If this Special Issue is related to a conference, please provide:
a. Full name of the conference
b. Date and venue of conference
c. Contact details of the Organizing Committee representative
d. Who will be signing a contract on behalf of the Committee

3. The tentative title of the Special Issue as to appear on ScienceDirect / in print

4. Short title of special issue (max. 25 characters incl. spaces)

5. The number of expected papers to be published in this Special Issue

6. The estimated total number of pages the whole Special Issue

7. The date the first submission expected

8. The date by which all papers must be submitted to the Guest Editors for review
a. No later than 5 weeks after date of first submission (see question 7.)
b. No later than 4 weeks after close of conference (see question 2b.)

9. The delivery date by which all manuscripts (MS) should be fully reviewed and final decisions made on all manuscripts:
a. First revision round
i. No later than 6 weeks after close of submissions (see 8a./b.)
b. Final revision round and MS to publisher
i. No later than 4 weeks after First revisions completed (see 9a.)

10. We are certain that you would like to maximize the impact of your Special Issue, for instance, by providing the authors, conference delegates, or research groups a copy of the Special Issue. We are pleased to provide competitive quotes for any size of bulk order for your Special Issue.
a. Please let me know if you would like to follow up on this suggestion.

11. If appropriate, Society or Sponsor Logo(s) may be added to the cover or a print ad of the sponsor(s) to acknowledge sponsorship can be included in print copies of the Special Issue.
a. Please let me know if you would like to follow up on this suggestion.

12. Is your Special Issue part of a conference which received sponsorship from companies or other organizations, or has the research in your Special Issue received grants from the industry or other funding bodies? We are able to offer several sponsorship opportunities if the sponsors or
funding bodies want to optimize their awareness and recognition to the research community they wish to reach. For example:
 the covers can be printed with a unique design to support the brand of the sponsor
 we can work with sponsors to develop webinars on the topic which could be promoted with
the journal brand and your Special Issue
 the Special Issue can be produced on sponsored CD or USB stick
 the Special Issue can be made freely accessible by anyone for a specific period of time
 the Special Issue can be linked to a campaign where the name of the sponsor is linked to the
Special Issue on ScienceDirect
a. Please let me know if you would like to follow up on this suggestion.

13. We are pleased to provide our Guest Editor(s) 3 free copies of the Special Issue. On publication we also contact Guest Editors with the opportunity to purchase a maximum of 10 additional copies, at a reduced price, for personal use only.


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