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Acta Astronautica
Volume 129, Pages 1-488, December 2016

Experimental investigation on the combustion characteristics of aluminum in air
   Original Research Article
Pages 1-7
Yunchao Feng, Zhixun Xia, Liya Huang, Xiaoting Yan

A simplified computational fluid-dynamic approach to the oxidizer injector design in hybrid rockets    Original Research Article
Pages 8-21
Giuseppe D. Di Martino, Paolo Malgieri, Carmine Carmicino, Raffaele Savino
Study of the disturbances effect on small satellite route tracking accuracy    Original Research Article
Pages 22-31
Y.V. Mashtakov, M.Yu. Ovchinnikov, S.S. Tkachev
Spacecraft relative guidance via spatio-temporal resolution in atmospheric density forecasting    Original Research Article
Pages 32-43
David Guglielmo, David Pérez, Riccardo Bevilacqua, Leonel Mazal
Effect of combustor geometry and fuel injection scheme on the combustion process in a supersonic flow   
Pages 44-51
Zun Cai, Zhenguo Wang, Mingbo Sun, Xue-Song Bai
Small satellite attitude determination during plasma brake deorbiting experiment    Original Research Article
Pages 52-58
Osama Khurshid, Jorma Selkäinaho, Halil Ersin Soken, Esa Kallio, Arto Visala
Large eddy simulation of combustion instability in a tripropellant air heater    Original Research Article
Pages 59-73
Lei Yuan, Chibing Shen
Experimental study on the operation characteristics of aluminum powder fueled ramjet    Original Research Article
Pages 74-81
Chao Li, Chunbo Hu, Xin Xin, Yue Li, Haijun Sun
Thermodynamic model of Mars Oxygen ISRU Experiment (MOXIE)    Original Research Article
Pages 82-87
Forrest E. Meyen, Michael H. Hecht, Jeffrey A. Hoffman, the MOXIE Team
Influence of the thermo-electric coupling on the heat transfer in cylindrical annulus with a dielectric fluid under microgravity    Original Research Article
Pages 88-94
Vadim Travnikov, Olivier Crumeyrolle, Innocent Mutabazi
Experimental investigation on drag and heat flux reduction in supersonic/hypersonic flows: A survey    Review Article
Pages 95-110
Zhen-guo Wang, Xi-wan Sun, Wei Huang, Shi-bin Li, Li Yan
Numerical investigation of scale effect of various injection diameters on interaction in cold kerosene-fueled supersonic flow    Original Research Article
Pages 111-120
Lin Zhu, Yin-Yin Qi, Wei-Lai Liu, Bao-Jian Xu, Jia-Ru Ge, Xiang-Chun Xuan, Tien-Chien Jen
Climate engineering and space    Original Research Article
Pages 121-129
K.-U. Schrogl, L. Summerer
Education and outreach using the falcon telescope network    Original Research Article
Pages 130-134
Kimberlee C. Gresham, Christopher Palma, Daniel E. Polsgrove, Francis K. Chun, Devin J. Della-Rose, Roger D. Tippets
Nonlinear dynamic characteristic analysis of jointed beam with clearance    Original Research Article
Pages 135-146
Jing Zhang, Hong-Wei Guo, Rong-Qiang Liu, Juan Wu, Zi-Ming Kou, Zong-Quan Deng
Agglomerates, smoke oxide particles, and carbon inclusions in condensed combustion products of an aluminized GAP-based propellant    Original Research Article
Pages 147-153
Wen Ao, Peijin Liu, Wenjing Yang
Galactic cosmic rays dose mitigation inside a spacecraft by a superconductor “compact” toroid: A FLUKA Monte Carlo study    Review Article
Pages 154-160
P.R. Dicarolo
Mixing characteristics of a transverse jet injection into supersonic crossflows through an expansion wall    Original Research Article
Pages 161-173
Chaoyang Liu, Zhenguo Wang, Hongbo Wang, Mingbo Sun
Quaternion frames and fractal surface as tools to control orientation of a spacecraft    Original Research Article
Pages 174-178
Alexander P. Yefremov
Phase tracking for pulsar navigation with Doppler frequency    Original Research Article
Pages 179-185
Zhang Xinyuan, Shuai Ping, Huang Liangwei
Simulated microgravity alters the expression of cytoskeleton- and ATP-binding-related genes in MLO-Y4 osteocytes    Original Research Article
Pages 186-192
Zhihao Chen, Fan Zhao, Yiduo Qi, Lifang Hu, Dijie Li, Chong Yin, Peihong Su, Yan Zhang, Jianhua Ma, Jing Qian, Hongpo Zhou, Yiwei Zou, Airong Qian
Impact of communication delays to and from the International Space Station on self-reported individual and team behavior and performance: A mixed-methods study    Original Research Article
Pages 193-200
Natalie M. Kintz, Chih-Ping Chou, William B. Vessey, Lauren B. Leveton, Lawrence A. Palinkas
Effects of nonuniform Mach-number entrance on scramjet nozzle flowfield and performance    Original Research Article
Pages 201-210
Pu Zhang, Jinglei Xu, Zhibin Quan, Jianwei Mo
Jet engine with electromagnetic field excitation of expendable solid-state material   
Pages 211-213
O.Yu. Tsybin, S.B. Makarov, O.N. Ostapenko
Modeling and testing of a tube-in-tube separation mechanism of bodies in space    Original Research Article
Pages 214-222
Dan Michaels, Alon Gany
Who dares to join a parabolic flight?    Original Research Article
Pages 223-228
Christian Montag, Tina Zander, Stefan Schneider
Validated simulator for space debris removal with nets and other flexible tethers applications   
Pages 229-240
Wojciech Gołębiowski, Rafał Michalczyk, Michał Dyrek, Umberto Battista, Kjetil Wormnes
Assessment of the modified rotation/curvature correction SST turbulence model for simulating swirling reacting unsteady flows in a solid-fuel ramjet engine    Original Research Article
