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IAA Permanent Committee on Small Satellites

1/ Terms of Reference:

It is the intention of the IAA Permanent Committee on Small Satellite Missions to support any activities in connection with small satellite missions, and to bring within the reach of every country the opportunity to operate small satellite missions and utilize the data effectively at low costs, as well as to develop and build application-driven missions. In this context the Committee supports all activities to develop and promote concepts and processes by various user communities to conduct or participate in small satellite missions using small, economical satellites, and associated launches, ground stations, data distributions structures, and space system management approaches. For instance, small satellite missions for Earth observation can easily be tailored to the particular solutions of a country or a group of countries concerning the geography, economical and environmental needs. Novel types of constellations of small satellites are currently being designed that could serve the application needs and economic possibilities of countries and user communities by sharing the contributions and the costs. The use of low-cost satellite missions for planetary exploration will also be considered as well as the use of low-cost satellite missions for educational purposes and for technology demonstration.

The IAA Committee on Small Satellite Missions has the following general goals:
1) Organizing symposia at the International Astronautical Congresses, COSPAR and stand-alone conferences/symposia/workshops.
2) Making presentations in countries and organizations throughout the world as appropriate, especially in developing countries and countries emerging in space activities.
3) Making small satellites an integral part of university science and engineering curricula.
4) Promoting and supporting current and new IAA studies dealing with aspects of small satellite missions.
5) Working together with other professional society groups to expand our knowledge base and contacts, e. g. COSPAR and IAF.
6) Implementing the cooperation with other international organizations having similar goals, e. g., the United Nations, the International Space University, and ISPRS.
In order to further the Committee’s objectives it is intended but not limited to pursue also the following specific goals:
1) Continue the series of Small Satellite Symposia at the International Astronautical Congress
2) Continue the series of bi-annual Symposia on Small Satellites for Earth Observation in Berlin.
3) Continue the series of Symposia on Low-Cost Planetary Missions.

The Committee is based on the experiences gained from the IAA Study Group “Small Satellite Missions for Earth Observation” and the Program Committee “Small Satellites” within IAA Commission IV. The members of this Permanent Committee are the representatives of the IAA Study Groups and Program Committees as well as the respective Technical Director dealing with small satellite mission activities, and the liaison with other international organizations having similar goals. The Committee is also open for all persons interested in using this platform to exchange ideas and experiences according to the scope of the Committee. The IAA Permanent Committee on Small Satellite Missions will report to the respective IAA Commission dealing with small satellite mission subject.   

2/ Activity:

Meeting report

3/ Membership:

Honorary Chair:
Valenzuela Arnoldo

da Silva Curiel Alex
Laufer Rene
Sandau Rainer

D’Errico Marco
Santoni Fabio


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