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3rd International IAA/IGMASS/CFF/GLOCECOHADIM Symposium on
Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts,
Space Economy, Climate Change, Vulnerability, ICT and Entrepreneurship
An integrated Solution for Sustainable Development  in ACP Countries,

17-18 December, 2016

Belo , Bamenda, Cameroon

Call for Papers

Call for Papers in pdf format

Registration form

Invitation letter

Submission of Proposals for Exhibition and papers for the symposium is now open until 10th November, 2016.
¨MAKE YOUR CALENDAR AND SAVE THE DATE, 17-18 December, 2016, Belo, Bamenda, Cameroon.
 The International Academy of Astronautics (IAA),France, together with the, International Global Monitoring Aerospace System (IGMASS), Russia, Global Centre for Compliance, Hazards and Disaster Management, (GLOCECOHADIM),Cameroon, Chia Funkuin Foundation (CFF) Cameroon, and Rural Development Centre, (RUDEC) Cameroun, are organizing  a symposium on “Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts, Space Economy, Climate Change, Vulnerability, ICT and Entrepreneurship: An integrated Solution for Sustainable Development in ACP Countries”, to be held on the 17-18 December, 2016 at Belo, Bamenda, Cameroon .
For information and paper submission instructions, please see below. Sponsorship Opportunities is still open.
Please direct any questions to Tomukum Chia, Nkuo Chongwain Bede C, Chiamba Joshua Anyeah :glocecohadim(at), chonwainkuo(at), info(at)  to maximize your symposium participation and on site Products / commodity awareness; Additionally, flexile sponsor options are available. For booth /stand reservation, accommodation, visa and local facilitation or sponsorship information ,contact Academician C. Tomukum at  +237 683 162 205 or by email: cff.symposium2016(at)


The Symposium is an important platform for experience sharing between countries, private and civil society, Diplomats, commodity companies, schools, health professionals, politicians, space agencies, researchers, high tech ICT firms, enterprises, stakeholders, user’s community, academicians, fellows and industry with the participation of delegates beyond the ACP Countries. The World needs more ICTs, more SMEs, more Entrepreneurs, and more people who can build businesses and create more jobs, rather than people who need jobs. ICTs and Entrepreneurs can foster Small and Medium Sized Enterprises to emerge in a sustainable manner. ACP nations have tremendous untapped resources and markets for financial and investment services. They equally has  potentials that are under-utilised as a result of limited access to computer, internet, market information, health, communication, telephones, infrastructure, electricity/electronics, finance, shelter, food, banks, industry, credit information, transportation, management, entrepreneurs, infrastructure, modern technology and in developing tourist destinations. This symposium is in line with the global agenda and ACP Countries policies to achieving the sustainable development goals in 2030. The Government of Cameroon current policies in developing collective entrepreneurship and human resources will enable SMEs, Social Economy and Handicrafts to thrive. It is an opportunity to share practical lessons to foster viable economy, organizations, governments’ institutions and enterprises to grow. Africa, Caribbean and the Pacific countries (ACP) are encouraged to hard work in order to achieve a successful developmental agenda by 2035 as prescribed by H.E. Paul Biya, President of the Republic of Cameroon and Head of State and applied by the Prime Minister, Head of Government. Challenges abound but opportunities exist for the growth of SMEs, handicraft industry and social economy through the perspective of ICT and entrepreneurship. This symposium will facilitate public-private dialogue on the development of a joint strategy in People, Public, Private, Partnerships (PPPP), in the ICT-entrepreneurship sectors. The International Academy of Astronautics under the direction of Academician K. Kasturirangan, has developed a program to support space emerging countries in most of the continents. The third international symposium is a continuation of the First IAA Regional Symposium held in the University of Ndi Samba, Yaounde, Cameroon from the 22-24 May,2009 on Space Applications for the Users Community in Disaster Management and Sustainable Development in Africa and had 260 delegates, and it was followed by the First IAA Symposium on Small Satellites Programs for Socio-economic benefits and the Role of IGMASS, held at Pan African Institute for Development West Africa, Buea, Cameroon, from the 6-8 December,2010, with 435 participants. The symposium is also in support of IAF Congresses, UNISPACE III + 50 conferences on space technologies and applications for sustainable development in support of a wide range of applications which can be integrated into public infrastructure to improve people’s lives as well as supporting the high -level conference on the development of the agri-business held in Abuja in March, 2010. More so, the symposium is directed towards the outcomes and implementation of the Annual Forum of the Common Wealth Telecommunications Organization that took place on the 12 to the 14 of September, 2016 at Denarau Island, Nadi, Fiji, The symposium will facilitate public dialogue on developing various businesses, industries, enterprises, health, educational facilities, new and existing markets that will sustain a smooth synergy for a simultaneous development action for the global community. You are invited to come and discover for yourself why these series of IAA international symposiums are consistently described as the premier event for stakeholders and the global community. They are usually more than just another symposium and gives you innovative ideas, networking, and partnership with the business community, policy makers, entrepreneurs and important information on professional practices and issues. Plus, you will leave with strategies and tools you will implement in your company; The symposium draws a myriad of exhibitors who are the top manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and stakeholders to the field of SMEs, ICTs and space agaencies.

