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9th LCPM Laurel Print
9th Low-Cost Planetary Missions Conference
21-23 June, 2011
Laurel, USA

Call for Papers

Honorary Chairs

Wes Huntress, CIW
Hiroki Matsuo, JAXA*
Madhavan Nair, ISRO and President, IAA*


Steering Commitee

Chair, Dr. John C. Sommerer, JHU/APL
Marcello Coradini, ESA
Jim Green, NASA
Mike Gruntman, USC
Yasuhiro Kawakatsu, JAXA
Tibor Kremic, NASA Glenn
Tom Krimigis, Academy of Athens and JHU/APL
Dave Kusnierkiewicz, JHU/APL
Kurt Lindstrom, JHU/APL
Ralph McNutt, JHU/APL
Keyur Patel, JPL
Amy Simon-Miller, NASA GSFC
Constantinos Stavrinidis, ESA
Alan Stern, SwRI
Keiji Tachikawa, JAXA*
Gregg Vane, JPL
Lev Zelenyi, IKI


Mark your calendars for the 9th Low-Cost Planetary Missions Conference, organized and hosted by The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, MD, and devoted to cost-efficient planetary missions with exciting science results.

The conference is a forum for planetary scientists, technologists, engineers, managers, and agency officials to collect and exchange information and ideas for making this class of robotic mission richer scientifically and yet affordably low cost.

This IAA-sponsored series of conferences has become the only venue for the international community to discuss methods to achieve cost-efficient exploration of objects in our solar system. In general, low-cost missions are the NASA equivalent of an Explorer or Discovery mission. The space agencies of Europe, Japan, Russia, India, and China have similar programs of planetary exploration within this cost range. Significant advances in scientific knowledge have resulted from this class of missions and will continue to do so in the future.

Meeting Schedule

Tuesday, June 21, 2011, at the Kossiakoff Center in Laurel, MD

    * Morning session
    * Lunch at the conference center
    * Afternoon session, including panel discussion
    * Poster reception

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    * Morning session
    * Lunch at the conference center
    * Abbreviated afternoon session
    * Tentative: field trip to the National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center near Dulles Airport
      (open until 7:30 in the summer)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

    * Morning session
    * Lunch at the conference center
    * Afternoon session, panel discussion
    * Banquet at the conference center

