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The Scientific Activities standing committee advises the President and the Board on policy matters pertaining to the scientific purposes of the Academy. The Vice President Scientific Activities, Chair of the committee, prepare a plan of scientific activities, in accordance with the recommendations of the Academy Commissions and approval of the Board. This Vice President is charged with the direction of scientific activities, including Academy Commissions, Program Committees, and Study Groups, scientific meetings, and conferences.

As of March 2013 the composition of the Scientific Activities Committee is as follows:

Membership term October 2011 - October 2013

Perminov Anatoly, Russia, M 4
Vice-Chair Studies

Roeser Hans-Peter, Germany, M 1
Vice-Chair Conferences and Symposia
Suresh Byrana N., India, M 2
Contant Jean-Michel, France, M 4

Ex Officio Commission Chairs
Vane Gregg, USA, M 1 
White Ronald J., USA, M 3 
Reibaldi Giuseppe, Italy, M 2
Alkalai Leon, USA, M 2
Grimard Max, France, M 2
Languedoc Geoffrey, Canada, M 4

Ex Officio Trustees
Nair Madhavan G., India, M 2
Krimigis Stamatios M., USA, M 1
Gerzer Rupert, M 3
Jankowitsch Peter, Austria, M 4

Ex Officio Summit
Conley Catherine, USA, CM 3
Coradini Marcello, Italy, M 1
Homma Masanori, Japan, M 2

Trustees Members
Bensoussan Alain, France, M 2
Clervoy Jean-Francois, France, M 3
Ip Wing-Huen, China Taiwan, M 1
Woerner Johann-Dietrich, Germany, M 2
Degtyarev Olexandr, Ukraine, M 2
Othman Mazlan, Malaysia, M 1
Piso Marius-Ioan, Romania, M 4
Stone Edward, USA, M 1
Xu Guanhua, China, M 1
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