2. Background

International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) was founded in Stockholm on August 16, 1960. Since that time, IAA has brought together the world's foremost experts in the disciplines of astronautics on a regular basis to recognize the accomplishments of their peers, to explore and discuss cutting-edge issues in space research and technology, and to provide direction and guidance in the non-military uses of space and the ongoing exploration of the solar system. The purposes of the IAA, as stated in the Academy's statutes are:
-To foster the development of astronautics for peaceful purposes,
-To recognize individuals who have distinguished themselves in a branch of science or technology related to astronautics,
-To provide a program through which the membership can contribute to international endeavors and cooperation in the advancement of aerospace science, in cooperation with national science organizations, NGOs, CIGs, or engineering academies.
International Global Monitoring Aerospace System (IGMASS),
IGMASS Project is to create the “System of Systems”, that integrate both existing and future local, national, regional, and international space remote sensing communication to relay weather and navigation systems (or allocated data and organizational resources), as well as appropriate air-born and ground-based facilities, including specialized infrastructure for global forecasting and early warning about natural and man-made disasters from Earth or space origin. The IAA -IGMASS Project provides a unique opportunity to unify efforts of the world community to develop a new joint strategy of peaceful space exploration, which is focused on providing secure, risk free economy and sustainable development of humanity in the 21st century. The development and use of these technologies provides another great opportunity of expanding inter-regional partnership in the area of disaster mitigation and management. The International Global Aerospace System of Systems concept was officially approved by participants of the First International Specialized Symposium “Space and Global Security of Humanity” held in Limassol, Cyprus, on November,2-4,2009.This scientific forum was a major stage in practical promotion of the IGMASS initiative, which enjoyed an active support of the International Academy of Astronautics and the world participating community. It passed a preliminary multistage scientific approbation at a series of international forums under the United Nations auspices and was approved by distinguished scientists and experts from leading space powers. Information and organizational assistance in advocating the IGMASS project is provided by the Russian Federal Space Agency. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation provides political support to the project according to the Russian foreign policy guidelines to promote the development of international cooperation in peaceful space exploration for global security and sustainable development. The implementation of the project in the ACP region will help protect the lives and health of millions of people, save financial and material resources, develop scientific, technical and technological potentials of space rocket industries of participating countries. IAA –IGMASS project offers a reliable tool to decrease global and regional risks and repel threats of the current transition period from industrial to information society and it is imperative for the global community to formulate in the nearest future a detailed organization and international legal base for project implementation so that it is used to gradually pool information, navigation, and telecom resources of all countries into “common planetary information security space”-global emergencies monitoring and forecasting.  On the UN level the IGMASS was officially presented at the 47th session of the Scientific and Technical subcommittee of the United Nations on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space held in Vienna on February, 8-1 9.2010 (UN document A/AC.105/958 of 11.03.2010). The session drew the attention of the world community to the IGMASS Project, as well as cooperation prospects for its implementation under the aegis of the United Nations and its involved institutions. The documents provided, in particular, for drafting and signing of five memorandums of understanding with the leaderships of UN-OOSA, GEOSS, ISPRP as well as experts from more than 40 countries of all continents. Many of them expressed readiness to join the “International Committee for IGMASS Project Implementation”, and a special task force research and GLOCECOHADIM Cameroon is a member on elimination of natural calamity and disasters aftermath. IAA –IGMASS Project is to counter natural calamities and emergencies at global level and its pilot phase in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific countries is a road map into a safe and secure future for all humanity.
The Global Centre for Compliance, Hazards and Disaster Management, (GLOCECOHADIM ) was created in  2001 and registered with the Government of Cameroon on the 3rd of July 2003 with the objectives of promoting SMEs,  mitigating disasters using space applications and building landscapes, livelihood  and communities in a sustainable manner. Its activities focus on eliminating poverty through education, training, and introducing modern farming techniques and offering short and long term customised trainings on guidance and counselling services. The United Nations during the preparatory process of the World Conference on Disaster Reduction , in Geneva, Switzerland, on the 11-12 of October 2004, Accredited Consultative status to the Global Centre for Compliance, Hazards and Disaster Management Ref: Sep 17, 2004, Its delegation was the receiver of the prestigious Laureate of the United Nations Sasakawa Award 16th ceremony in Bonn, Germany in October, 16, 2003, in the context of the Second International Conference on Early Warning (EWC-2). The Ceremony was chaired by the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Mr. Jan England, and hosted by the Deputy Mayor of Bonn, Mr. Ulrich Hauschild. The crystal trophy and a cheque of 40,000 USD were delivered on that occasion to the Laureate  2003, Treasurer of the Global Centre for Compliance, Hazards  and Disaster Management (GLOCECOHADIM), in order to reward  the long-term commitment and dedication to the issue of disaster risk reduction, and for preparing the local community for disasters, in particular by strengthening public awareness on environmentally-friendly practices and their importance in mitigating disaster risk and engaging in advocacy activities, promoting the supply and distribution chain in various businesses, the elderly issues and human rights. GLOCECOHADIM has a strong program on business start ups, ICT, cultural development through clusters, social networks, agribusiness, and construction and on sustainable development involving advanced geospatial and information technologies for sustainable growth, environmental management, in promoting space economy, rural development, and entrepreneurship for business start-ups, growth and for the survival of SMEs.
Chia Funkuin Foundation (CFF) is a registered foundation with the Government of Cameroon, with registration No: 30/ACK/E.32/SAAJP. It is working with communities in sustainable development initiatives, entrepreneurship and promoting culture, handicraft, and livelihood initiatives. It is affiliated to numerous organisations and institutions. Its mission is to enable people in helping people to advance in their lives in a sustainable manner. It provides philanthropic assistance to communities including vulnerable groups, students and also provides vocational trainings on starting small businesses, ICT, electronics, repairs/maintenance, human resource management, tourism, disaster/risk mitigation, earth observation, entrepreneurship, SMEs, environmental management, and other socio-economic and cultural vocational initiatives involving digital literacy programs.


