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Volume 100,  Pages 1-146, July–August 2014

      1.     IFC - Publication Information
Pages IFC
     2.     Certification and safety aspects relating to the transport of passengers on high altitude balloons in Europe   Original Research Article
Pages 1-10
Annelie Schoenmaker
     3.     Advanced aviation technology for reusable launch vehicle improvement
Pages 11-21
Alexander S. Filatyev, Valentin Buzuluk, Olga Yanova, Nikolay Ryabukha, Andrey Petrov
     4.     Boiling phenomena in near-critical SF6 observed in weightlessness
Pages 22-29
Carole Lecoutre, Yves Garrabos, Daniel Beysens, Vadim Nikolayev, Inseob Hahn
     5.     Review of past on-orbit collisions among cataloged objects and examination of the catastrophic fragmentation concept
Pages 30-39
Carmen Pardini, Luciano Anselmo
     6.     First-principle study of atomic oxygen and nitrogen adsorption on (1 1 1) β-cristobalite as a model of thermal protection coverage
Pages 40-46
A.A. Buchachenko, A.A. Kroupnov, V.L. Kovalev
     7.     Prediction of the space debris spatial distribution on the basis of the evolution equations
Pages 47-56
A.I. Nazarenko
     8.     Study of individual and group affective processes in the crew of a simulated mission to Mars: Positive affectivity as a valuable indicator of changes in the crew affectivity
Pages 57-67
Iva Poláčková Šolcová, Alek Lačev, Iva Šolcová
     9.     Jovian tour design for orbiter and lander missions to Europa
Pages 68-81
Stefano Campagnola, Brent B. Buffington, Anastassios E. Petropoulos
     10.     Use of CYPRES™ cutters with a Kevlar clamp band for hold-down and release of the Icarus De-Orbit Sail payload on TechDemoSat-1 
Pages 82-93
J. Kingston, S. Hobbs, P. Roberts, C. Juanes-Vallejo, F. Robinson, R. Sewell, B. Snapir, J. Virgili Llop, M. Patel
     11.     Colombia׳s space policy: An analysis of six years of progress and challenges
Pages 94-100
Jairo Becerra
     12.     Human space exploration – From surviving to performing
Pages 101-106
Gilles Clément, Angelia P. Bukley

     13.     Finite thrust orbital transfers
Pages 107-128
Leonardo Mazzini
     14.     Effects of microgravity on Marangoni convection and growth characteristic of a single bubble
Pages 129-139
Yan Yang, Liang-ming Pan, Jian-jun Xu
     15.     Research on regulating technique of material flow for 2-person and 30-day integrated CELSS test
Pages 140-146
Shuangsheng Guo, Wenping Dong, Weidang Ai, Hongqi Feng, Yongkang Tang, Zhide Huang, Yunze Shen, Jin Ren, Lifeng Qin, Gu Zeng, Lihong Zhang, Jingtao Zhu, Jinxue Fei, Guoxin Xu

Volume 94,  Issue 2, Pages 541-864, February 2014
Initial design of laboratories for sustainable habitation
Pages 541-562
Dominik Quantius, Daniel Schubert, Volker Maiwald, Rosa París Lopéz, Jens Hauslage, Wolfgang Seboldt, Ondrej Doule, Irene Lia Schlacht, Stephen Ransom

Chaos and its avoidance in spinup dynamics of an axial dual-spin spacecraft
Pages 563-576
Anton V. Doroshin
Toward a new cosmic consciousness: Psychoeducational aspects of contact with extraterrestrial civilizations
Pages 577-583
Gabriel G. De la Torre
German SIMBOX on Chinese mission Shenzhou-8: Europe's first bilateral cooperation utilizing China's Shenzhou programme
Pages 584-591
Peter Preu, Markus Braun

Lagrangian coherent structures in various map representations for application to multi-body gravitational regimes
Pages 592-607
Cody R. Short, Kathleen C. Howell

Influence of sensor and actuator errors on impulsive satellite formation control methods
Pages 608-618
F.J. de Bruijn, E. Gill

Local debris congestion in the geosynchronous environment with population augmentation
Pages 619-628
Paul V. Anderson, Hanspeter Schaub

A novel SETI strategy targeting the solar focal regions of the most nearby stars
Pages 629-633
Michaël Gillon

Novel orbits of Mercury, Venus and Mars enabled using low-thrust propulsion
Pages 634-645
Pamela Anderson, Malcolm Macdonald, Chen-wan Yen

Long-term evolution of Galileo operational orbits by canonical perturbation theory
Pages 646-655
Martin Lara, Juan F. San-Juan, Luis M. López-Ochoa, Paul Cefola
Three dimensional temperature field in a conducting sphere due to an arbitrarily located split ring heating source
Pages 656-661
Nellore S. Venkataraman, Ana M. Vélez García, Vikram Venkataraman, Heberth Diestra-Cruz

Sandwich module prototype progress for space solar power
Pages 662-671
Paul Jaffe, Jason Hodkin, Forest Harrington, Clark Person, Michael Nurnberger, Bang Nguyen, Susie LaCava, Dave Scheiman, Grant Stewart, Andrew Han, Ethan

Large-size message construction for ETI validation of Lingua Cosmica
Pages 672-675
Alexander Ollongren

Profiling nonhuman intelligence: An exercise in developing unbiased tools for describing other “types” of intelligence on earth
Pages 676-680
Denise L Herzing

