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Acta Astronautica, Journal of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA)
Volume 117 ,  Pages 1-510, December 2015

A new generation of ultra-sensitive electrostatic accelerometers for GRACE Follow-on and towards the next generation gravity missions   Original Research Article
Pages 1-7
B. Christophe, D. Boulanger, B. Foulon, P.-A. Huynh, V. Lebat, F. Liorzou, E. Perrot

Skip entry guidance using numerical predictor–corrector and patched corridor   Original Research Article
Pages 8-18
Zong-Fu Luo, Hong-Bo Zhang, Guo-Jian Tang

Vision-based localization for on-orbit servicing of a partially cooperative satellite   Original Research Article
Pages 19-37
Nassir W. Oumer, Giorgio Panin, Quirin Mülbauer, Anastasia Tseneklidou

Assessment of the commercial viability of selected options for on-orbit servicing (OOS)   Original Research Article
Pages 38-48
Andrew Robert Graham, Jennifer Kingston

Experimental verification of an innovative debris detector 
  Original Research Article
Pages 49-54
Waldemar Bauer, Oliver Romberg, Robin Putzar

Tethered actuator for vibration control of space structures   Original Research Article
Pages 55-63
H.A. Fujii, Y. Sugimoto, T. Watanabe, T. Kusagaya

IAA multilingual space dictionary, current status and future prospects   Original Research Article
Pages 64-72
Tetsuo Yoshimitsu, Susan McKenna-Lawlor, Danielle Candel, Keiken Ninomiya, Jean-Michel Contant

UWE-3, in-orbit performance and lessons learned of a modular and flexible satellite bus for future pico-satellite formations   Original Research Article
Pages 73-89
S. Busch, P. Bangert, S. Dombrovski, K. Schilling

The large-amplitude combustion oscillation in a single-side expansion scramjet combustor
   Original Research Article
Pages 90-98
Hao Ouyang, Weidong Liu, Mingbo Sun

Sample Canister Capture Mechanism for Mars Sample Return: Functional and environmental test of the elegant breadboard model   Original Research Article
Pages 99-115
R. Carta, D. Filippetto, M. Lavagna, F. Mailland, P. Falkner, J. Larranaga

Lunar far side surface navigation using Linked Autonomous Interplanetary Satellite Orbit Navigation (LiAISON)   Original Research Article
Pages 116-129
Siamak G. Hesar, Jeffrey S. Parker, Jason M. Leonard, Ryan M. McGranaghan, George H. Born

Study of thermal throat of RBCC combustor based on one-dimensional analysis   Original Research Article
Pages 130-141
Ya-jun Wang, Jiang Li, Fei Qin, Guo-qiang He, Lei Shi

Mixing augmentation induced by the interaction between the oblique shock wave and a sonic hydrogen jet in supersonic flows   Original Research Article
Pages 142-152
Wei Huang, Jian-guo Tan, Jun Liu, Li Yan

Sol–gel hybrid materials for aerospace applications: Chemical characterization and comparative investigation of the magnetic properties
   Original Research Article
Pages 153-162
Michelina Catauro, Maria Cristina Mozzati, Flavia Bollino

Asteroid Redirect Mission concept: A bold approach for utilizing space resources
   Original Research Article
Pages 163-171
Daniel D. Mazanek, Raymond G. Merrill, John R. Brophy, Robert P. Mueller

Common benefit from a perspective of “Non-traditional Partners”: A proposed agenda to address the status quo in Global Space Governance   Original Research Article
Pages 172-183
Timiebi Aganaba-Jeanty

A testbed for visual based navigation and control during space rendezvous operations
   Original Research Article
Pages 184-196
Marco Sabatini, Giovanni B. Palmerini, Paolo Gasbarri

Wall modeled large eddy simulation of supersonic flow physics over compression–expansion ramp   Original Research Article
Pages 197-208
Ebrahim Goshtasbi Rad, Seyed Mahmood Mousavi

Rapid maneuvering of multi-body dynamic systems with optimal motion compensation   Original Research Article
Pages 209-221
B. Bishop, R. Gargano, A. Sears, M. Karpenko

Dynamics of multi-tethered pyramidal satellite formation   Original Research Article
Pages 222-230
D. Alary, K. Andreev, P. Boyko, E. Ivanova, D. Pritykin, V. Sidorenko, C. Tourneur, D. Yarotsky

Space exploration with a solar sail coated by materials that undergo thermal desorption   Original Research Article
Pages 231-237
Roman Ya. Kezerashvili

CEPHEUS, a multi-project satellite for technology qualification   Original Research Article
Pages 238-242
José M. Quero, Laura León, Daniel Martínez, Javier Brey, Mar Jiménez, José M. Moreno, Manuel Rodríguez, Cristóbal Nieto, Pedro Castro, Ignacio Yagüe, Antonio Sánchez, Demetrio López, Carlos Leyva, Natividad Ramos

On-line reentry guidance algorithm with both path and no-fly zone constraints   Original Research Article
Pages 243-253
Da Zhang, Lei Liu, Yongji Wang

Parameter estimation of a three-axis spacecraft simulator using recursive least-squares approach with tracking differentiator and Extended Kalman Filter   Original Research Article
Pages 254-262
Zheyao Xu, Naiming Qi, Yukun Chen

