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IAA Commissions meeting, Korea Print
On Sunday October 11th, 2009, the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) held plenary and parallel meetings of its Commissions.

Restricted meeting of the Commissions. During this meeting Academician Madhavan Nair, India, handed over the responsibility of Vice-President Scientific Activities to Academician Stanislav Konyukhov, Ukraine as he became the new President of the Academy.

                        Academician Madhavan Nair                                                 Academician Stanislav Konyukhov

Commission parallel Meetings of the Academy

Academician Dave Kendall, Canada during the Commission 1, Space Physical Sciences meeting.

Academician Andrea Boese, Germany and Academician Ronald White, USA during the Commission 2, Space Life Sciences meeting.

Academicians John Mankins, USA and Giuseppe Reibaldi, Italy, during the commission 3, Technology & System Development meeting.

Academicians Larry Paxton, USA and Amnon Ginati, Italy, during the commission 4, Space System Operation & Utilisation meeting.

Academicians Sergio Camacho, Mexico, Max Grimard, France, Corinne Jorgenson, USA, and Kai-Uwe Schrogl, Germany, during the Commission 5, Space Policies, Law & Economics meeting.

Academicians Olga Bannova, Russia, Geoffrey Languedoc, Canada, and Peter Swan, USA, during the Commission 6, Space & Society, Culture & Education meeting.

Academicians Philippe Jung, new Chair of the IAA History Committee, and Jim Burke
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