a) To develop greater international, national and regional partnership in SMEs, ICT4D, space exploration, entrepreneurship and in the use of space application for meeting the sustainable development UN 2030 Agenda to fit  ACP nations.
b) To promote greater exchange of experiences/materials to revitalise and revamp the economic sectors in ACP nations,
c) To develop partnership opportunities, MoUs, with participating companies and industries, stakeholders, and organizations,
d) To strengthen communities coping mechanism in reducing vulnerability
e) To provide a business coaching programme on products/commodity trade, distribution, electronics, social networks, telecommunication, ICTs and entrepreneurships, livestock and  fathering industry,
d)     To provide a base for 100 online entrepreneurship training courses on
         HP LIFE e-learning programmes tailored and customised to needs/request,
f) To build an entrepreneurial foundation for dynamic and competitive private and public sector,
g) To train participants on ICT and entrepreneurship, disasters, vulnerability, and  providing an enabling environment for the growth of SMEs,
h) To review the status of ACP countries activities in ICT and Entrepreneurship, and examine the potential of using ICT for education, information sharing, research, marketing and operational applications,
i) To provide local support to institutions, organizations and stakeholders with   IT equipments, and technical assistance,
j) To discuss the technical and programmatic issues of developing entrepreneurs and ICT Centres for science, high technology for the systematic transfer of technology to the  users community.
k) To initiate partnerships and MoUs with companies and institutions on products/commodity marketing, computer refurbishment and e-waste initiative that include entrepreneurship and digital literacy programs.


