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How to propose a new Study Group Print
Study Groups can originate internally from Commissions or individual IAA members or from an external request to the IAA.
 IAA Members or Corresponding Members wishing to organize a Study Group Report must complete the brief

 Proposal for Forming an IAA Study Group form

 Some clarifying comments relative to completing the form:
• Members of the Study Team should reflect the international and interdisciplinary criteria of the Study. The Study Chair must be an IAA Member or CM. Other membership should be selected with the interest and proper expertise to perform a high quality study.
• The Overall Goal should be defined so that meaningful results will be ready for peer review within three years. This time period may be extended in special cases with the permission of the Vice President for Scientific Programs.
• Methodology should describe the process by which the Overall Goals will be achieved. This includes information gathering using mechanisms such as IAA Symposia and Technical Sessions, evaluation approach, possible interim reporting to focus the study, and format of the final report (Global Study, position paper, etc.).
• Target Community is intended to define who or what organizations could act on or react to the Report.
• Support Needed will not be applicable in most cases, but if certain organizational or resource needs are believed necessary to support the Study Methodology, they should be defined.

 The Lead Commission Secretary should be available to assist the Study Group Proposer in developing a worthwhile and practical study proposal, and to expedite getting valuable studies underway. If needed, the Section Liaison members of the Commission should identify candidate Study Group members with the required expertise. The Lead Commission Chair should review the scope of the proposed Study for overlap with other Commissions and involve other Chairs, as appropriate, to assure proper representation and evaluation. The Commission Chairs have been delegated responsibility by the President for appointing Study Group Chairs and Members, with Presidential concurrence required for studies initiated by the President or by an external request. The formal appointment letters signed by the Commission Chairs will be sent by the IAA secretariat. After approval by an Academy Commission(s) the proposal is forwarded to the Vice President for Scientific Programs, who will inform the IAA Board of the creation of the Study Group and its membership, and report to the Board periodically on Study progress.

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