For more details and for registration, please visit

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

7:30AM Check in and Breakfast
8:30AM Opening and welcome
8:30AM Getting There: Delivery Methods.
9:00AM Takanao Saiki JAXA Flight Result of IKAROS Deep Space Solar Sail Demonstrator Invited
9:20AM Dave Carrell JHUAPL Autonomous Aerobraking For Low-Cost Interplanetary Missions Oral
9:35AM Curt Neibur NASA HQ Opening up the Box: ASRG Missions in the Discovery Program Oral
9:50AM John McCarthy Orbital Sciences Corporation Planetary Missions Enabled by New Low Cost Launch Vehicles Oral
10:05AM James L. Hall NASA KSC NASA Launch Services Program (LSP) Overview Oral
10:20AM Keith Karuntzos United Launch Alliance United Launch Alliance Rideshare Capabilities To Support Low-Cost Planetary Missions Oral
10:35AM Break
10:50AM John W. Dankanich NASA Glenn Electric Propulsion Mission Viability within the Discovery Class Cost Cap Oral
11:05AM Masato Nakamura JAXA Return to Venus of AKATSUKI Invited
11:20AM Eric Pencil NASA Glenn Products from NASA's In-Space Propulsion Technology Program Applicable to Low-Cost Planetary Missions Oral
11:35AM Q&A time
11:50AM Lunch
12:45PM Instrumentation
12:45PM Jim Masciarelli Ball Flash Lidar Sensors for Planetary Missions Oral
1:00PM David J. Lawrence JHUAPL The Neutron, Gamma-ray, X-ray Spectrometer (NGXS): A Compact Instrument for Making Combined Measurements of Neutrons, Gamma-rays, and X-rays Oral
1:15PM Andrew McGovern JHUAPL Cost Effective Operation of the CRISM Instrument Oral
1:30PM John C. Brasunas NASA GSFC CIRS-lite, a Fourier Transform Spectrometer for Low-Cost Planetary Missions Oral
1:45PM Ben Bussey JHUAPL Mini-RF, A Lightweight SAR for the Moon Oral
2:00PM Karl Hibbitts JHUAPL Observing Water on Moon at 3-μm from a suborbital Reusable Launch Vehicles Oral
2:15PM Tilak Hewagama NASA GSFC Miniature, Low-Power, Waveguide Based Infrared Fourier Transform Spectrometer for Spacecraft Remote Sensing Oral
2:30PM Pascale Ehrenfreund GWU The O/OREOS Mission -- Astrobiology in Low Earth Orbit Oral
2:50PM Q&A time
3:00PM Break
3:10PM Mission Concepts
3:10PM Marsha Schwinger JHUAPL Trojan Asteroid Tour Mission Concepts on a New Frontiers Budget Oral
3:25PM Alfred S. McEwen University Of Arizona Io Volcano Observer (IVO): Budget Travel to the Outer Solar System Oral
3:40PM David Gump Astrobotic Delivery of Lunar Surface Payloads on a Cost-Shared Commercial Robotic Expedition Oral
3:55PM Andy Cheng JHUAPL Next Gen NEAR: Near Earth Asteroid Human Robotic Precursor Mission Concept Oral
4:10PM Richard Elphic NASA Ames The Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) Mission Oral
4:25PM Poster Reception

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

7:30AM Checkin and Breakfast
8:00AM Day Two Welcome
8:10AM Special Session - NASA Discovery 10 Selections
8:10AM Ralph Lorenz JHUAPL Titan Mare Explorer (TiME) Oral
8:25AM Bruce Banerdt JPL Geophysical Monitoring Station (GEMS) Oral
8:40AM Q&A time
8:50AM Mission Concepts
8:50AM Junichiro Kawaguchi JAXA Entry into the Age of Solar System Exploration and Discovery with Cutting-Edge Technology - Hayabusa, IKAROS and Future Invited
9:10AM Rex Ridenoure Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation Spinning Landers: A New Spacecraft System Architecture For Solar System Exploration Oral
9:25AM Ken Hibbard JHUAPL Near-Earth Survey Telescope (NEST): A Robotic Precursor Concept to Enable Human Exploration of Near-Earth Objects Oral
9:40AM Stefan E. Slagowski Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc. A Penetrator-Based Sensor Network for Planetary Geophysics Oral
9:55AM Robert Gold JHUAPL A Uranus Mission Concept Oral
10:10AM Q&A time
10:20AM Break
10:20AM Tim Larson JPL High Science Value, Low Cost - Overview of the EPOXI and Stardust NExT Missions Invited
10:40AM Doug Eng JHUAPL Vesta Interior Structure Mission Concept Oral
10:55AM Michael Paul Penn State Low-cost Lunar Lander Mission with Mobility for in-situ Imaging Oral
11:10AM Patrick Michel University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, CNRS MarcoPolo-R: Near Earth Asteroid Sample Return Mission selected for the assessment study phase of the ESA program Cosmic Vision 2 Oral
11:25AM Scott Murchie JHUAPL MERLIN: Mars-Moon Exploration, Reconnaissance and Landed Investigation Oral
11:40AM Stephan Ulamec DLR Landing on Small Bodies: From the Rosetta Lander to MASCOT and Beyond Oral
11:55PM Ralph McNutt JHUAPL MESSENGER at Mercury: Early Orbital Operations Invited
12:15PM Lunch
1:00PM Teck H. Choo JHUAPL SciBox, An End-to-End Automated Science Planning and Commanding System Oral
1:15PM Eileen Stansbery NASA JSC The Role of Sample Return in Low Cost Mission Concepts Oral
1:30PM Mission Design to support Low Cost Approaches
1:30PM Ravikumar Chandramouli ISRO, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre A Low-Cost Orbiter Mission to Mars Oral
1:45PM Dan O'Shaughnessy JHUAPL MESSENGER's use of Solar Sailing for Cost and Risk Reduction Oral
2:00PM Jim McAdams JHUAPL MESSENGER's Mercury Orbit Insertion Maneuver: Design Chronology, Contingency Preparedness, and Final Results Oral
2:15PM Ramakrishan Sharma ISRO, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre Optimal Capture Orbit for Aerobraking Oral
2:30PM Seisuke Fukuda JAXA Conceptual Study on SLIM: Smart Lunar Landing Technology Demonstrator Oral
2:45PM Yanping Guo JHUAPL Halfway Flight Performance of the New Horizons Mission Oral
Depart for the UDVAR HAZY MUSEUM NLT 3:15. Snacks available on the Bus, return to APL at 7:45 PM.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

