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2nd International IAA Conference on Private Human Access to Space
30 May - 1st June, 2011
Arcachon, France


Three years after the success of the first "Symposium on Private Human Access to Space" held in Arcachon in May 2008, the International Academy of Astronautics IAA has the pleasure of reconducting the Symposium in order to identify the progress made since three years on this promising and fascinating topic.

Conference objectives:

The Symposium aims at addressing all subjects related to the "Space Transportation of Passengers on a Commercial Basis". The overall goal is to identify and evaluate the key topics associated to Private Human Access to Space, mainly concerning Sub-Orbital Missions.

• The Symposium will deal with the major Technical features of the potential solutions, providing participants with a good understanding of the progress made by the entities already engaged in development and those on the verge of doing so,

• The Symposium will address Legal, Regulatory and Insurance aspects, on both certification and safety features of commercial human space flight: current limitations will be identified and future actions will be proposed,

• The Symposium will deal with the Financial aspects associated to the development of Private Human Access to Space, mainly in terms of overall evaluation of development and operational efforts, associated business plans and financing schemes,

• The Symposium will help identifying the motivations of the potential customers in  order to consolidate the foreseen market and associated customers requirements linked to this new branch of Access to Space,

• The Symposium will deal with the constraints associated to human flights in the frame of commercial initiatives, mainly in the physiological aspects, the psychological ones and the associated ergonomics constraints,

• The Symposium will deal with ground infrastructures, future spaceports, space tourism bases together with associated services such as side activities and entertainment.


Programme Committee President:
Christophe Bonnal, CNES

Programme Committee Members:
Melchor Antuñano, Director, Civil Aerospace Medical Institute, FAA
Max Calabro, The Inner Arch
Philippe Coué, Dassault-Aviation
Alain Dupas, John Hopkins University
Patrick Eymar, N4E
Rupert Gerzer, Head, Institute of Aerospace Medecine, DLR
Max Grimard, Head of Business Development, Astrium
Tanja Masson-Zwaan, President, IISL
Tommaso Sgobba, President, IAASS
John Sloan, FAA
Garrett Smith, Airbus, Head of the 3AF Space Tourism Commission
Derek Webber, Spaceport Associates
Jean-Luc Wibaux, Virgin Galactic Accredited Space Agent


The International Academy for Astronautics has the ambition of making this Symposium a key focal point for all partners interested in the subject, researchers, industrials, entrepreneurs, space companies, agencies, universities, government representatives, associations, academies...The conference will propose outstanding communications on all those topics, but will also reserve time for networking and fruitful exchange among all delegates. A special attention will be given to students in order to guarantee presence of fresh blood who will undertake in near future the dreams of older sceptics...


The International Academy of Astronautics IAA has undertaken the preparation of a Position Paper related to “Private Manned Access to Space”. Commission III (Space Technology and System Development) and Commission V (Space Policy, Legal and Economic Aspects) have tasked a dedicated Study Group to fulfill this action: your exchanges and presentations during the conference will serve this project. Language Papers will be presented in English. Simultaneous translation facilities will not be available. Exhibition Please note that a significant exhibit can be organized in the main lobby of the conference center.


IAA is calling for outstanding papers to be presented during that conference. Please respect the deadline for providing your abstracts to the conference secretary. Deadline for abstracts submission is January 24, 2011. Instructions for your abstract: Your abstract in english should precise your coordinates, title of your conference, and should be of roughly one page (# 500 words). Preferred format Word or pdf.

Key dates:
– Notification
The Programme Committee will notify all authors of its decision in January 2011. This notification will be accompanied by detailed instructions allowing selected authors to prepare and send to the secretariat their full paper.
 – Programme and registration form distribution: March, 2011

 The abstracts should be sent to:
E-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

All the papers and presentations will be distributed to all registered participants shortly after the Symposium.


Conference Registration form

Hotel registration form


Palais des Congrès d’Arcachon
Boulevard Veyrier Montagnères
33120 Arcachon – France
(3/4 hour drive from Bordeaux International Airport)

Arcachon in May should be terrific!
The conference center is second to none. Located on the beach of the Arcachon Bay, there you will profit by famous oysters, world known Bordeaux wine, and all possibilities of local entertainment.

All correspondence and inquiries should be sent to the conference secretariat.
Avantage Aquitaine – 42, rue de Tauzia
33800 Bordeaux – France
Voice mail: +33 (0)6 81 42 23 95
Fax: +33 (0)1 45 31 61 34
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

More information on our dedicated web page:
For Technical Information, or Questions regarding the Conference Objectives:
Please contact Mr. Christophe BONNAL, Chairman of the Programme Committee.
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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