Pages 241-252
Omer Musa, Chen Xiong, Zhou Changsheng, Gong Lunkun
Three-dimensional deployment of electro-dynamic tether via tension and current control with constraints    Original Research Article
Pages 253-259
Hao Wen, Dongping Jin, Haiyan Hu
Combustion oscillation study in a kerosene fueled rocket-based combined-cycle engine combustor    Original Research Article
Pages 260-270
Zhi-Wei Huang, Guo-Qiang He, Fei Qin, Rui Xue, Xiang-Geng Wei, Lei Shi
Hydromagnetic couple-stress nanofluid flow over a moving convective wall: OHAM analysis    Original Research Article
Pages 271-276
M. Awais, S. Saleem, T. Hayat, S. Irum
The AMADEE-15 Mars simulation    Original Research Article
Pages 277-290
Gernot Groemer, Anna Losiak, Alexander Soucek, Clemens Plank, Laura Zanardini, Nina Sejkora, Sebastian Sams
Simplified spacecraft vulnerability assessments at component level in early design phase at the European Space Agency's Concurrent Design Facility    Original Research Article
Pages 291-298
Scott Kempf, Frank K. Schäfer, Tiziana Cardone, Ivo Ferreira, Sam Gerené, Roberto Destefanis, Lilith Grassi
In-orbit assembly mission for the Space Solar Power Station    Original Research Article
Pages 299-308
ZhengAi Cheng, Xinbin Hou, Xinghua Zhang, Lu Zhou, Jifeng Guo, Chunlin Song
Modeling of gas ionization and plasma flow in ablative pulsed plasma thrusters    Original Research Article
Pages 309-315
Tiankun Huang, Zhiwen Wu, Xiangyang Liu, Kan Xie, Ningfei Wang, Yue Cheng
Project Dragonfly: A feasibility study of interstellar travel using laser-powered light sail propulsion    Original Research Article
Pages 316-324
Nikolaos Perakis, Lukas E. Schrenk, Johannes Gutsmiedl, Artur Koop, Martin J. Losekamm
A new Ballistic Limit Equation for thin tape tethers    Original Research Article
Pages 325-334
A. Francesconi, C. Giacomuzzo, L. Bettiol, E. Lorenzini
Aerodynamic and engineering design of a 1.5 s high quality microgravity drop tower facility    Original Research Article
Pages 335-344
Valentin Belser, Jakob Breuninger, Matthew Reilly, René Laufer, Michael Dropmann, Georg Herdrich, Truell Hyde, Hans-Peter Röser, Stefanos Fasoulas
Some considerations on the vibrational environment of the DSC-DCMIX1 experiment onboard ISS    Original Research Article
Pages 345-356
R. Jurado, Jna. Gavaldà, M.J. Simón, J. Pallarés, A. Laverón-Simavilla, X. Ruiz, V. Shevtsova
Numerical investigation of combustion field of hypervelocity scramjet engine    Original Research Article
Pages 357-366
Shikong Zhang, Jiang Li, Fei Qin, Zhiwei Huang, Rui Xue
Experimental investigation of the catalytic decomposition and combustion characteristics of a non-toxic ammonium dinitramide (ADN)-based monopropellant thruster    Original Research Article
Pages 367-373
Jun Chen, Guoxiu Li, Tao Zhang, Meng Wang, Yusong Yu
A new geometric guidance approach to spacecraft near-distance rendezvous problem    Original Research Article
Pages 374-383
Yunhe Meng, Qifeng Chen, Qing Ni
High energy density soft X-ray momentum coupling to comet analogs for NEO mitigation    Original Research Article
Pages 384-388
J.L. Remo, R.J. Lawrence, S.B. Jacobsen, M.D. Furnish
The effects of oblateness and solar radiation pressure on halo orbits in the photogravitational Sun-Earth system    Original Research Article
Pages 389-399
Vineet K. Srivastava, Jai Kumar, Badam Singh Kushvah
Small-scale effects on the free vibrational behavior of embedded viscoelastic double-nanoplate-systems under thermal environment    Original Research Article
Pages 400-409
M. Hosseini, A. Jamalpoor, M. Bahreman
Mission concept and autonomy considerations for active Debris removal    Original Research Article
Pages 410-418
Susanne Peters, Christoph Pirzkall, Hauke Fiedler, Roger Förstner
Free convective heat transfer of MHD Cu-kerosene nanofluid over a cone with temperature dependent viscosity    Original Research Article
Pages 419-428
C.S.K. Raju, N. Sandeep, A. Malvandi
A hypersonic aeroheating calculation method based on inviscid outer edge of boundary layer parameters    Original Research Article
Pages 429-437
ZhuXuan Meng, Hu Fan, Ke Peng, WeiHua Zhang, HuiXin Yang
Long-term prospects: Mitigation of supernova and gamma-ray burst threat to intelligent beings    Original Research Article
Pages 438-446
Milan M. Ćirković, Branislav Vukotić
Fundamentals of the route theory for satellite constellation design for Earth discontinuous coverage. Part 3: Low-cost Earth observation with minimal satellite swath    Original Research Article
Pages 447-458
Yury N. Razoumny
Fundamentals of the route theory for satellite constellation design for Earth discontinuous coverage. Part 4: Compound satellite structures on orbits with synchronized nodal regression    Original Research Article
Pages 459-465
Yury N. Razoumny
Leadership for long-duration space missions: A shift toward a collective approach    Original Research Article
Pages 466-476
Tyler Mulhearn, Tristan McIntosh, Carter Gibson, Michael D. Mumford, Francis J. Yammarino, Shane Connelly, Eric Anthony Day, Brandon Vessey
Planning for long-duration space exploration: Interviews with NASA subject matter experts    Original Research Article
Pages 477-487
Tristan McIntosh, Tyler Mulhearn, Carter Gibson, Michael D. Mumford, Francis J. Yammarino, Shane Connelly, Eric A. Day, William B. Vessey

