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Newly Elected Ceremony in Abuja, Nigeria Print
On 23 November 2009, on the occasion of the 3rd IAA IAA African Regional Conference entitled Space for Africa: joint participation, knowledge development sharing held at Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Abuja, Nigeria, an open-air ceremony in the gardens of the hotel gathered participants for the induction ceremony of several newly elected members and corresponding members of the Academy. More than 180 participants enjoyed a reception to follow the event.

Dr. Seidu Oneilo Mohammed, Director General NASRDA and Dr. Jean Michel Contant, Secretary General IAA, presented certificates and “rosettes” to the following Academicians:

TOMUKUM Chia (Cameroon) is Director, Space Applications, Global Centre for Compliance, Hazards and Disaster Management, Office of Disaster Preparedness, Outer Space Applications and Emergency Response, Cameroon. He is a key actor in space activities in his country. He was recognized by the United Nations for his work on disaster reduction. His contributions are in lake management, monitoring of crater lakes, and he is an active promoter of space towards the general public in his country. He is an active promoter of modern techniques for early warning, and multimedia platforms for tele-health, tele-medicine and tele-education. He was responsible for the creation of an observatory centre in the African region using Russian technologies. He was among the best speaker during the first IAA Africa conference in Abuja and he is now the IAA Regional Secretary for Cameroon.

Dr. Tomukum Chia (Cameroon) new Corresponding Member Social Science Section receiving diploma and "rosette" from Dr. Seidu  Mohammed,  Director General of the Nigerian Space Agency (NASRDA) and Trustee of the Academy.

AJAYI Baba Jide (Nigeria) is Chief Planning Officer, National Space Research and Development Agency, Obasanjo Space Centre, Abuja, Nigeria. He is in charge of coordinating activities of NASRDA centers, budget preparation and implementation monitoring. He participates regularly to the UN COPUOS sessions in Vienna. He is also in charge of organizing workshops, seminars and conferences both international and local, as well as project monitoring. He is a recognized specialist in management and planning with a strong influence and network all over Africa. He was Principal Planning Officer, NASRDA and was in charge of overseeing the functions of the IT Unit. He has been a key player in the IAA development in Africa and played a key role in the 1st and 3rd IAA African Regional conference Abuja and supported the 1st IAA Regional Conference in Yaounde, Cameroon.

Ajayi Baba Jide (Nigeria) Corresponding Member Social Science Section receiving diploma from Dr. Seidu  Mohammed,  Director General NASRDA and Trustee of the Academy.

Dr. ABIODUN Adigun Ade (Nigeria) is retired from the services of the United Nations in 1999. He has been a Senior Special Assistant to the President of Nigeria on Space Science and Technology and a Chairman of the United Nation Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS). He served as Hydraulic System Engineer for the Boeing Company, Seattle and was a senior lecturer for the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria). He was a remote sensing specialist for the United Nations, New York for 20 years. He served as the United Nations expert on space applications and Chief of the Space Application Section of the Office of Outer Space in Vienna. In this capacity, he established the Asia-Pacific Satellite Communication Council and the United Nations affiliated Regional Center on Space Science and Technology Education in India, Brazil, Nigeria and Morocco. He is author of 5 books and over one hundred scientific and technical papers. He played a leading role in the IAA African Regional conferences.

From left to right: Dr. Jean-Michel Contant Secretary General of the Academy, Dr. Adigun Ade Abiodun, Conference Chairman and new Member from the Social Science Section and Dr. Seidu Mohammed, Trustee of the Academy.  
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