Comparative ISS accelerometric analyses
Pages 681-689
N. Sáez, X. Ruiz, Jna. Gavaldà, J. Pallarés, V. Shevtsova

Time-optimal trajectory planning for underactuated spacecraft using a hybrid particle swarm optimization algorithm

Pages 690-698
Yufei Zhuang, Haibin Huang
Astra: Interdisciplinary study on enhancement of the end-to-end accuracy for spacecraft tracking techniques
Pages 699-707
Luciano Iess, Mauro Di Benedetto, Nick James, Mattia Mercolino, Lorenzo Simone, Paolo Tortora

An autonomous navigation scheme based on starlight, geomagnetic and gyros with information fusion for small satellites
Pages 708-717
Xinlong Wang, Qing Zhang, Hengnian Li

Study on the orbital maneuvering capability of H-2A kick stage
Pages 718-724
Toshinori Ikenaga, Masayoshi Utashima, Nobuaki Ishii, Tetsuo Hiraiwa, Atsushi Noda
A reorbiter for large GEO debris objects using ion beam irradiation
Pages 725-735
Shoji Kitamura, Yukio Hayakawa, Satomi Kawamoto
Scientific results and lessons learned from an integrated crewed Mars exploration simulation at the Rio Tinto Mars analogue site
Pages 736-748
Csilla Orgel, Ákos Kereszturi, Tamás Váczi, Gernot Groemer, Birgit Sattler

The supersonic shock wave interaction with low-density gas bubble
Pages 749-753
B. Rybakin, V. Goryachev

Plug-and-play design approach to smart harness for modular small satellites
Pages 754-764
M. Rizwan Mughal, Anwar Ali, Leonardo M. Reyneri

Use of social networks for outreach, education and training on space applications: Know-how and experience of Planete Sciences Midi-Pyrenees and CNES
Pages 765-775
Gil Denis, Séverine Klein, Bérengère Gueguen
Observations of wind direction by automated analysis of images from Mars and the MSL rover
Pages 776-783
Raymond Francis, John Moores, Kenneth McIsaac, David Choi, Gordon Osinski

Telecommunication system specific to high temperature environment for JAXA Mercury exploration program
Pages 784-789
Tomoaki Toda, Yukio Kamata, Kousuke Kawahara, Hironori Maejima, Hajime Hayakawa
Rapid alignment method based on local observability analysis for strapdown inertial navigation system
Pages 790-798
Shesheng Gao, Wenhui Wei, Yongmin Zhong, Zhihua Feng

Increased nutritional quality of plants for long-duration spaceflight missions through choice of plant variety and manipulation of growth conditions
Pages 799-806
Christopher M. Cohu, Elizabeth Lombardi, William W. Adams III, Barbara Demmig-Adams
Increased intracranial pressure in mini-pigs exposed to simulated solar particle event radiation
Pages 807-812
Jenine K. Sanzari, Amy Muehlmatt, Alexandria Savage, Liyong Lin, Ann R. Kennedy
A methodology for innovative technologies roadmaps assessment to support strategic decisions for future space exploration
Pages 813-833
Maria Antonietta Viscio, Eugenio Gargioli, Jeffrey A. Hoffman, Paolo Maggiore, Andrea Messidoro, Nicole Viola
Experimental investigation on flow patterns of RP-3 kerosene under sub-critical and supercritical pressures
Pages 834-842
Ning Wang, Jin Zhou, Yu Pan, Hui Wang
Structural optimization and model fabrication of a double-ring deployable antenna truss
Pages 843-851
Lu Dai, Fuling Guan, James K. Guest
Particle swarm optimization of ascent trajectories of multistage launch vehicles
Pages 852-864
Mauro Pontani

Volume 88,  Pages 1-176, July–August 2013
Antenna radiation effects on the orbits of GPS and INTELSAT satellites  
Pages 1-7
A. Heilmann, L.D.D. Ferreira, C.A. Dartora, K.Z. Nobrega
The hydrogen value chain: applying the automotive role model of the hydrogen economy in the aerospace sector to increase performance and reduce costs  
Pages 8-24
Norbert Frischauf, Beatriz Acosta-Iborra, Frederik Harskamp, Pietro Moretto, Thomas Malkow, Michel Honselaar, Marc Steen, Scott Hovland, Bernhard Hufenbach, Max Schautz, Manfred Wittig, Alexander Soucek
Outlook of possible European contributions to future exploration scenarios and architectures  
Pages 25-34
M.A. Perino, F. Fenoglio, S. Pelle, P. Couzin, J. Thaeter, F. Eilingsfeld, B. Hufenbach, A. Bergamasco
Computational methodology to predict satellite system-level effects from impacts of untrackable space debris  
Pages 35-43
N. Welty, M. Rudolph, F. Schäfer, J. Apeldoorn, R. Janovsky
Highly constrained entry trajectory generation  
Pages 44-60
Yu Xie, Luhua Liu, Guojian Tang, Wei Zheng
Reduction of satellite electromagnetic scattering by carbon nanostructured multilayers  
Pages 61-73
Davide Micheli, Roberto Pastore, Gabriele Gradoni, Valter Mariani Primiani, Franco Moglie, Mario Marchetti
The method of nearby problems for estimation of numerical error in orbital-mechanics simulations  
Pages 74-88
Ashish Jagat, Andrew J. Sinclair
Out-of-plane stability analysis of collinear spinning three-craft Coulomb formations  
Pages 89-97
Peter D. Jasch, Erik A. Hogan, Hanspeter Schaub
Attitude maneuver control of a two-wheeled spacecraft with bounded wheel speeds  
Pages 98-107
Haichao Gui, Lei Jin, Shijie Xu
Thermocapillary simulation of single bubble dynamics in zero gravity  
Pages 108-115
Yousuf Alhendal, Ali Turan, Peter Hollingsworth
Transfers to Earth–Moon L3 halo orbits   Original Research Article
Pages 116-128
Kathryn Davis, George Born, Eric Butcher
The benefits brought by space—General public versus space agencies perspectives  
Pages 129-137
Bianca Detsis, Emmanouil Detsis
Configuration studies for active electrostatic space radiation shielding
Pages 138-145
Ravindra P. Joshi, Hao Qiu, Ram K. Tripathi
Evaluation of heterogeneous measurement outlier rejection schemes for robotic planetary surface mapping
Pages 146-162
Chi Hay Tong, Timothy D. Barfoot
Development of reliability-corrected cost model for Small Earth Observation satellites  
Pages 163-175
Young K. Chang, Hongrae Kim, Jin S. Kang