Acta Astronautica
Volume 127 ,  Pages 1-710, October–November 2016
Volume magnetization for system-level testing of magnetic materials within small satellites   Original Research Article
Pages 1-12
David T. Gerhardt, Scott E. Palo
Thermal–structural analysis of the platelet heat-pipe-cooled leading edge of hypersonic vehicle   Original Research Article
Pages 13-19
Liu Hongpeng, Liu Weiqiang
Deployable Pipe-Z   Original Research Article
Pages 20-30
Machi Zawidzki
Constrained spacecraft reorientation using mixed integer convex programming   Original Research Article
Pages 31-40
Margaret Tam, E. Glenn Lightsey
Thermal behavior in the cracking reaction zone of scramjet cooling channels at different channel aspect ratios   Original Research Article
Pages 41-56
Silong Zhang, Yu Feng, Yuguang Jiang, Jiang Qin, Wen Bao, Jiecai Han, Oskar J. Haidn
Decentralized adaptive sliding mode control for beam synchronization of tethered InSAR system   Original Research Article
Pages 57-66
Jinxiu Zhang, Zhigang Zhang, Baolin Wu
Adaptive sliding mode control of tethered satellite deployment with input limitation   Original Research Article
Pages 67-75
Zhiqiang Ma, Guanghui Sun
Application of a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm to the spacecraft stationkeeping problem   Original Research Article
Pages 76-86
Philip L. Myers, David B. Spencer
Results of the attitude reconstruction for the UniSat-6 microsatellite using in-orbit data   Original Research Article
Pages 87-94
Simone Battistini, Chantal Cappelletti, Filippo Graziani
A contribution to the definition of a new method to predict the catastrophic disintegration of spacecraft after collision with large orbital debris   Original Research Article
Pages 95-102
M. Zaccariotto, A. Francesconi, U. Galvanetto
The NEOTωIST mission (Near-Earth Object Transfer of angular momentum spin test)   Original Research Article
Pages 103-111
Line Drube, Alan W. Harris, Kilian Engel, Albert Falke, Ulrich Johann, Siegfried Eggl, Juan L. Cano, Javier Martín Ávila, Stephen R. Schwartz, Patrick Michel
Experimental investigation on combustion performance of cavity-strut injection of supercritical kerosene in supersonic model combustor   Original Research Article
Pages 112-119
Ming-bo Sun, Zhan Zhong, Jian-han Liang, Hong-bo Wang
Research on the drag reduction performance induced by the counterflowing jet for waverider with variable blunt radii   Original Research Article
Pages 120-130
Shi-bin Li, Zhen-guo Wang, George N. Barakos, Wei Huang, Rene Steijl
Line-of-sight based formation keeping and attitude control of two spacecraft   Original Research Article
Pages 131-140
Rakesh R Warier, Arpita Sinha, Srikant Sukumar
Dynamic modelling and stability parametric analysis of a flexible spacecraft with fuel slosh   Original Research Article
Pages 141-159
Paolo Gasbarri, Marco Sabatini, Andrea Pisculli
Effects of micro-ramp on transverse jet in supersonic crossflow   Original Research Article
Pages 160-170
Yujie Zhang, Weidong Liu, Bo Wang, Mingbo Sun
Thermal effect on the dynamic response of axially functionally graded beam subjected to a moving harmonic load   Original Research Article
Pages 171-181
Yuewu Wang, Dafang Wu
Numerical analysis of flow features and operation characteristics of a rocket-based combined-cycle inlet in ejector mode   Original Research Article
Pages 182-196
Lei Shi, Xiaowei Liu, Guoqiang He, Fei Qin, Xianggeng Wei, Bin Yang, Jie Liu
Combustion-based power source for Venus surface missions   Original Research Article
Pages 197-208
Timothy F. Miller, Michael V. Paul, Steven R. Oleson
Numerical investigation of hypersonic flat-plate boundary layer transition mechanism induced by different roughness shapes   Original Research Article
Pages 209-218
Yunlong Zhou, Yunfei Zhao, Dan Xu, Zhenxia Chai, Wei Liu
Circular revisit orbits design for responsive mission over a single target   Original Research Article
Pages 219-225
Taibo Li, Junhua Xiang, Zhaokui Wang, Yulin Zhang
Robust optimal sun-pointing control of a large solar power satellite   Original Research Article
Pages 226-234
Shunan Wu, Kaiming Zhang, Haijun Peng, Zhigang Wu, Gianmarco Radice
Robust, affordable, semi-direct Mars mission   Original Research Article
