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IAA Permanent Committee on Scientific-Legal Liaison

1/ Terms of Reference:

The Committee shall foster the communication between the legal and the scientific-technical fields on issues of mutual interest in the realm of astronautics. It shall also ensure a close cooperation between IAA and IISL. The Committee will closely work in particular with IAA Commission V. The Committee will also work with other relevant organisations outside IAA and IISL. The Committee meets at least once during the annual IACs. The Chair, through the Secretary, invites to these meetings. If possible, the Committee can also meet during the spring meetings of IAF/IAA/IISL in Paris. At least one fourth of Active Members present at the meeting will constitute quorum. The Committee will make all efforts to reach its decisions by consensus.
Membership of the Committee should reflect its interdisciplinary character. Membership has to be recruited from IAA and IISL. All four Sections of IAA should be represented. The Committee should limit its active membership to 20 persons.
Outgoing active members can be named Honorary Members and will still have the possibility to attend the meetings of the Committee or keep contacts with it.
Members will be appointed by consensus of the participants to the Committee meetings, subject to the approval by the Presidents of IAA and IISL. The term of Members, as well as the term of officers of the Committee is three years. Re-appointment is possible.
The Committee will organize Scientific-Legal Roundtables at IAC on an annual basis. These Roundtables will be promoted through IAA Commission V and be part of their respective symposia. They will also be coordinated with IISL. The proceedings of the Roundtables will be published in the IISL proceedings.
The Committee will through its Secretary maintain a site in the IAA Webpage.
The Committee may also organize symposia or other meetings in inter-session periods between the IACs. The Committee may cooperate with other committees and Study Groups by participating in the elaboration of joint papers and holding joint meetings. The Committee reports on its activities to IAA through Commission V.

Scientific-Legal Liaison Committee Charter: charter of the Committe

2/ Activity:

Bremen meeting, September 2003
Vancouver meeting, October 2004
Fukuoka meeting, October 2005
Valencia meeting, October 2006
Hyderabad meeting, September 2007
Glasgow meeting, October 2008
Daejeon meeting, October 2009
Prague meeting, September 2010
Cape Town meeting, October 2011
Naples meeting, October 2012
Beijing meeting, September 2013
Toronto meeting, October 2014
Jerusalem meeting, October 2015
Guadalajara meeting, September 2016

25 IAA/IISL Scientific-Legal Roundtables at International Astronautical Congresses (IAC from 1977 to 2010)

25th IAA/IISL Scientific Legal Roundtable "The New Age of Small Satellite Missions", Prague, September 2010
26th IAA/IISL Scientific Legal Roundtable "Space Debris Remediation", Cape Town, October 2011
27th IAA/IISL Scientific Legal Roundtable "Optical Communications", Naples, October 2012
28th IAA/IISL Scientific Legal Roundtable "Space and the Polar Regions – Issues of satellite applications, policies and regulations", Beijing, September 2013
29th IAA/IISL Scientific Legal Roundtable "Controlling the Eyes in the Sky - Preventing Abuse of Space Data", Toronto, October 2014
30th IAA/IISL Scientific Legal Roundtable " Universities as Actors in Space"

3/ Membership:

Co-Chair: von der Dunk Frans
Co-Chair: Sandau Rainer
Co-Secretary: Haese Marc
Co-Secretary: Rohner-Willsch Nicola

Bonnal Christophe
Camacho Sergio
Flury Walter
Gudiño Ramírez de Arellano Otto
Hofmann Mahulena
Jankowitsch Peter
Jorgenson Corinne
Klinkrad Heiner
Lala Petr
Mendell Wendell
Molette Pierre
Perek Lubos
Pomerantz William
Rummel John D.
Sato Masahiko
Schmidt-Tedd Bernhard
Smith Lesley Jane
Spude Mathias
Williamson Ray A.

ex officio:
Schrogl Kai-Uwe  (IISL President)
Contant Jean-Michel (IAA Secretary General)

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