Volume 87, Pages 1-192 (June–July 2013)

Economic value analysis of the return from the Korean astronaut program and the science culture diffusion activity in Korea
Pages 1-7
Soyeon Yi, Hyun-Jin Jang, Hyo Suk Lee, Jong-Phil Yu, Soyeon Kim, Joohee Lee, Hee-Young Hur
Membrane-based space energy collector: A conceptual study
Pages 8-13
F. Couceiro, P.V. Gamboa, J.M. Silva, A.D. Guerman

Ignition of fuel sprays by shock wave mathematical modeling and numerical simulation
Pages 14-29
N.N. Smirnov, V.B. Betelin, A.G. Kushnirenko, V.F. Nikitin, V.R. Dushin, V.A. Nerchenko
Electromagnetic shielding of thermal protection system for hypersonic vehicles
Pages 30-39
M. Albano, D. Micheli, G. Gradoni, R.B. Morles, M. Marchetti, F. Moglie, V. Mariani Primiani
A graph-theory approach to designing deployable mechanism of reflector antenna
Pages 40-47
C.M. Feng, T.S. Liu
Optimization of space system development resources
Pages 48-63
William J. Kosmann, Shahram Sarkani, Thomas Mazzuchi
Adaptive sliding mode control for six-DOF relative motion of spacecraft with input constraint
Pages 64-76
Jinjie Wu, Kun Liu, Dapeng Han
Ophthalmic changes and increased intracranial pressure associated with long duration spaceflight: An emerging understanding
Pages 77-87
Karina Marshall-Bowman, Michael R. Barratt, C. Robert Gibson
Regularized robust filter for attitude determination system with relative installation error of star trackers
Pages 88-95
Jiong-qi Wang, Zhang-ming He, Hai-yin Zhou, Yuan-yuan Jiao
Adaptive sparse grid quadrature filter for spacecraft relative navigation
Pages 96-106
Kwangyul Baek, Hyochoong Bang
On-orbit servicing system assessment and optimization methods based on lifecycle simulation under mixed aleatory and epistemic uncertainties
Pages 107-126
Wen Yao, Xiaoqian Chen, Yiyong Huang, Michel van Tooren
Design and implementation of the GPS subsystem for the Radio Aurora eXplorer
Pages 127-138
Sara C. Spangelo, Matthew W. Bennett, Daniel C. Meinzer, Andrew T. Klesh, Jessica A. Arlas, James W. Cutler
Person autonomy and voluntariness as important factors in motivation, decision making, and astronaut safety: First results from the Mars500 LODGEAD study
Pages 139-146
Bernadette van Baarsen
A method for determination of gamma-ray direction in space
Pages 147-152
Serkan Akkoyun
Mechanics of very long tethered systems
Pages 153-162
Pamela Woo, Arun K. Misra
Satellite reentry predictions for the Italian civil protection authorities
Pages 163-181
Luciano Anselmo, Carmen Pardini
BBM/EM design of the thermal hyperspectral imager: An instrument for remote sensing of earth's surface, atmosphere and ocean, from a microsatellite platform
Pages 182-192
Robert Wright, Paul Lucey, Sarah Crites, Keith Horton, Mark Wood, Harold Garbeil

Volume 86, Pages 1-246 (May–June 2013)

Development and verification of ground-based tele-robotics operations concept for Dextre