Pages 235-248
Jean-Marc Salotti
Effects of self-pulsation on the spray characteristics of gas–liquid swirl coaxial injector   Original Research Article
Pages 249-259
Zhongtao Kang, Qinglian Li, Peng Cheng, Xinqiao Zhang, Zhen-guo Wang
Application of particle damper on electronic packages for spacecraft   Original Research Article
Pages 260-270
P. Veeramuthuvel, K. Shankar, K.K. Sairajan
Toward a new spacecraft optimal design lifetime? Impact of marginal cost of durability and reduced launch price   Original Research Article
Pages 271-282
Kailah B. Snelgrove, Joseph Homer Saleh
Fast estimation of space-robots inertia parameters: A modular mathematical formulation   Original Research Article
Pages 283-295
Seyed Yaser Nabavi Chashmi, Seyed Mohammad-Bagher Malaek
Minimum-fuel station-change for geostationary satellites using low-thrust considering perturbations   Original Research Article
Pages 296-307
ShuGe Zhao, JingRui Zhang
Site selection and traverse planning to support a lunar polar rover mission: A case study at Haworth Crater   Original Research Article
Pages 308-320
Jennifer L. Heldmann, Anthony Colaprete, Richard C. Elphic, Ben Bussey, Andrew McGovern, Ross Beyer, David Lees, Matt Deans
Numerical investigation and optimization on mixing enhancement factors in supersonic jet-to-crossflow flow fields   Original Research Article
Pages 321-325
Li Yan, Wei Huang, Hao Li, Tian-tian Zhang
Large eddy simulation of combustion characteristics in a kerosene fueled rocket-based combined-cycle engine combustor   Original Research Article
Pages 326-334
Zhi-wei Huang, Guo-qiang He, Fei Qin, Dong-gang Cao, Xiang-geng Wei, Lei Shi
Feasibility of a low-cost sounding rockoon platform   Original Research Article
Pages 335-344
Adam Okninski, Daniel Sors Raurell, Alberto Rodriguez Mitre
Post-launch analysis of the deployment dynamics of a space web sounding rocket experiment   Original Research Article
Pages 345-358
Huina Mao, Thomas Sinn, Massimiliano Vasile, Gunnar Tibert
Thrust vector control of upper stage with a gimbaled thruster during orbit transfer   Original Research Article
Pages 359-366
Zhaohui Wang, Yinghong Jia, Lei Jin, Jiajia Duan
Polar constellations design for discontinuous coverage   Original Research Article
Pages 367-374
Salvatore Sarno, Maria Daniela Graziano, Marco D’Errico
The hybrid RANS/LES of partially premixed supersonic combustion using G/Z flamelet model   Original Research Article
Pages 375-383
Jinshui Wu, Zhenguo Wang, Xuesong Bai, Mingbo Sun, Hongbo Wang
Numerical investigation on the regression rate of hybrid rocket motor with star swirl fuel grain   Original Research Article
Pages 384-393
Shuai Zhang, Fan Hu, Weihua Zhang
ESA's billion star surveyor – Flight operations experience from Gaia's first 1.5 Years   
Pages 394-403
D. Milligan, A. Rudolph, G. Whitehead, T. Loureiro, E. Serpell, F. di Marco, J. Marie, E. Ecale
On small satellites for oceanography: A survey   Review Article
Pages 404-423
André G.C. Guerra, Frederico Francisco, Jaime Villate, Fernando Aguado Agelet, Orfeu Bertolami, Kanna Rajan
Resistance forces during boulder extraction from an asteroid   Original Research Article
Pages 424-437
Anton V. Kulchitsky, Jerome B. Johnson, David M. Reeves
A novel laser ablation plasma thruster with electromagnetic acceleration   Original Research Article
Pages 438-447
Yu Zhang, Daixian Zhang, Jianjun Wu, Zhen He, Hua Zhang
RemoveDEBRIS: An in-orbit active debris removal demonstration mission   Original Research Article
Pages 448-463
Jason L. Forshaw, Guglielmo S. Aglietti, Nimal Navarathinam, Haval Kadhem, Thierry Salmon, Aurélien Pisseloup, Eric Joffre, Thomas Chabot, Ingo Retat, Robert Axthelm, Simon Barraclough, Andrew Ratcliffe, Cesar Bernal, François Chaumette, Alexandre Pollini, Willem H. Steyn
Phasing Delta-V for transfers from Sun–Earth halo orbits to the Moon   Original Research Article
Pages 464-473
Hongru Chen, Yasuhiro Kawakatsu, Toshiya Hanada
Heliocentric phasing performance of electric sail spacecraft   Original Research Article
Pages 474-481
Giovanni Mengali, Alessandro A. Quarta, Generoso Aliasi
Comparing long-term projections of the space debris environment to real world data – Looking back to 1990   Original Research Article
