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The history section of the IAA website is including:

- historical texts (redactional, survey, etc.) describing evolutions during specific periods,

- original data about past events that are useful for historians Usually data are photographs, scanned original documents or electronic documents related to immediate past activities and stored for historical purpose without any alteration. 


1960 - 1980


The Role of History in the Academy

Conception, Birth and Childhood of the International Academy of Astronautics

Building the Organisation: Structure, Programmes and Activities

Evolution of the Statutes and Membership of the International Academy of Astronautics

Data of the 1960-1980 period (under construction)

Oct 67-Oct 69 Stark Draper President

Oct 69-Oct 71 Stark Draper President

Oct 71-Oct 73 Stark Draper President

Oct 73-Oct 75 Stark Draper President

Oct 75-Oct 77 Stark Draper President

Oct 77-Oct 79 Stark Draper President

Oct 79-Oct 81 Stark Draper President



1980 - 2000 (under construction)

Oct 81-Oct 82 Stark Draper President

Oct 82-Oct 83 George E. Mueller President

Oct 83-Oct 85 George E. Mueller President

Oct 85-Oct 87 George E. Mueller President

Oct 87-Oct 89 George E. Mueller President

Oct 89-Oct 91 George E. Mueller President

Oct 91-Oct 93 George E. Mueller President

Oct 93-Oct 95 George E. Mueller President

Oct 95-Oct 97 George E. Mueller President

Oct 97-Oct 99 Michael Yarymovych President

After 2000 (under construction)

Oct 99-Oct 01 Michael Yarymovych President

Oct 01-Oct 03 Michael Yarymovych President

Oct 03-Oct 05 Edward E. Stone President

Oct 05-Oct 07 Edward E. Stone President

Oct 07-Oct 09 Edward E. Stone President



































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