Pages 1-9
Sarmad Aziz

Autonomous navigation for a group of satellites with star sensors and inter-satellite links
Pages 10-23
Xiong Kai, Wei Chunling, Liu Liangdong
Back pain in space and post-flight spine injury: Mechanisms and countermeasure development
Pages 24-38
Jojo V. Sayson, Jeffrey Lotz, Scott Parazynski, Alan R. Hargens
Carbon dioxide removal system for closed loop atmosphere revitalization, candidate sorbents screening and test results
Pages 39-46
E.M. Mattox, J.C. Knox, D.M. Bardot
Project Icarus: Analysis of Plasma jet driven Magneto-Inertial Fusion as potential primary propulsion driver for the Icarus probe
Pages 47-54
M. Stanic, J.T. Cassibry, R.B. Adams
A novel single thruster control strategy for spacecraft attitude stabilization
Pages 55-67
Godard, Krishna Dev Kumar, An-Min Zou
Design of a 40/50 GHz satellite ground station for fade mitigation experiments
Pages 68-76
O. Koudelka, M. Schmidt, J. Ebert
ARCADE small-scale docking mechanism for micro-satellites
Pages 77-87
A. Boesso, A. Francesconi
A self-deploying and self-stabilizing helical antenna for small satellites
Pages 88-94
J. Block, A. Bäger, J. Behrens, T. Delovski, L.-C. Hauer, M. Schütze, R. Schütze, T. Spröwitz
Fuel optimum low-thrust elliptic transfer using numerical averaging
Pages 95-118
Zahi Tarzi, Jason Speyer, Richard Wirz
Autonomous optical navigation for orbits around Earth–Moon collinear libration points
Pages 119-125
Josep Virgili Llop
Validation on flight data of a closed-loop approach for GPS-based relative navigation of LEO satellites
Pages 126-135
U. Tancredi, A. Renga, M. Grassi
What should we say to extraterrestrial intelligence?: An analysis of responses to “Earth Speaks”
Pages 136-148
Douglas A. Vakoch, Timothy A. Lower, Britton A. Niles, Katrina A. Rast, Christopher DeCou
LETSGO: A spacecraft-based mission to accurately measure the solar angular momentum with frame-dragging
Pages 149-157
L. Iorio
Explaining public support for space exploration funding in America: A multivariate analysis
Pages 158-166
François Nadeau
Robust adaptive integrated translation and rotation control of a rigid spacecraft with control saturation and actuator misalignment
Pages 167-187
Feng Zhang, Guangren Duan
An improved approach for tank purge modeling
Pages 188-200
Jacob R. Roth, Sunil Chintalapati, Hector M. Gutierrez, Daniel R. Kirk
MAD with aliens? Interstellar deterrence and its implications
Pages 201-210
Janne M. Korhonen
Estimation of debris dispersion due to a space vehicle breakup during reentry
Pages 211-218
Mahmut Reyhanoglu, Juan Alvarado
Enabling technologies for space exploration systems: The STEPS project results and perspectives
Pages 219-236
Piero Messidoro, Maria Antonietta Perino, Dario Boggiatto
Diurnal change of MW and IR thermal emissions from lunar craters with relevance to rock abundance
Pages 237-246
Xiaohui Gong, Ya-Qiu Jin

Volume 85, Pages 1-168 (April–May 2013)

Combustion performance and scale effect from N2O/HTPB hybrid rocket motor simulations
Pages 1-11
Fanli Shan, Lingyun Hou, Ying Piao
Scouting the spectrum for interstellar travellers
Pages 12-18
Juan Carlos Garcia-Escartin, Pedro Chamorro-Posada

Vibrations of micro-beams actuated by an electric field via Parameter Expansion Method
Pages 19-24
Hamid M. Sedighi, Kourosh H. Shirazi

International Space Station as a base camp for exploration beyond low Earth orbit
Pages 25-32
Michael Raftery, Jeffrey Hoffman

An information fusion algorithm for integrated autonomous orbit determination of navigation satellites
Pages 33-40
Lin Shang, Guohua Liu, Rui Zhang, Guotong Li
Evaluation of Ir/Al2O3, Ir–Ru/Al2O3 and Ru/Al2O3 catalyst performance in a 5 N satellite thruster
Pages 41-50
J.B.F. Jofre, T.G. Soares Neto, F.F. Dias, G.M. Cruz
Active debris removal: Recent progress and current trends
Pages 51-60
Christophe Bonnal, Jean-Marc Ruault, Marie-Christine Desjean

Location selection and layout for LB10, a lunar base at the Lunar North Pole with a liquid mirror observatory
Pages 61-72
Emmanouil Detsis, Ondrej Doule, Aliakbar Ebrahimi
New insights on the orbital debris collision hazard at GEO
Pages 73-82
Darren S. McKnight, Frank R. Di Pentino
Spacecraft attitude control subsystem: Reliability, multi-state analyses, and comparative failure behavior in LEO and GEO
Pages 83-92
Jessica K. Wayer, Jean-Francois Castet, Joseph H. Saleh

An improved installation for control moment gyros and its applications on reconfiguration and singular escape
Pages 93-99
Zhang Jingrui, Jin Jin, Liu Zaozhen
Revisiting the general periodic relative motion in elliptic reference orbits
Pages 100-112
Jonghee Bae, Youdan Kim
Destructive materials thermal characteristics determination with application for spacecraft structures testing
Pages 113-119
O.M. Alifanov, S.A. Budnik, A.V. Nenarokomov, A.V. Netelev, D.M. Titov
Singularity analysis and steering control laws for adaptive-skew pyramid-type control moment gyros
Pages 120-137
Hirohisa Kojima
Super-capacitor energy storage for micro-satellites: Feasibility and potential mission applications
Pages 138-154
Tatsuo Shimizu, Craig Underwood
Can a pile of scrap unmask a new high technology? The A4/V-2 No V89 Bäckebo-torpeden
Pages 155-168
A. Ingemar Skoog

Volume 84, Pages 1-244 (March–April 2013)

Targeting low-energy transfers to low lunar orbit
Pages 1-14
Jeffrey S. Parker, Rodney L. Anderson

Enhancing ground communication of distributed space systems
Pages 15-23
P.P. Sundaramoorthy, E. Gill, C.J.M. Verhoeven