Pages 482-490
Jonas Radtke, Enrico Stoll
A multi-spacecraft formation approach to space debris surveillance   Original Research Article
Pages 491-504
Leonard Felicetti, M. Reza Emami
Unscented predictive variable structure filter for satellite attitude estimation with model errors when using low precision sensors   Original Research Article
Pages 505-513
Lu Cao, Hengnian Li
Did the Germans learn from Goddard? An examination of whether the rocketry of R.H. Goddard influenced German Pre-World-War II missile development   Original Research Article
Pages 514-525
Frank H. Winter
On the enhanced detectability of GPS anomalous behavior with relative entropy   Original Research Article
Pages 526-532
Jeongho Cho
Ups and downs of space tourism development in 60 years from moon register to spaceshiptwo CRASH   Original Research Article
Pages 533-541
Yi-Wei Chang, Jeng-Shing Chern
Evaluation of transient response of spinning solar sail with flexible membrane by eigenfunction analysis and continuum analysis   Original Research Article
Pages 542-552
Toshihiro Chujo, Junichiro Kawaguchi
Test study on the performance of shielding configuration with stuffed layer under hypervelocity impact   Original Research Article
Pages 553-560
Fa-wei Ke, Jie Huang, Xue-zhong Wen, Zhao-xia Ma, Sen Liu
Effect of vibration on two-liquid system in rotating cylinder   Original Research Article
Pages 561-571
Nikolai V. Kozlov, Darya A. Shuvalova
Numerical exploration of mixing and combustion in a dual-mode combustor with backward-facing steps   Original Research Article
Pages 572-578
Wei Huang, Lang-quan Li, Li Yan, Lei Liao
Synthesis, characterization and application of ion exchange resin as a slow-release fertilizer for wheat cultivation in space   Original Research Article
Pages 579-586
Bowei Li, Chen Dong, Zhengpei Chu, Weizhe Zhang, Minjuan Wang, Hong Liu, Beizhen Xie
Adaptive control and orbit determination for elliptical rendezvous   Original Research Article
Pages 587-592
Lijia Xu, Yong Hu, Tiantian Jiang
Aero-thermo-dynamic analysis of a low ballistic coefficient deployable capsule in Earth re-entry   Original Research Article
Pages 593-602
G. Zuppardi, R. Savino, G. Mongelluzzo
Parametric study of combustion oscillation in a single-side expansion scramjet combustor   Original Research Article
Pages 603-613
Hao Ouyang, Weidong Liu, Mingbo Sun
To ignite the passion in children's hearts – Role and effect of space education, issues and consideration   Original Research Article
Pages 614-618
Ayami Kojima
The evolution of Earth Observation satellites in Europe and its impact on the performance of emergency response services   Original Research Article
Pages 619-633
Gil Denis, Hélène de Boissezon, Steven Hosford, Xavier Pasco, Bruno Montfort, Franck Ranera
Computational investigation on combustion instabilities in a rocket combustor   Original Research Article
Pages 634-643
Lei Yuan, Chibing Shen
GPU-accelerated computational tool for studying the effectiveness of asteroid disruption techniques   Original Research Article
Pages 644-654
Ben J. Zimmerman, Bong Wie
When will on-orbit servicing be part of the space enterprise?   Original Research Article
Pages 655-666
Daniel E. Hastings, Benjamin L. Putbrese, Paul A. La Tour
Asteroid retrieval missions enabled by invariant manifold dynamics   Original Research Article
Pages 667-677
Joan Pau Sánchez, Daniel García Yárnoz
A Chang’e-4 mission concept and vision of future Chinese lunar exploration activities   Original Research Article
Pages 678-683
Qiong Wang, Jizhong Liu
Electric sail option for cometary rendezvous   Original Research Article
Pages 684-692
Alessandro A. Quarta, Giovanni Mengali, Pekka Janhunen
Yuzhnoye's new liquid rocket engines as enablers for space exploration   Original Research Article
Pages 693-698
Alexander Degtyarev, Alexander Kushnaryov, Vladimir Shulga, Oleg Ventskovsky
Midcourse trajectory correction for solar sail starships   Original Research Article
Pages 699-701
Gregory L. Matloff
Flight status of robotic asteroid sample return mission Hayabusa2   Original Research Article
Pages 702-709
Yuichi Tsuda, Satoru Nakazawa, Kenichi Kushiki, Makoto Yoshikawa, Hitoshi Kuninaka, Seiichiro Watanabe