The program will be covered in ten sessions
The symposium will consist of a series of invited technical presentations, including plenary sessions / breakout parallel sessions, one on one session, and side events and tours with sufficient time set aside for presentations from participants on their relevant activities. Key note addresses would be presented by selected government officials, organisers, companies, Proprietors, Senators, Parliamentarians, Mayors, institutions, Teachers, Lecturers, agencies, organisations, embassies, Diplomats, Professors, Professionals, Medical Practitioners, and academicians. Some sessions maybe supplemented by demonstrations of relevant software and hardware tools with breakthrough technology. The co-sponsors and funding bodies including interested companies, institutions and agencies will be organizing an attractive side event programme for exhibition. The detailed symposium programme will be made available to delegates/participants by mail and through our website.
Members of Program Committee:

Opening Session; Invited Ministries: Small and Medium sized  Enterprises, Handicrafts and Social Economy, Posts and Telecommunications, Key note addresses, MIDENO, SOWEDA, UNDVA, Cameroon, IAA France, IGMASS Russia,  SGAC, USA, NEMA, NASRDA, Nigeria Monitoring Systems office,  South Africa, etc.
Opening Session: Registration, Welcome addresses and inauguration of the exhibition hall BADU Hall
                                                           Coffee Break   
Session 1.  Key note addresses, Capacity Building, Training on SMEs; ITCs, Entrepreneurship,
                     Curriculum Development; Distant Learning Opportunities and Tele Health
                     Coordinators: Academician Tomukum Chia/ Mr. Gam Boh/ Mr. Nkuo Chongwain Bede C,
                   Chair:  Divisional Officer/ Mayor, Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization
                                Rapporteurs:   Dr. Nuh Daniel Ndziwum/Ms.Gwain Odette/Mr.Waindim Jude
 Session 2.   Business Development: Opportunities and Challenges for new markets in ACP countries
                   Coordinators: Hon. Ndim Albert Waingeh/ Dr.Ngoh Nelson/ Dr. Ngam Joseph Eric Tosah
                      Chairs: Hon.Chia Emmanuel Ngam/Mr.Ngam Joseph/Mr.Atanga Mbah-Mbole, Esq
                                  Rapporteurs: Mr. Nkwain Maurice Ngong/Ngam Ayiena Bryan
 Session 3. Astronuatical Applications: Space Systems for Monitoring, EO and for the benefit of humanity
                   Coordinators: Dr. Ngam Joseph Eric Tosah,  / Mr.Ndi Eric,Dr. Joseph Tihnyam Mbi
                     Chairs: Mr. Nkuo Chongwain Bede Collins/ Ajouh Basil/Mr.Wiseman Nkhonza
                     Rapporteurs:  Nsom D.Nkwain/ Mr.Wilson Jam/ Rev.Azeh Daniel
Session 4. ICTs for Development: Innovative Uses; Curriculum Development and Entrepreneurship
                    Coordinators: Prof. Sundengam Lucas Beibam/Mr.Gam Jessy/ Mr. Fulmai James Kanjam                            
                   Chairs:  Prof.  Razoumny Yuri/ Mr. Boma Christopher/ Mr Boh Herbert
                                  Rapporteurs:   Mr. Lengha PHILIP Ndifon/Mrs. Kimbi Mary
Session 5.  Electronics, Cyber security, Renewable Energy, and Commodity Markets for ACP nations
                  Coordinators: Mr. Ajayi  Baba Jide /Mr.Mbeng Gilbert Loah/Mr. Yuh Michael,                         
                   Chairs:  Prof.  Akenyede Joseph/Mrs.Kimbi Joan Mbu/Mr Garba GTHS
                   Rapporteurs:   Dr. Blasius Agha-ah Chiatoh/Mubang Njua Emmanuel
                      Open Diner offer by the Regional Secretary, International Academy of Astronautics
Session 6. Coordinators: Banking and Microfinance for SMEs/Entrepreneurship development for the poor
                    Boh Herbert / Mr.Eting Effiom /Mr. Fangyong Frederick / Mr. Tomukum Chia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 :                 Chairs: Dr. Foy Hebert/Nkwain Hilary Chia/Mr Mbungson Evaristus
                  Rapporteurs:   Mr. Komfum C.Stephen/Mr. Ferdilis Ngohchia/ Mr. Komtangi Kanisius
Session 7. Modern Information Society, Creation, Problems and Prospects: Role of Electronics,
                  Computers, Space Agencies and telecommunication companies in ACP Nations
                  Coordinators: Dr. Kinni  Fongot/Mr.Nkuo Johnson / Mr. Stephen S. SHUMAS,                      
                  Chairs:  Dr. Mary Garba/Mr. Mubang Amos/Mr Mbang Maximilan
               Rapporteurs: Academician Tomukum CHIA/Ngumi Marius / Mr. Vuyof Ngwo
Session 8.   Integrated Space Technology Applications for Climate Change: Space and Society
                    Coordinator: Dr. Sergey Cherkas/Mr. Bunson Evaritus/ Mr. Chongsi Ayeah Joseph,                           
                                  Chairs:  Prof.  Valery Menshikov/Mr. Tosam N.Benard/Mrs.Jane FrancesMufua
                                  Rapporteurs: Mr. Ngoh Isaiah Chah/Mr. Joseph Beisegh
 Session  9. Agriculture, Tourism, and Sustainable Development Programs for low incomes earners
                Coordinators: Mr. Ngong .H.Vumombi/Timothy Nchangwukum/Mr. Chiamba Joshua Anyeah
                        Chairs:  Prof.  Razoumny Yuri/ Mr. Chongsi  Ayeah Joseph / Mr. Terence Chah Bam
                        Rapporteurs:  Mrs. Ajouh Grance Ngam/ Mr. Kanigha Christopher/ Nshing Samuel
 Session 10.Utilization of Small Satellites for Sustainable Development and Disaster Mitigation in ACP Coordinators: Mr. Ngam Joseph/Mr. Ndi Mokom/ Mr Kfutua Honest,  Hon. Emmanuel Ngam Chia,  Academician Tomukum Chia/ Mr. Gam Boh/ Timbong Wainchom Martin
      Chair: Divisional Officer, Mayor, Ministry of SMEs/P&T,
 Rapporteurs, Mr. Kalwuldim Richard/Mr. Joseph Chongsi Ayeah