Bayesian framework for assessing the value of scientific space systems: Value of information approach with application to earth science spacecraft
Pages 24-35
Joy Brathwaite, Joseph H. Saleh
Refined dynamical analysis of multi-tethered satellite formations
Pages 36-48
Giulio Avanzini, Manrico Fedi
Mission design and analysis of European astrophysics missions orbiting libration points
Pages 49-55
Markus Landgraf, Florian Renk, Bram de Vogeleer

A process model of technology innovation in governmental agencies: Insights from NASA’s science directorate

Pages 56-68
Zoe Szajnfarber, Annalisa L. Weigel
Nonlinear effects in the correlation of tracks and covariance propagation
Pages 69-80
C. Sabol, K. Hill, K. Alfriend, T. Sukut
Effects of 45-day -6° head-down bed rest on the time-based prospective memory
Pages 81-87
SiYi Chen, RenLai Zhou, LiChao Xiu, ShanGuang Chen, XiaoPing Chen, Cheng Tan

Spacecraft attitude maneuver using two single-gimbal control moment gyros

Pages 88-98
Shinya Kasai, Hirohisa Kojima, Mitsunori Satoh

Equilibrium attitude and stability of a spacecraft on a stationary orbit around an asteroid
Pages 99-108
Yue Wang, Shijie Xu

Electrostatically inflated gossamer space structure voltage requirements due to orbital perturbations
Pages 109-121
Laura A. Stiles, Hanspeter Schaub, Kurt K. Maute, Daniel F. Moorer

Observing floods from space: Experience gained from COSMO-SkyMed observations
Pages 122-133
N. Pierdicca, L. Pulvirenti, M. Chini, L. Guerriero, L. Candela
Measured surface temperatures of the Hayabusa capsule during re-entry determined from ground observation
Pages 134-140
Stefan Löhle, Andreas Mezger, Hannes Fulge
Performance evaluation and parametric analysis on cantilevered ramp injector in supersonic flows
Pages 141-152
Wei Huang, Shi-bin Li, Li Yan, Zhen-guo Wang

Gravitation effect on a flux of sporadic micrometeoroids in the vicinity of near-Earth orbits
Pages 153-160
A.I. Nazarenko, I.V. Usovik
The first steps towards a de minimus, affordable NEA exploration architecture
Pages 161-172
Rob R. Landis, Paul A. Abell, Daniel R. Adamo, Brent W. Barbee, Lindley N. Johnson

An approach for autonomous space object identification based on normalized AMI and illumination invariant MSA
Pages 173-181
Hao Ding, Xudong Li, Huijie Zhao

Biobjective planning of an active debris removal mission

Pages 182-188
Dalal Madakat, Jérôme Morio, Daniel Vanderpooten

Gravity affects the responsiveness of Runx2 to 1, 25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 (VD3)
Pages 189-196
Feima Guo, Zhongquan Dai, Feng Wu, Zhaoxia Liu, Yingjun Tan, Yumin Wan, Peng Shang, Yinghui Li

Alternating magnetic field forces for satellite formation flying
Pages 197-205
Robert C. Youngquist, Mark A. Nurge, Stanley O. Starr
Effect of a drag force due to absorption of solar radiation on solar sail orbital dynamics
Pages 206-214
Roman Ya. Kezerashvili, Justin F. Vázquez-Poritz
Trajectory of spacecraft with photonic laser propulsion in the two-body problem
Pages 215-226
Fu-Yuen Hsiao, Tai-Hang Wang, Chi-Cheng Lee, Pin-Chu Yang, Hung-Chu Wei, Ping-Yen Tsai

Small carry-on impactor of Hayabusa2 mission
Pages 227-236
Takanao Saiki, Hirotaka Sawada, Chisato Okamoto, Hajime Yano, Yasuhiko Takagi, Yasuhiro Akahoshi, Makoto Yoshikawa

Effect of simulated microgravity on osteocytes responding to fluid shear stress
Pages 237-243
Xiao Yang, Lian-Wen Sun, Xin-Tong Wu, Xiao-Nan Wang, Yu-Bo Fan

Volume 83, Pages 1-294 (February–March 2013)
Evidence for scaling behavior of some oceanic characteristics according to surface and space observation data
Pages 1-5
E.A. Ilyushina, V.A. Evlanova, V.R. Dushin

Large-size message construction for ETI, Logical existence expressed in Lingua Cosmica

Pages 6-9
Alexander Ollongren, Douglas Vakoch
Design exploration for a single expansion ramp nozzle (SERN) using data mining
Pages 10-17
Wei Huang, Zhen-guo Wang, Derek B. Ingham, Lin Ma, Mohamed Pourkashanian
Exposure estimates for repair satellites at geosynchronous orbit
Pages 18-26
Francis F. Badavi

Deployable space manipulator commanded by means of visual-based guidance and navigation

Pages 27-43
Marco Sabatini, Riccardo Monti, Paolo Gasbarri, Giovanni Palmerini

Control analysis of an underactuated spacecraft under disturbance

Pages 44-53
Dongxia Wang, Yinghong Jia, Lei Jin, Shijie Xu
Can solar sails be used to test fundamental physics?
Pages 54-64
Roman Ya. Kezerashvili, Justin F. Vázquez-Poritz
Adaptive and robust algorithms and tests for visual-based navigation of a space robotic manipulator
Pages 65-84
Marco Sabatini, Riccardo Monti, Paolo Gasbarri, Giovanni B. Palmerini