Acta Astronautica, Journal of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA)
Volume 124 ,  Pages 1-132, July–August 2016

Intermediate Experimental Vehicle (IXV) – Special Publications from the 6th EUCASS
Edited by Christophe Bonnal and Giorgio Tumino

IFC - Publication Information   
Pages IFC

The success of the ESA Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle program   
Pages 1
G. Tumino, S. Mancuso
The IXV experience, from the mission conception to the flight results   Original Research Article
Pages 2-17
G. Tumino, S. Mancuso, J-M. Gallego, S. Dussy, J-P. Preaud, G. Di Vita, P. Brunner
IXV re-entry demonstrator: Mission overview, system challenges and flight reward   Original Research Article
Pages 18-30
Roberto Angelini, Angelo Denaro
Intermediate experimental vehicle, ESA program aerodynamics–aerothermodynamics key technologies for spacecraft design and successful flight   
Pages 31-38
Sylvain Dutheil, Julien Pibarot, Dac Tran, Jean-Jacques Vallee, Jean-Pierre Tribot
The design and realisation of the IXV Mission Analysis and Flight Mechanics   Original Research Article
Pages 39-52
Rodrigo Haya-Ramos, Gonzalo Blanco, Irene Pontijas, Davide Bonetti, Jordi Freixa, Cristina Parigini, Edmondo Bassano, Riccardo Carducci, Martins Sudars, Angelo Denaro, Roberto Angelini, Salvatore Mancuso
The IXV guidance, navigation and control subsystem: Development, verification and performances   Review Article
Pages 53-66
Victor Marco, Rafael Contreras, Raul Sanchez, Guillermo Rodriguez, Daniel Serrano, Murray Kerr, Vicente Fernandez, Rodrigo Haya-Ramos, Luis F. Peñin, Jose A. Ospina, Gabriale De Zaiacomo, Juan Antonio Bejar-Romero, Ricardo Yague, Elio Zaccagnino, Jean-Philippe Preaud
IXV avionics architecture: Design, qualification and mission results   Original Research Article
Pages 67-78
Massimo Succa, Ilario Boscolo, Alessandro Drocco, Giovanni Malucchi, Stephane Dussy
Dynamical and thermal qualification of the C–SiC nose for the IXV   Original Research Article
Pages 79-84
François Buffenoir, David Escafre, Tiana Brault, Loic Rival, Florent Girard
Development and flight qualification of the C–SiC thermal protection systems for the IXV   Original Research Article
Pages 85-89
François Buffenoir, Céline Zeppa, Thierry Pichon, Florent Girard
Design, qualification, manufacturing and integration of IXV Ablative Thermal Protection System   Original Research Article
Pages 90-101
Mario Cioeta, Gandolfo Di Vita, Teresa Signorelli Maria, Gianluca Bianco, Maurizio Cutroni, Francesco Damiani, Viviana Ferretti, Adriano Rotondo
The IXV Ground Segment design, implementation and operations   Original Research Article
Pages 102-117
Giovanni Martucci di Scarfizzi, Alessandro Bellomo, Ivano Musso, Diego Bussi, Massimo Rabaioli, Gianfranco Santoro, Gerhard Billig, José María Gallego Sanz
The IXV vehicle model identification subsystem: Off-line estimation framework   Original Research Article
Pages 118-131
J.A. Béjar-Romero, A. Bidaux-Sokolowski, S. Maina, J.P. Preaud

Acta Astronautica
Volume 122 ,  Pages 1-336, May–June 2016
A satellite formation flying approach providing both positioning and tracking   Original Research Article
Pages 1-9
Mark A. Nurge, Robert C. Youngquist, Stanley O. Starr
In-orbit offline estimation of the residual magnetic dipole biases of the POPSAT-HIP1 nanosatellite   Original Research Article
Pages 10-18
S. Seriani, Y.L. Brama, P. Gallina, G. Manzoni
Ranking upper stages in low Earth orbit for active removal   Original Research Article
Pages 19-27
L. Anselmo, C. Pardini
Experimental study on combustion modes and thrust performance of a staged-combustor of the scramjet with dual-strut   Original Research Article
Pages 28-34
Qingchun Yang, Khaled Chetehouna, Nicolas Gascoin, Wen Bao
Study of the quasi-static motion of a droplet expelled from a pipe in microgravity   Original Research Article
Pages 35-41
Guang-Yu Li, Xiao-Qian Chen, Yi-Yong Huang, Yong Chen
A stereo-vision hazard-detection algorithm to increase planetary lander autonomy   Original Research Article
Pages 42-62
Svenja Woicke, Erwin Mooij
Thermal mathematical model correlation through genetic algorithms of an experiment conducted on board the International Space Station   Original Research Article
Pages 63-75
Iñaki Garmendia, Eva Anglada
Covariance study to evaluate the influence of optical follow-up strategies on estimated orbital parameters   Original Research Article
Pages 76-89
E. Cordelli, A. Vananti, T. Schildknecht
Design and analysis of a moment control unit for agile satellite with high attitude stability requirement   Original Research Article
Pages 90-105
Yao Zhang, Mou Li, Zhuoyue Song, Jinjun Shan, Xin Guan, Liang Tang
Evo-SETI Theory and Information Gap among Civilizations   Original Research Article
Pages 106-113
Claudio Maccone
Suboptimal LQR-based spacecraft full motion control: Theory and experimentation   Original Research Article
Pages 114-136
Leone Guarnaccia, Riccardo Bevilacqua, Stefano P. Pastorelli
Transient three-dimensional side-loads analysis of a thrust-optimized parabolic nozzle during staging   Original Research Article
Pages 137-145
Ruyan Jia, Zhenyu Jiang, Weihua Zhang
Spacecraft dynamics under the action of Y-dot magnetic control law   Original Research Article
Pages 146-158
Alessandro Zavoli, Fabrizio Giulietti, Giulio Avanzini, Guido De Matteis
Finite-time output feedback attitude coordination control for formation flying spacecraft without unwinding   Original Research Article
Pages 159-174
Yong Guo, Shen-Min Song, Xue-Hui Li
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Abort recovery strategy for future vertical landing systems
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Reconsidering macro-artefacts in SETI searches   Original Research Article
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How can we increase the accuracy of determination of spacecraft׳s lifetime?   Original Research Article
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Beyond an anthropomorphic template   Original Research Article
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Pages 24-31
Wei Huang, Jun Liu, Zhi-xun Xia

