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2009 Regular General Meeting, Korea Print

2009 IAA Regular General Meeting



The International Academy of Astronautics held its twenty-fifth session of the Regular General Meeting on Sunday 11th October 2009 - 13:30-14:45 in Daejeon, South Korea following the impressive list below initiated in 1961:


View of the podium

The Regular General Meeting under restricted access was attended by more than 150 academicians.



1st Regular Meeting                       Washington (USA)                           October               1961

2nd Regular Meeting                      Paris (France)                                 September           1963

3rd Regular Meeting                      Athens (Greece)                              September           1965

4th Regular Meeting                       Belgrade (Yugos.)                           September           1967

5th Regular Meeting                       Mar del Plata (Argent)                     October               1969

6th Regular Meeting                       Brussels (Belgium)                          September          1971

7th Regular Meeting                       Baku (USSR)                                  October               1973

8th Regular Meeting                       Lisbon (Portugal)                             September          1975

9th Regular Meeting                       Prague (Czechosl)                           September          1977

10th Regular Meeting                    Munich (FRG)                                    September         1979

11th Regular Meeting                    Tokyo (Japan)                                   September         1980

Extraordinary Meeting                  Paris (France)                                    September         1982

12th Regular Meeting                    Budapest (Hungary)                          October              1983

13th Regular Meeting                    Stockholm (Sweden)                         October              1985

14th Regular Meeting                    Brighton (UK)                                   October              1987

15th Regular Meeting                    Torremolinos (Spain)                        October              1989

16th Regular Meeting                    Ottawa (Canada)                              October              1991

17th Regular Meeting                    Graz (Austria)                                  October              1993

18th Regular Meeting                    Oslo (Norway)                                  October              1995

19th Regular Meeting                    Turin (Italy)                                     October              1997

Extraordinary Meeting                  Melbourne (Australia)                        October              1998

20th Regular Meeting                    Amsterdam (Netherlands)                 October              1999

21st Regular Meeting                     Toulouse (France)                           October               2001

22nd Regular Meeting                   Bremen (Germany)                          September          2003

23rd Regular Meeting                    Fukuoka (Japan)                              October               2005

24th Regular Meeting                    Hyderabad (India)                            October               2007

25th Regular Meeting                    Daejon (Korea)                                October               2009



Academician Edward Stone, President for the 2007-2009 term welcomed the participants and asked approval of the Agenda.


He asked Academician Jean-Michel Contant, Secretary General to present the Annual Report 2009.


Academician Hiroki Matsuo Vice-President Awards and Membership


Academician Stanislav Konyukhov, Vice-President Publications & Communication


Academician Madhavan Nair, Vice-President Scientific Activities,


Following the conclusion of the annual report the floor was open for discussion.


Academician Jean-Michel Contant reported on the Election of the New Board of Trustees 2009-2011, on behalf of Academician N. Jasentuliyana, Nominating Committee Chair and Academician K. Kasturirangan, Nominating Committee Vice-Chair.


Election results for the 2009-2011 term were as follows:

President Academician Madhavan Nair, India,

Vice-President Scientific Activities Academician Stanislav Konyukhov, Ukraine

Vice-President Awards & Membership Academician Yannick d’Escatha, France

Vice-President Publications & Communication Academician Liu Jiyuan, China

Vice-President Finance Academician Hiroki Matsuo, Japan

Academician Edward C. Stone, USA became Past President


Recognition retiring Commissions Chairs Academician Larry Paxton, USA and Academician Kai-Uwe Schrogl, Germany


After a short induction of new Officers and Board members the meeting adjourned.

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