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Republic of San Marino (Italy), Kursaal Congress Centre

September 25th-28th, 2012


The International Academy of Astronautics created a SETI Committee in the seventies now established in SETI Permanent Committee. Its role is to develop studies, establish protocols to be followed by SETI scientists in the detection, analysis, verification, announcement, and response to signals from extraterrestrial civilizations, call for symposia and cooperate with the scientific community worldwide.


SETI (the “Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence”) refers to the experiments intended to find either radio or optical signals from extraterrestrial societies situated on planets around other stars. The largest radio telescopes world-wide have occasionally pursued SETI searches since 1960, in most cases hunting for signals near in frequency to 1420 MHz (the emission line of neutral hydrogen). Optical SETI searches have been pursued since the 1990s. These attempts to detect extraterrestrial signals are called “Passive SETI”.

In recent years, new kind of SETI, called “Active SETI”, has been discussed by radio astronomers and has actually been attempted in a few cases: it consists of deliberately transmitting signals to enhance the probability of making contact with other hypothetical galactic technological civilizations. In addition, the discovery since 1995 of more than 537 extrasolar planets makes it clear that both Passive and Active SETI may now be “targeted” towards exoplanets that are situated within habitable zones, further increasing the probability of a SETI success.

In conclusion, it is now timely to gather a large conference of experts in SETI, biosignatures, the search for terrestrial exoplanets and related disciplines from all over the globe to openly discuss the strategies of both Passive and Active SETI. These are the goals of the “Searching for Life Signatures” Conference that will take place at the Kursaal Conference Centre in San Marino Republic (Italy), Sept. 25th thru 28th, 2012, in the week just prior to the 63rd IAC (International Astronautical Congress)  that will take place at Naples (Napoli), Italy, October 1st  thru 5th, 2012.


Monday, Sept. 24th:
Morning or Afternoon: ARRIVAL of Participants at either:
1)    Rimini and San Marino Airport  (RMI) – The nearest airport to San Marino, 25 km distance.
2)    Bologna Airport (BLQ) – The second nearest airport to San Marino, 132 km distance.
3)    Milan Malpensa (MXP) Airport  – The fourth nearest airport to San Marino, 300 km distance.
Hourly train connections from Bologna/Milan to Rimini Railway Station and then public bus service to San Marino.
4)    Rome Fiumicino (FCO) Airport  – The third nearest airport, 250 km distance to San Marino.  Frequent direct flights and train connections (to Bologna, about four hours journey) from Rome to Rimini.

At their arrival in San Marino, Participants will find a Social Buffet Dinner from 8 pm at the Grand Hotel San Marino, graciously offered by the San Marino University. Then they will reach their respective hotels in San Marino.

Tuesday, Sept. 25th: 
Morning: Opening Ceremony.
Keynote Speakers.
Press Conference. 
Afternoon: Guided Tour of the Republic of San Marino.
Evening: Gala Dinner at Righi La Taverna Restaurant graciously offered by the Ministry of Tourism of San Marino.

Wednesday, Sept. 26th:
Morning: PASSIVE SETI – SETI Scientific and Technological Issues.
Lunch on site. 
Afternoon: ACTIVE SETI (METI) - Societal Issues.                                                        

Thursday, Sept. 27th:    
Morning: Space Missions to detect Extrasolar Habitable Planets.                        
Lunch on site.                                                                                                   
Afternoon: General Debate and "San Marino Conference Declaration”.           

Friday, Sept. 28th:    
Entire Day Tour to Ravenna and Medicina Radiotelescopes and return to San Marino for dinner. Leaving San Marino at 9 am by bus to Ravenna (6th Century Byzantine Mosaics at the Churches of Sant’Apollinare in Classe and San Vitale). Then on to Medicina (near Bologna) and LUNCH at the Visitors Center of the INAF-IRA Radiotelescopes. Afternoon: GUIDED TOUR OF THE SETI FACILITIES at the INAF-IRA Radiotelescopes. Then return by bus to San Marino to attend a unique medieval dinner with music and dances at the Terrazza Titano Restaurant, graciously offered to All San Marino Conference Participants by the Ministry of Tourism of San Marino.

Saturday, Sept.29th:
Bus travel from San Marino to Naples ONLY for those intending to attend the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Naples during the ensuing week. Departure from San Marino at 8:30 am. Late Morning: visit to the INFN NEUTRINO FACILITIES in the caverns inside the Gran Sasso mountain, inasmuch as a NEUTRINO-SETI might also develop in the future. Then LUNCH at a restaurant in the Appennines mountains on the way to Rome. Afternoon in Rome: visit to Piazza Campo dei Fiori, right on the spot where Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake on February 17, 1600, by the Inquisition, for having claimed (besides other “heresies”) that ExtraTerrestrials might possibly exist. SETI League executive director emeritus H. Paul Shuch will discuss that organization's Giordano Bruno Memorial Award, introducing past (and perhaps future) Bruno Award winners. Final bus travel from Rome to Naples in the evening and arrival at the hotels in Naples where Participants will stay for the ensuing International Astronautical Congress (IAC).

(Sunday, Sept. 30th:    Academy Day in Naples for IAA Academicians and their Guests).
(Monday, Oct. 1st: Opening Ceremony of the 63rd International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Naples).
(Monday thru Friday: IAC in Naples. Then RETURN to Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO) and Departure).



Call for Papers

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