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IAA Academy Day Jerusalem 2015 Print
International Academy of Astronautics

Academy Day

International Academy of Astronautics (IAA)

Jerusalem, Israel, Sunday October 11, 2015

IAA Plenary Session - Open Meeting
Crowne Plaza Jerusalem Hotel Room B

09h00    Welcome Address, Madhavan Nair, President International Academy of Astronautics

09h10    Laurels for Team Achievements Introduction, Dr. Charles Elachi, USA (TBC)

09h15    Laurels for Team Achievement Lecture: Philae team, which conducted the first-ever trajectory development for a ballistic comet landing, the first on-comet operations, and the first cometary in-situ science collection.  International cooperation was essential for the success of this remarkable mission.

10h15    The future of ESA and its programs, Prof. Johann-Dietrich Woerner, Director General ESA

10h45    IAA Summit on Climate Change and Disaster Management, Dr. Jean-Yves Le Gall, President CNES, France, IAA

11h15    Round Table of Heads of Space Agencies on Climate Change and Disaster Management: Prof. Isaac Ben Israel, ISA - Israel, Dr. Jean-Yves Le Gall, CNES - France, Dr. Johann-Dietrich Woerner, ESA - Europe, Dr. Seidu Oneilo Mohammed, NASRDA - Nigeria, Dr. Gerrit Nieuwpoort, NSO - Netherlands, Dr. Marius-Ioan Piso, ROSA - Romania, Dr. Francisco Mendieta-Jimenez, MSA - Mexico.
Moderator: Dr. Madhavan Nair

12h15    IAA Luncheon (Crowne Plaza Hotel Ballroom A  In advance registration required)

IAA Restricted Session (Crowne Plaza Jerusalem Hotel, Ballroom B)

13h30    General Meeting of the Academy (Meeting access restricted to IAA members and Corresponding Members)

IAA Plenary Session - Open Meeting
Crowne Plaza Jerusalem Hotel Ballroom B

Moderator: Dr. Claudio Maccone

14h40    Welcome Address, Anatoly Perminov, Vice-President Scientific Activities

14h45    SG 4.16 The Applications of Micro-Satellites and Cube-Sats to Planetary Science and Exploration Missions, Dr. Leon Alkalai

15h15    SG 2.13 Space Life Sciences, Physiology and Medicine in the Exploration Era: The IAA Virtual Institute of Space Life Sciences, Physiology and Medicine, Dr. Rupert Gerzer

15h45    SG 2.8 e-Learning, education content sharing; Technical and legal issues in space Life sciences, Dr. Chrysoula Kourtidou-Papadeli

16h15    SG 3.14 Public/Private Human Access to Space - Vol. 2 - Earth Orbit and beyond, Mr. Ken Davidian

16h45     SG 4.21 Distributed, Networked, Smart, Cooperating Small Satellite Formations, Dr. Klaus Schilling

17h15    SG 4.17 Space Systems for Biomedical Research, Dr. Chantal Cappelletti

17h45    Adjourn Plenary Session

18h30-22h Reception and Dinner, Induction Ceremony of Newly Elected IAA members, Ballroom AB
(In advance registration required, restricted to IAA members and Corresponding Members and their guests)

To register to the IAA dinner, please contact the IAA Office before September 28, 2015 deadline (Dinner Registration is now closed).

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