Photonic spin control for solar wind electric sail

Pages 85-90
Pekka Janhunen
Ignition delay time in swirling supersonic flow

Pages 91-96
A.M. Tahsini
On the capabilities of nano electrokinetic thrusters for space propulsion

Pages 97-107
F.J. Diez, G. Hernaiz, J.J. Miranda, M. Sureda

Optimal reconfigurations of two-craft Coulomb formations along manifolds
Pages 108-118
Drew R. Jones, Hanspeter Schaub
On the global geodetic observing system: Africa's preparedness and challenges
Pages 119-124
O.J. Botai, Ludwig Combrinck, C.J. Hannes Rautenbach
Discrete-time LQ optimal control of satellite formations in elliptical orbits based on feedback linearization
Pages 125-131
Yafei Li, Xiangdong Liu, Guangqian Xing
SEEDS–The international postgraduate master program for preparing young systems engineers for space exploration
Pages 132-144
Ernesto Vallerani, Gianfranco Chiocchia, Piero Messidoro, Maria Antonietta Perino, Nicole Viola

Collaborative gaming and competition for CS-STEM education using SPHERES Zero Robotics
Pages 145-174
Sreeja Nag, Jacob G. Katz, Alvar Saenz-Otero

Survey of convective blockage for planetary entries

Pages 175-195
Philippe Reynier
Differential drag spacecraft rendezvous using an adaptive Lyapunov control strategy
Pages 196-207
David Pérez, Riccardo Bevilacqua
Analytical solution for a single droplet diffusion combustion problem accounting for several chain reaction stages
Pages 208-215
V.V. Tyurenkova, N.N. Smirnov, V.M. Guendugov
Hypervelocity impact testing of advanced materials and structures for micrometeoroid and orbital debris shielding
Pages 216-231
Shannon Ryan, Eric L. Christiansen

Controller development of photo bioreactor for closed-loop regulation of O2 production based on ANN model reference control and computer simulation
Pages 232-238
Dawei Hu, Houkai Zhang, Rui Zhou, Ming Li, Yi Sun
Space assets for demining assistance
Pages 239-259
Michiel Kruijff, Daniel Eriksson, Thomas Bouvet, Alexander Griffiths, Matthew Craig, Hichem Sahli, Fernando Valcarce González-Rosón, Philippe Willekens, Amnon Ginati

Technological learning through international collaboration: Lessons from the field
Pages 260-272
Danielle Wood, Annalisa Weigel
Application of recursive Gibbs–Appell formulation in deriving the equations of motion of N-viscoelastic robotic manipulators in 3D space using Timoshenko Beam Theory
Pages 273-294
M.H. Korayem, A.M. Shafei

Volume 82, Issue 2, Pages 147-272 (February 2013)

7th IAA Symposium on Realistic Advanced Scientific Space Missions, Aosta, Italy, July 2011
Edited by Giancarlo Genta, Gregory Matloff, Les Johnson and Oleg Ventskovsky

Development priorities for in-space propulsion technologies
Pages 148-152
Les Johnson, Michael Meyer, Bryan Palaszewski, David Coote, Dan Goebel, Harold White
Project 242: Fission fragments direct heating for space propulsion—Programme synthesis and applications to space exploration
Pages 153-158
M Augelli, G F Bignami, G Genta
In-space nuclear propulsion
Pages 159-165
C. Bruno, C. Dujarric

Conceptual study of manned space transportation vehicle using laser thruster in combination with the H-II rocket

Pages 166-172
Yoshinari Minami, Shigeaki Uchida

Z-Pinch fusion-based nuclear propulsion
Pages 173-182
J. Miernik, G. Statham, L. Fabisinski, C.D. Maples, R. Adams, T. Polsgrove, S. Fincher, J. Cassibry, R. Cortez, M. Turner, T. Percy

Achievement of IKAROS — Japanese deep space solar sail demonstration mission
Pages 183-188
Yuichi Tsuda, Osamu Mori, Ryu Funase, Hirotaka Sawada, Takayuki Yamamoto, Takanao Saiki, Tatsuya Endo, Katsuhide Yonekura, Hirokazu Hoshino, Jun'ichiro Kawaguchi
Optimal solar sail transfer to linear trajectories
Pages 189-196
Alessandro A. Quarta, Giovanni Mengali

A graphical approach to electric sail mission design with radial thrust

Pages 197-208
Giovanni Mengali, Alessandro A. Quarta, Generoso Aliasi

Deflecting earth-threatening asteroids using the solar collector: An improved model
Pages 209-214
Gregory L. Matloff
Field propulsion systems for space travel
Pages 215-220
Yoshinari Minami, Takaaki Musha
Towards the Artsutanov's dream of the space elevator: The ultimate design of a 35 GPa strong tether thanks to graphene
Pages 221-224
Nicola M. Pugno
Dyson Dots: Changing the solar constant to a variable with photovoltaic lightsails
Pages 225-237
Robert G. Kennedy III, Kenneth I. Roy, David E. Fields
Shell worlds
Pages 238-245
Kenneth I. Roy, Robert G. Kennedy III, David E. Fields

Galactic Internet made possible by star gravitational lensing
Pages 246-250
Claudio Maccone
Interplanetary radio transmission through serial ionospheric and material barriers
Pages 251-256
David E. Fields, Robert G. Kennedy, Kenneth I. Roy, Bogdan Vacaliuc

