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Symposium on Space Debris, Naples, Italy, IAC 2012, 1-5 October 2012

The symposium will address the complete spectrum of technical issues of space debris: measurements, modelling, risk assessment in space and on the ground,
reentry, hypervelocity impacts and protection, mitigation and standards, and Space Surveillance.

Program Committee Structure:

Nicholas L. Johnson, USA
Christophe Bonnal, France

Rapporteur General:

Patrick Seitzer, USA
Vladimir Agapov, Russia
Thomas Schildknecht, Switzerland
Luciano Anselmo, Italy
Carsten Wiedemann, Germany
Toshiya Hanada, Japan
James Hyde, USA
Alessandro Francesconi, Italy
Frank Schaefer, Germany
Fernand Alby, France
John W. Hussey, USA
Akira Kato, Japan
Heiner Klinkrad, Germany
Darren McKnight, USA
Seishiro Kibe, Japan
Kazuto Suzuki, Japan
Holger Krag, Germany
Michael Yakovlev, Russia
Charlotte Mathieu, France

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