7:30AM Checkin and Breakfast
8:30AM Day Three Welcome
8:35AM NASA's Next New Frontiers Mission
8:35AM Joe Nuth NASA GSFC OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission Oral
8:35AM Technology Design to Support Low Cost Approaches
8:50AM G. Nagendra Rao ISRO Laboratory for Electro-Optics Systems Low-cost APS star trackers for attitude sensing and navigation Oral
9:05AM Kazunori Ogawa JAXA Low-Power Long-Term Survival System for Scientific Instruments on the Moon Oral
9:20AM V.L.N. Sridhar Raja, ISRO, Laboratory for Electro-Optics Systems Development of Electro-Optical Payloads for Low-Cost Planetary Missions at LEOS-ISRO: A Case Study Oral
9:35AM Maria T. Zuber MIT Overview of the GRAIL Mission to the Moon Invited
9:55AM Hajime Hayakawa JAXA BepiColombo Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter (MMO) Invited
10:15AM Q&A time
10:30AM Break
10:45AM Cost Management Approaches
10:45AM Dewey Barlow JHUAPL Improved Cost Monitoring and Control through EVMS: a Project Perspective Oral
11:00AM David Bearden Aerospace The Evolution of Complexity and Cost for Planetary missions throughout the Development Lifecycle. Oral
11:15AM Larry Wolfarth JHUAPL The Application of TRL Metrics to Cost Prediction Models for Low-Cost Planetary Missions: “A Practitioners Guide to Applying Cost Correction Factors to Technology" Oral
11:30AM Joe Grebowsky NASA GSFC MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN Mission) Invited
11:50AM Q&A time
12:05PM Lunch
1:00AM J. N. Goswami ISRO Physical Research Laboratory Chandrayaan-2 Mission  Invited
1:20PM Mission Management Techniques
1:20PM Andy Dantzler JHUAPL Programmatic Requirements Oral
1:35PM Tatsuaki Hashimoto JAXA Scalability and affordability of lunar landing missions Oral
1:50PM John Toeltzsch Ball The Kepler Management Story - Techniques for Recovering a threatened program Oral
2:05PM Artur B. Chmielewski JPL US Rosetta Project: NASA's contribution to ESA's Comet Chaser Invited
2:20PM N Srinivasa Hegde ISRO Satellite Centre Chandrayaan-1 Mission Management Oral
2:35PM Q&A time
2:45PM Break
3:00PM Panel Discussion: Programmatic Requirements and their Impact on Mission Efficiency

Moderator: Doug Stetson, Space Science and Exploration Group

Dave Bearden, Aerospace Corporation
Andy Dantzler, JHUAPL
Carlos Liceaga, NASA
Susan Neibur, Neibur Consulting
4:30PM Poster Reception
6:00PM Banquet

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