The symposium will be held on 17-18 December 2016, at Belo, Bamenda, Cameroon, Africa. English / French shall be the working languages of the symposium.


Please use the Registration Form to register for the symposium.
An Abstract of not more than one page should be submitted to the International Programme Committee not later than 30th October, 2016.The abstract should be related to the field of studies and research or focus to the theme of the symposium. Accepted abstract would be notified on or before 05th, of November,2016. Full papers not more than 10 pages of A4 size on font 12 should be received by 20th November, 2016. Abstract should be submitted in Microsoft word (12 point Times New Roman), with bolded headings, author/s names, email and affiliation at the top. Abstract or full papers should be forwarded to IPC or LOC: cff.symposium2016(at)


The organizers will issue invitation letters to delegates/participants to register for the symposium. Abstract submission and Registration is now open until October, 30, 2016. The co-organizers, supervisors, agencies, institutions, stakeholders and companies managers/directors, Professional, international organisations, Government departments, Experts will receive official invitation letters to express their interest and confirm their participation. Abstract submission is open now for any related issues of the symposium theme or sub themes including:
-          SMEs initiative for sustainable development and manufacturing industries
-            Business development Initiative for SMEs
-       IGMASS  inportant role in  ACP Countries
-           ICT4D,   Innovative uses of ICT, curriculum development
-     Information Economy: ICT as enabler for Rural and Urban enterprise development.
-      Digital economy, rural development and environmental issues
-          Computer refurbishment and e-waste initiative
-          Social networks and telecommunication
-          Modern information society: Creation, problems and prospects
-         The role of electronics Industry, space agency, Network companies in ACP countries.
-          Vulnerability, Disaster Risk Reduction and Earth Observation (EO).
-          Banking and finance for SME
-      Tele-medicine and distant learning oppoturniries
-           Agro-business, and Agro-industry
-          Affordable, adequate and adaptive Housing for entrepreneurship
-          Innovations in space applications
-          IT & Mobile Communications (Mobile Communications, Networks)
-          Consumer Electronics (Visual Display, Digital Appliances, Printing Solutions, Health & Medical Equipment),
-         Solar Energy as Renewable energy
-          Infrastructure and construction.
-      Disaster Risk Management and Mitigation (Emergency Management and Disaster Medicines)
Registration, Accommodation & Visa
The symposium format requires all participants to be registered. Group registration is acceptable for institutions and organizations with two or more delegates. Registration is completed once a registration fee has been received by the official service agent of the organizing committee.
For more detailed information and registration modalities, please visit the symposium website at:  or contact Tomukum Chia, Nkuo Chongwain BC, glocecohadim(at), chonwainkuo(at) for registration forms if need be
Registration fee
Before  October.15, 2016
On site