Fast adaptive pose tracking control for satellites via dual quaternion upon non-certainty equivalence principle   Original Research Article
Pages 32-39
Dongeun Seo

High resolution numerical simulation of triple point collision and origin of unburned gas pockets in turbulent detonations   Original Research Article
Pages 40-51
Yasser Mahmoudi, Kiumars Mazaheri

Composite structures with gradient of permeability to be used in heat pipes under microgravity   Original Research Article
Pages 52-57
A.G. Kostornov, A.L. Moroz, A.A. Shapoval, O. Kabov, P. Strizhak, J.C. Legros

Optimal frame geometry of spacecraft seat based on multi-body dynamics modelling   Original Research Article
Pages 58-70
Ali Akbar Pasha Zanoosi, Mohammadreza Mallakzadeh, Reza Kalantarinejad

Exploiting lunisolar perturbations using the grazing method: An orbit control strategy for a satellite in a critically inclined highly eccentric orbit around the Earth
   Original Research Article
Pages 71-81
Matthew Bourassa, Bruce Burlton, Fred Afagh, Rob Langlois

Radiation heat transfer in particle-laden gaseous flame: Flame acceleration and triggering detonation   Original Research Article
Pages 82-93
M.A. Liberman, M.F. Ivanov, A.D. Kiverin

Combustion onset in non-uniform dispersed mixtures   Original Research Article
Pages 94-101
Nickolay N. Smirnov, Valeriy F. Nikitin, Vladislav R. Dushin, Yurii G. Filippov, Valentina A. Nerchenko, Javad Khadem

Variable-time-domain neighboring optimal guidance applied to space trajectories   Original Research Article
Pages 102-120
Mauro Pontani, Giampaolo Cecchetti, Paolo Teofilatto

Lessons learned from the dynamical behaviour of orbiting satellites   Review Article
Pages 121-137
Jozef C. van der Ha

Form influences function: Anthropometry and orthostatic stability during sustained acceleration in a short arm human centrifuge   Original Research Article
Pages 138-146
Michael Nordine, Martina Anna Maggioni, Alexander Stahn, Stefan Mendt, Katharina Brauns, Hanns-Christian Gunga, Helmut Habazettl, Andrea Nitsche, Oliver Opatz

Model-Based Systems Engineering approach for the development of the science processing and operations center of the NASA OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample return mission   Original Research Article
Pages 147-159
Daniel R. Wibben, Roberto Furfaro

The economics of space debris: Estimating the costs and benefits of debris mitigation   Original Research Article
Pages 160-164
Molly K. Macauley

Understanding the effects of spaceflight on head–trunk coordination during walking and obstacle avoidance
   Original Research Article
Pages 165-172
S. Madansingh, J.J. Bloomberg

Space and Open Innovation: Potential, limitations and conditions of success   Original Research Article
Pages 173-184
Magni Johannsson, Anne Wen, Benjamin Kraetzig, Dan Cohen, Dapeng Liu, Hao Liu, Hilda Palencia, Hugo Wagner, Ian Stotesbury, Jaroslaw Jaworski, Julien Tallineau, Karima Laïb, Louis-Etienne Dubois, Mark Lander, Matthew Claude, Matthew Shouppe, Michael Gallagher, Mitchell Brogan, Natalia Larrea Brito, Philippe Cyr, Rory Ewing, Sebastian Davis Marcu, Silje Bareksten, M.N. Suma, U. Sreerekha, Tanay Sharma, Tiantian Li, Wei Yang, Wensheng Chen, William Ricard, William van Meerbeeck, Yang Cui, Zac Trolley, Zhigang Zhao

What is in a name? Perceived identity, classification, philosophy, and implied duty of the ‘astronaut’   Original Research Article
Pages 185-194
Sara Langston, Sarah Jane Pell

Spaceship Earth. Space-driven technologies and systems for sustainability on ground
   Original Research Article
Pages 195-205
Alberto Giovanni Castiglioni, Masoud Bozorg Bigdeli, Cristina Palamini, Diego Martinoia, Ludovica Frezza, Beatrice Matassini, Davide Pizzocri, Mauro Massari