An innovative nanophotonic information processing concept implementing cogent micro/nanosensors for space robotics
Pages 257-262
Salvatore Santoli

Solar sail elastic displacement effects on interplanetary trajectories

Pages 263-272
T. Ingrassia, V. Faccin, A. Bolle, C. Circi, S. Sgubini

Volume 81, Issue 2, Pages 403-674 (December 2012)
Page 403
Jeng-Shing Chern
A global geographical survey of received signal strength in the VHF band
Pages 404-410
J. van Zyl, J.G. Lochner
Combining solar science and asteroid science with the space weather observation network (SWON)
Pages 411-418
Volker Maiwald, André Weiß, Frank Jansen

Plastic Cubesat: An innovative and low-cost way to perform applied space research and hands-on education
Pages 419-429
Jacopo Piattoni, Gian Paolo Candini, Giulio Pezzi, Fabio Santoni, Fabrizio Piergentili
Changes in urine protein composition in human organism during long term space flights
Pages 430-434
L.Kh. Pastushkova, O.A. Valeeva, A.S. Kononikhin, E.N. Nikolaev, I.M. Larina, I.V. Dobrokhotov, I.A. Popov, V.I. Pochuev, K.S. Kireev, A.I. Grigoriev
Application of a Multiple Hypothesis Filter to near GEO high area-to-mass ratio space objects state estimation
Pages 435-444
Thomas Kelecy, Moriba Jah, Kyle DeMars
Robust decentralized attitude control of spacecraft formations under time-varying topologies, model uncertainties and disturbances
Pages 445-455
Haizhao Liang, Zhaowei Sun, Jianying Wang
Evolution of the out-of-plane amplitude for quasi-periodic trajectories in the Earth–Moon system
Pages 456-465
Thomas A. Pavlak, Kathleen C. Howell
The new approach for damping modelling in the coupled dynamic load analysis for the Ariane 5 acoustic booster mode load cases
Pages 466-477
Andreas Rittweger, Stephane Muller, Jean-Francois Durand
Invited Pesek lecture: Exploration rather than speculation–assembling the puzzle of potential life beyond Earth
Pages 478-483
Martin Dominik
Evaluating research for disruptive innovation in the space sector
Pages 484-498
L. Summerer
Nasa's Experiences Enabling the Capture and Sharing of Technical Expertise Through Communities of Practice
Pages 499-511
Daria E. Topousis, Cornelius J. Dennehy, Kenneth L. Lebsock
Particle filter using a new resampling approach applied to LEO satellite autonomous orbit determination with a magnetometer

Pages 512-522
Jinjie Wu, Kun Liu, Jingbo Wei, Dapeng Han, Junhua Xiang
Capturing near-Earth asteroids around Earth
Pages 523-531
Zaki Hasnain, Christopher A. Lamb, Shane D. Ross

Experimental hypervelocity impacts: Implication for the analysis of material retrieved after exposure to space environment: Part I. Impacts on aluminium targets
Pages 532-544
Jean-Claude Mandeville, Jean-Marie Perrin, Loïc Vidal
Structural design and static analysis of a double-ring deployable truss for mesh antennas
Pages 545-554
Yan Xu, Fuling Guan, Jianjun Chen, Yao Zheng
Development and evaluation of bioregenerative menus for Mars habitat missions
Pages 555-562
Maya R. Cooper, Patricia Catauro, Michele Perchonok

Thermo-electro-hydrodynamic instabilities in a dielectric liquid under microgravity

Pages 563-569
Satish V. Malik, Harunori N. Yoshikawa, Olivier Crumeyrolle, Innocent Mutabazi
Recent advance on design and manufacturing of composite anisogrid structures for space launchers
Pages 570-577
G. Totaro, F. De Nicola
Satellite broadcast usage and life test of high power S-band Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers
Pages 578-586
Ernst Bosch, Robert D. Briskman, Joseph V. Foust, Karl-Heinz Huebner, Robert Strauss
Future perspectives on space psychology: Recommendations on psychosocial and neurobehavioural aspects of human spaceflight
Pages 587-599
Gabriel G. De La Torre, Berna van Baarsen, Fabio Ferlazzo, Nick Kanas, Karine Weiss, Stefan Schneider, Iya Whiteley
Decadal opportunities for space architects
Pages 600-609
Brent Sherwood
CNES solution for a reusable payload ground segment
Pages 610-622
Grégory Pradels, Julien Baroukh, Olivier Queyrut, Arnaud Sellé, Jean-Christophe Malapert
Artificial satellites orbits in 2:1 resonance: GPS constellation
Pages 623-634
J.C. Sampaio, A.G.S. Neto, S.S. Fernandes, R. Vilhena de Moraes, M.O. Terra

Compensation of gravitational attraction disturbance to pure gravity orbit for Inner Formation Flying System
Pages 635-644
Zhenfeng Gu, Zhaokui Wang, Yulin Zhang
Parameters design of vibration isolation platform for control moment gyroscopes

Pages 645-659
Zhang Yao, Zhang Jingrui, Xu Shijie
The modal analysis and modal behavior investigations on the wrinkled membrane inflated beam
Pages 660-666
Changguo Wang, Jun Xie, Huifeng Tan

A thrust formula for an MPD thruster with applied-magnetic field
Pages 667-674
M. Coletti