Registration fee

Before October.15, 2016

On site


50 Euro

100 Euro

Non  member

100 Euro

125 Euro

For Students or Accompanies

25 Euro

50 Euro

Accredited press having fulfilled the precise accreditation condition

Free of Charge

Free of Charge

The category of participation

Early registration
(until 30.09.2016)

late registration
(from 30.10.2016)

International Delegate

100 EUR

125 EUR

Local Participants

75 EUR

100 EUR

Online registration form is open and the Filled Registration Form can be sent by email to the Local Organizing Committee to confirm the participation of invited guests/speakers/sponsors/exhibitors. Cff.symposium2016(at) Tomukum Chia, Nkuo Chongwain BC, glocecohadim(at), This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
The registration fee for the category "Delegate" includes:
Free access to all sessions
Free entrance to the exhibition village/hall
Badge and symposium bag
Book of abstracts
Meals according to the program and Special tours
The registration fee for the category of "Local / Student" includes:
Free access to all sections
Free entrance to the exhibition
Meals according to the program
Note: a Participant is considered registered from the day that registration fee arrives at the account of the symposium official service agent of the LOC or Paid through Symposium Appeal Response Coupon.
Cancellation of participation and refund
 Notification of cancellation should be sent to the symposium official service agent LOC , cff.symposium2016(at), This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Cancellations received by November, 5, 2016 will be accepted without penalty. No refund after November 15, 2016 will be available. Note: all refunds are made within 60 days after the symposium and without bank charges and overheads.
International Participants should check with the nearest Republic of Cameroon Embassy or Consulate whether a visa is necessary for entry into Cameroon and how to apply. Port of entry visas can also be delivered on arrival. If you need a visa to enter the Republic of Cameroon, you will need an invitation letter. This letter will be issued by the Local Organizing Committee if, during the registration process, you indicate the need for an invitation letter and provide the following information, together with a copy of the passport information page:
-        Full Name (as in passport)
-        Date of birth
-        Passport Number:
-        Passport issue date:
-        Passport expiry date:
-        Gender
-        Nationality:
-        Country issuing passport:
-        Residence place (city and country)
-        Which institution will cover your travel expenses or personally?
If you require an invitation letter for visa purposes, make sure you register to the conference before 20th of November, 2016. After this deadline, the Local Organizing Committee cannot guarantee that a letter will be issued in time for you to obtain your visa to travel to the Republic of Cameroon.
 Registration and Hotel Accommodation Form
Please, Fill this Registration Form and send it by e-mail to the Local Organizing Committee (LOC). Cff.symposium2016(at)   or
All Delegates, Speakers, Conveners, Organizers must Register in order to Participate.
This data will appear on the badge and participant’s list.
Title Mrs. Ms. Mr. Dr. Rev. Hon. Prof. Sen. H.E.
Names ……………………………………………………Job Position ……………………………
I.D/Passport Number ………………………and Expiring date………….…………………………
Address ……………………City ……………………………………………..……………………
Arrangement for Hotel by LOC Available Hotels are Mawa Hotel, Ayaba Hotel, International Hotel, Azam Hotel, Tourist Home Hotel, Sky line Hotel, Hill Top Hotel, Top Star hotel, Blue Pearl Hotel
Postal Code …………………………………State…………………………..………………………
Telephone / Fax ………………………Website (if available) …………………….......……………
Resource Person:
Title of your Presentation
Please tick if you do not want your mobile number to appear on the participant’s list   (    )
Please tick if you do not want your e-mail to appear on the participant’s list               (    )
Please tick if you will need hotel reservation        (    )
Hotel Accommodation
NB: for accommodation, please mention your participation to the IAA Conference to symposium 2016 to take profit from special rates. The LOC has made block reservation for participants at reduced rates. For reservation, please, indicate your preference by
email to Ms. GWAIN Odette: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Special wishes: Underline, yes or no, if you will arrange for your own accommodation.
Touristic Tours: Interested in touristic tours?    Yes    /   No
For any additional information, please, feel free to Contact the Local Organizing Committee (LOC). Mr.Tomukum Chia, Regional Secretary, International Academy of Astronautics, IAA, Cameroon: cff.symposium2016(at);

