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IAA Academy Day Guadalajara, Mexico

International Academy of Astronautics (IAA)

Academy Day

Sunday September 25, 2016
Guadalajara, Mexico


09h30    Opening of the Academy Day, Dr. Peter Jankowitsch, IAA President,

09h35    Welcome address, Dr. Francisco Mendieta, IAA Vice-President
    Results of the IAA Head of Space Agencies Summit on Climate Change and Disaster Management, Mexico, Sept 2015, Dr. Francisco Mendieta, IAA Vice-President

10h15    Results of the IAA Moscow Conference to prepare the IAA Heads of Space Agencies Summit on Space Exploration, Prof. Anatoly Perminov, Dr. Dmitry Payson, Russia

10h30    The 2016 IAA Laurels for Team Achievement: New Horizons Pluto Mission Team, Dr. Ralph L. McNutt, Jr., Prof. Stamatios M. Krimigis, USA

11h30    Achievements and Prospects of China’s Space Activities, Prof. Weimin Bao, China

12h00    Solar Wind and our Magnetic Planet, Dra. Xóchitl G. Blanco Cano, Institute of Geophysics, National University of Mexico

12h30    Tiber Trek may lead to occupy Mars, Dr. Buzz Aldrin, Astronaut, Gemini 12 & Apollo XI

13h00     Luncheon

14h30 Study Groups Presentations
    Chair: Gregg Vane, USA

Study 1.8 Global Satellite System for monitoring and forecasting of the Earth seismic activity, Dr. Olexandr Makarov and Dr. Oleg Ventskovsky

Study 1.13 Planetary Science Enabled by the New Generation of Cube-Sats and Miniaturized Scientific Instruments, Dr. Gregg Vane

Study 2.14 Medical Support for an International Human Expedition to Mars, Dr. Jeffrey R. Davis

Study 3.22 Next-Generation Space System Development Basing on On-Orbit-Servicing Concept, Dr. Yury Razoumny

Study 4.18 Definition and Requirements of Small Satellites Seeking Low-Cost and Fast-Delivery, Prof. Mengu Cho

Study 5.11 Comparative assessment of regional cooperation in space: policies, governance & legal Tools, Dr. Sylvia Ospina

Study 5.15 Space Traffic Management Towards a Roadmap for Implementation, Mr. Peter Stubbe, Mrs. Corinne Jorgenson

17h30 End of Session

18h30 Awards Gala Dinner & Induction Ceremony for Newly Elected

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