Development of wind measurement systems for future space missions
   Original Research Article
Pages 206-217
Gordon G. Shepherd

Pressure sensing for in-suit measurement of space suited biomechanics   Original Research Article
Pages 218-225
Allison P. Anderson, Dava J. Newman

Trajectory design for bounded motion near uncertain binary systems comprised of small irregular bodies exploiting sliding control modes   Original Research Article
Pages 226-240
Loic Chappaz, Kathleen C. Howell

Rocketry Mentors, Rocketry Practitioners and Unique Space Pioneers
   Original Research Article
Pages 241-246
Charles A. Lundquist

Thermal design and analysis of a nanosatellite in low earth orbit
   Original Research Article
Pages 247-261
S. Corpino, M. Caldera, F. Nichele, M. Masoero, N. Viola

Asteroid Impact and Deflection Assessment mission   Original Research Article
Pages 262-269
A.F. Cheng, J. Atchison, B. Kantsiper, A.S. Rivkin, A. Stickle, C. Reed, A. Galvez, I. Carnelli, P. Michel, S. Ulamec

Pretension design for space deployable mesh reflectors under multi-uncertainty   Original Research Article
Pages 270-276
Hanqing Deng, Tuanjie Li, Zuowei Wang

Statistical Drake–Seager Equation for exoplanet and SETI searches   Original Research Article
Pages 277-285
Claudio Maccone

Evo-SETI Entropy identifies with Molecular Clock   Original Research Article
Pages 286-290
Claudio Maccone

Position-based visual servo control of autonomous robotic manipulators   Original Research Article
Pages 291-302
Gangqi Dong, Z.H. Zhu

Fixed-time control for spacecraft attitude tracking based on quaternion
   Original Research Article
Pages 303-313
Jiwei Gao, Yuanli Cai

Finite element simulation of buckling-induced failure of carbon fibre-reinforced laminated composite panels embedded with damage zones   Original Research Article
Pages 314-329
Umar Farooq, Peter Myler

Indirect measurement method of inner wall temperature of scramjet with a state observer
   Original Research Article
Pages 330-337
Cong Zhang, Jiang Qin, Qingchun Yang, Silong Zhang, Juntao Chang, Wen Bao

Performances of a small hypersonic airplane (HyPlane)   Original Research Article
Pages 338-348
Raffaele Savino, Gennaro Russo, Vera D’Oriano, Michele Visone, Manuela Battipede, Piero Gili

Development of cooperative communication techniques for a network of small satellites and CubeSats in deep space: The SOLARA/SARA test case   Original Research Article
Pages 349-355
Alessandra Babuscia, Kar-Ming Cheung, Dariush Divsalar, Charles Lee

Effects of oblique and transverse injection on the characteristics of jet in supersonic crossflow
   Original Research Article
Pages 356-366
Yujie Zhang, Weidong Liu, Bo Wang

Low-complexity code tracking loop with multipath diversity for GNSS over multipath fading channels   Original Research Article
Pages 367-375
Yating Wu, Y.S. Zhu, S.H. Leung, W.K. Wong, Tao Wang

Performance model for space-based laser debris sweepers   Original Research Article
Pages 376-383
Manuel Schmitz, Stefanos Fasoulas, Jens Utzmann

Toward open source CubeSat design   Original Research Article
Pages 384-392
Artur Scholz, Jer-Nan Juang

Some characteristics of Coronal Mass Ejections associated with Prominence Eruptions   Original Research Article
Pages 393-399
Nishant Mittal, Joginder Sharma, Vijay Garg

Hypervelocity impact of a pressurized vessel: Comparison of ballistic limit equation predictions with test data and rupture limit equation development
   Original Research Article
Pages 400-406
William P. Schonberg, J.Martin Ratliff

Incremental planning of multi-gravity assist trajectories   Original Research Article
Pages 407-421
Massimiliano Vasile, Juan Manuel Romero Martin, Luca Masi, Edmondo Minisci, Richard Epenoy, Vincent Martinot, Jordi Fontdecaba Baig

Numerical study of shock wave interaction on transverse jets through multiport injector arrays in supersonic crossflow   Original Research Article
Pages 422-433
M. Barzegar Gerdroodbary, D.D. Ganji, Y. Amini

Rosetta operations at the comet   Original Research Article
Pages 434-441
Andrea Accomazzo, Paolo Ferri, Sylvain Lodiot, Jose-Luis Pellon-Bailon, Armelle Hubault, Roberto Porta, Jakub Urbanek, Ritchie Kay, Matthias Eiblmaier, Tiago Francisco

Communications satellites: Time expanded graph exploration of a tradespace of architectures
   Original Research Article
Pages 442-451
Peter Davison, Demetrios Kellari, Edward F. Crawley, Bruce G. Cameron

High-resolution mapping of lunar polar hydrogen with a low-resource orbital mission   Original Research Article
Pages 452-462
David J. Lawrence, Richard S. Miller, Martin T. Ozimek, Patrick N. Peplowski, Christopher J. Scott
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