Early Bird Registration
September, 30, 2016
Late Registration
October, 30, 2016
On site
Agencies/Academia Members
Agencies/Academia non Members
Student & accompanying persons
The registration fees include a welcome pack, programme brochure, lunches, coffee breaks, a Gala Diner, and Event tours, Visit to the museum
Each Exhibition stands cost at 100 €, for 10ms
Payment made by: Cheque / Bank transfer to:  
Account Name: Chia Funkuin Foundation. 
Bank Name                           SCB Cameroon
Account Number …………… 90000437323
Bank Code …………………….10002
Code GUICHET ……………….00048
Cle – RIB ……………………… 38
IBAN ………………….............CM2110002000489000043732338
Code BIC………………………MACMCX
All Delegates, Speakers, Conveners, Organizers must Register in order to Participate.
This data will appear on the badge and on the participant’s list.


Cameroon is a joy to visit. You begin to feel the happiness and the warmth of this country as soon as you get out of the Airport, seaport or border point of entry. You immediately fall in love with Cameroon's vibrant exuberant people. Cameroon is strategically situated in the heart of Africa and is the economic leader of the Central African Region. It is African in miniature and contains a wide range of climates zones. You can visit Cameroon in any season. Cameroon is bilingual with English and French as the Official Languages. Cameroon has three International Airports: Yaounde, Douala and Garoua. There are directly linked with Europe, -a 6 –hours flight time over 5000km at least once a day ,Asia, America and other African Countries.
Currency and Rate of Exchange:
 1 Euro is equal to 655 FCFA /500 US Dollars.
Currencies can be exchanged in authorized exchange offices; banks, hotels and some travel agencies. Hotels also accept some credit cards.
Travelling Information
Visa Handling:  Entry requirements.
All necessary measures have been made to ensure the issue of visas to registered participants to the 3rd International IAA/IGMASS/CFF/GLOCECOHADIM Symposium on Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts, Space Economy, Climate Change, Vulnerability, ICT and Entrepreneurship; An integrated Solution for Sustainable Development  in ACP Countries, 17-18 December, 2016 at Belo , Bamenda, Cameroon.
Entry visas to the Republic of Cameroon, is issued by the Diplomatic or Consular representatives abroad. Visa is obtainable at the arrival airport, seaport or boarder area for visitors from countries where Cameroon has no diplomatic representation and for tourists in package tours. The required documents include:-A valid passport-A return ticket-2 full face passport photographs. Please, if you require special assistance at the airport, particularly, with handicap person, notify us during your registration including, temporal imports/exports for goods/products/materials meant for exhibition and symposium purposes only.
For any additional information, please, feel free to Contact, Mr.Tomukum Chia, Regional Secretary, International Academy of Astronautics, IAA, Cameroon: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ; This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ,Tel: +237 683162205, Fax: 0023733363553, Chair, Local Organizing Committee (LOC) , International Planning Committee (IPC), Mr Nkuo Chongwain BC, Co-Chair, LOC This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   or 


The four classes of sponsorship include Silver Sponsor, Gold Sponsor, Diamond Sponsor and Platinum Sponsor. Your Organization/Agency/Institution/Establishment/Company that decides to  become a sponsor for the symposium would be accepted and highly welcome to chose one of the four classes and pay 1000 Euros, 1,500 Euros, 3,000 Euros or 10,000 Euros to gain one of the respective sponsorship classes.
Silver sponsors (1000 Euros), will receive two complimentary registration and block-rate registration fee of 75 Euros per person for up to five employees.

Gold sponsors (1,500 Euros) will receive two complimentary registration and block-rate registration fee of will receive two complimentary registration and block-rate registration fee of 50 Euros per person for up to five employees and will be listed with names and logos prominently displayed on all meetings/symposium materials.
Diamond sponsors (3,000 Euros) will be listed as sponsors and names and logos will be prominently displayed on all meeting/symposium materials.3,000 Euros sponsors will receive four complimentary registration and block-rate registration fee of 25 Euros per person for up to seven employees.
Platinum sponsors (10,000 Euros) will be listed as main sponsors of the symposium and names and logos will be prominently displayed on all meeting/symposium materials and will receive five complimentary registration and block-rate registration free of charge per person for up to ten employees.
Contact: cff.symposium2016(at) chonwainkuo(at)

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