-------  Archives --------

Acta Astronautica Volume 69, Issues 5-6, Pages 235-354, September/October 2011




Pseudogap, quantum harmonic oscillation and confinement in high-temperature superconductors   Original Research Article

Pages 235-239
H.P. Roeser, D.T. Haslam, J.S. López, M. Stepper, F.M. Huber, M.F. von Schoenermark, A.S. Nikoghosyan





High versus low crewmember autonomy during a 105-day Mars simulation mission   Original Research Article

Pages 240-244
Nick Kanas, Matthew Harris, Thomas Neylan, Jennifer Boyd, Daniel S. Weiss, Colleen Cook, Stephanie Saylor





A ballistic limit analysis programme for shielding against micrometeoroids and orbital debris   Original Research Article

Pages 245-257
S. Ryan, E.L. Christiansen





Integration of modeling and simulation of warm pressurization and feed systems of liquid propulsion systems   Original Research Article

Pages 258-265
Hassan Karimi, Amir Nassirharand, Amir Zanj





Simplified scenario for manned Mars missions   Original Research Article

Pages 266-279
Jean Marc Salotti





Robust decentralized coordinated attitude control of spacecraft formation   Original Research Article

Pages 280-288
Haizhao Liang, Jianying Wang, Zhaowei Sun





Numerical simulation of HTPB combustion in a 2D hybrid slab combustor   Original Research Article

Pages 289-296
Gabriela Gariani, Filippo Maggi, Luciano Galfetti





Radiometric considerations for the detection of space debris with an optical sensor in LEO as a secondary goal of the AsteroidFinder mission   Original Research Article

Pages 297-306
U. Krutz, H. Jahn, E. Kührt, S. Mottola, P. Spietz





Vibration suppression and adaptive-robust control of a smart flexible satellite with three axes maneuvering   Original Research Article

Pages 307-322
M. Azadi, S.A. Fazelzadeh, M. Eghtesad, E. Azadi





Thermal analysis of a reflective baffle designed for space applications   Original Research Article

Pages 323-334
T. Beck, B.S. Lüthi, G. Messina, D. Piazza, K. Seiferlin, N. Thomas





Space activities in 2009/2010   Original Research Article

Pages 335-345
Spyros Pagkratis





Comparing future options for human space flight   Original Research Article

Pages 346-353
Brent Sherwood


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Year 2008

Year 2007

Year 2009

Volume 64, Issues 9-10,  Pages 833-1014 (May-June 2009)

 1. Deployment history and design considerations for space reactor power systems

Pages 833-849

Mohamed S. El-Genk 

 2. Sounding rocket developments in Spain

Pages 850-863

Pedro Sanz-Aránguez, Julián Simón Calero

 3. Executive function on the 16-day of bed rest in young healthy men

Pages 864-868

Yuko Ishizaki, Hideoki Fukuoka, Hidetaka Tanaka, Tatsuro Ishizaki, Yuri Fujii, Yuko Hattori-Uchida, Minako Nakamura, Kaoru Ohkawa, Hodaka Kobayashi, Shoichiro Taniuchi, Kazunari Kaneko

 4. Dextre: Improving maintenance operations on the International Space Station

Pages 869-874

Elliott Coleshill, Layi Oshinowo, Richard Rembala, Bardia Bina, Daniel Rey, Shelley Sindelar

 5. Field emission performance of multiwalled carbon nanotubes for a low-power spacecraft neutraliser

Pages 875-881

K.L. Aplin, B.J. Kent, W. Song, C. Castelli

 6. Qualification and in-flight demonstration of a European tether deployment system on YES2

Pages 882-905

Michiel Kruijff, Erik J. van der Heide

 7. Embedded algorithms for the SS-411 digital sun sensor

Pages 906-924

John Enright, Doug Sinclair, Chris Li

 8. Design of a high performance suspension for lunar rover based on evolution

Pages 925-934

Baichao Chen, Rongben Wang, Yang Jia, Lie Guo, Lu Yang

 9. Singularity avoidance of control moment gyros by one-step ahead singularity index

Pages 935-945

Henzeh Leeghim, Hyochoong Bang, Jong-Oh Park

 10. Ground assisted rendezvous with geosynchronous satellites for the disposal of space debris by means of Earth-oriented tethers

Pages 946-951

Vladimir Chobotov, Nahum Melamed, William H. Ailor, W. Spencer Campbell

 11. Generation of experimental plasma parameter maps around the baffle aperture of a Kaufman (UK-25) ion thruster

Pages 952-968

David J. Milligan, Stephen B. Gabriel

 12. On an analytical model of the aerothermodynamics of fluid–structure interaction

Pages 969-978

L.M.B.C. Campos

 13. Electric propulsion plasma plume interaction with “Phobos-Soil” spacecraft structural components

Pages 979-987

Andrey B. Nadiradze, Vladimir A. Obukhov, Garri A. Popov 

 14. Image compression systems on board satellites

Pages 988-1005

Guoxia Yu, Tanya Vladimirova, Martin N. Sweeting

 15. Use the water: In-situ resource technology for icy-surface landers

Pages 1006-1010

Sanjoy M. Som, Zachary R. Adam, Steve Vance

 16. Oxygen deficiency structure in iron-based high temperature superconductor GdFeAsO1−δ

Pages 1011-1013

H.P. Roeser, P. Leschinski, F.M. Huber, M.F. von Schoenermark, A.S. Nikoghosyan, M. Toberman



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