GPS/Galileo navigation in GTO/GEO orbit   Original Research Article
Pages 263-276
François-Xavier Marmet, Jerome Maureau, Massimiliano Calaprice, Jean Paul Aguttes

Active debris removal: Aspects of trajectories, communication and illumination during final approach   Original Research Article
Pages 277-295
J.A.F. Deloo, E. Mooij

Experimental investigation on the onset of thermo-acoustic instability of supercritical hydrocarbon fuel flowing in a small-scale channel   Original Research Article
Pages 296-304
Hui Wang, Jin Zhou, Yu Pan, Ning Wang

Numerical exploration of mixing and combustion in ethylene fueled scramjet combustor   Original Research Article
Pages 305-318
Malsur Dharavath, P. Manna, Debasis Chakraborty

Fission thrust sail as booster for high Δv fusion based propulsion 
  Original Research Article
Pages 319-331
Frederik Ceyssens, Kristof Wouters, Maarten Driesen

Single-satellite global positioning system   Original Research Article
Pages 332-337
Alexander V. Bagrov, Vladislav A. Leonov, Alexander S. Mitkin, Alexander F. Nasyrov, Andreu D. Ponomarenko, Konstantin M. Pichkhadze, Valentin K. Sysoev

Accumulation of errors in numerical simulations of chemically reacting gas dynamics   Original Research Article
Pages 338-355
N.N. Smirnov, V.B. Betelin, V.F. Nikitin, L.I. Stamov, D.I. Altoukhov

Priorities in national space strategies and governance of the member states of the European Space Agency   Original Research Article
Pages 356-367
Maarten Adriaensen, Christina Giannopapa, Daniel Sagath, Anastasia Papastefanou

Effect of cavity configuration on kerosene spark ignition in a scramjet combustor at Ma 4.5 flight condition   Review Article
Pages 368-375
Heng Bao, Jin Zhou, Yu Pan

Numerical and experimental study on flame structure characteristics in a supersonic combustor with dual-cavity   Original Research Article
Pages 376-389
Yixin Yang, Zhenguo Wang, Mingbo Sun, Hongbo Wang, Li Li

Tethered satellite system control using electromagnetic forces and reaction wheels
   Original Research Article
Pages 390-401
Mohammad Amin Alandi Hallaj, Nima Assadian

Effects of wind velocity on slant path rain-attenuation for satellite application in Malaysia
   Original Research Article
Pages 402-407
Ali Kadhim Lwas, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Mohamed Hadi Habaebi, Singh Jit Mandeep, Ahmad Fadzil Ismail, Alhareth Zyoud

Quantum mechanics calculation of catalytic properties of a copper sensor for prediction of flow characteristics in plasmatron   Original Research Article
Pages 408-413
V.L. Kovalev, A.A. Kroupnov, А.S. Vetchinkin

Tilted wheel satellite attitude control with air-bearing table experimental results 
  Original Research Article
Pages 414-429
Lawrence O. Inumoh, Jason L. Forshaw, Nadjim M. Horri

A thermal control surface for the Solar Orbiter   Original Research Article
Pages 430-439
Kevin A.J. Doherty, James G. Carton, Andrew Norman, Terry McCaul, Barry Twomey, Kenneth T. Stanton

Investigation on flow and mixing characteristics of supersonic mixing layer induced by forced vibration of cantilever   Original Research Article
Pages 440-449
Dongdong Zhang, Jianguo Tan, Liang Lv

Body-fixed orbit-attitude hovering control over an asteroid using non-canonical Hamiltonian structure   Original Research Article
Pages 450-468
Yue Wang, Shijie Xu

Development of a nanosatellite de-orbiting system by reliability based design optimization   Original Research Article
Pages 469-483
Melike Nikbay, Pınar Acar, Alim Rüstem Aslan

Thermocapillary bubble flow and coalescence in a rotating cylinder: A 3D study 
  Original Research Article
Pages 484-496
Yousuf Alhendal, A. Turan, M. Al-mazidi

A study on fabrication of monolithic lightweight composite electronic housing for space application   Original Research Article
Pages 497-509
T.S. Jang, J. Rhee, J.K. Seo

Acta Astronautica, Journal of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA)
Volume 116 ,  Pages 1-408, November–December 2015

INVERITAS: A facility for hardware-in-the-loop long distance movement simulation for rendezvous and capture of satellites and other autonomous objects   Original Research Article
Pages 1-24
J. Paul, A. Dettmann, B. Girault, J. Hilljegerdes, F. Kirchner, I. Ahrns, J. Sommer

Solar sail Lyapunov and Halo orbits in the Earth–Moon three-body problem   Original Research Article
Pages 25-35
Jeannette Heiligers, Sander Hiddink, Ron Noomen, Colin R. McInnes

Triple shock configurations with negative angle of reflection   Original Research Article
Pages 36-42
L.G. Gvozdeva, M.V. Silnikov, S.A. Gavrenkov

Electric solar wind sail optimal transit in the circular restricted three body problem
   Original Research Article
Pages 43-49
Alessandro A. Quarta, Generoso Aliasi, Giovanni Mengali

European x-ray optics for next generation space observatories   Original Research Article
Pages 50-55
Eric Wille, Marcos Bavdaz

Three dimensional CFD investigation of shock train structure in a supersonic nozzle   Original Research Article
Pages 56-67
Reza Kamali, Seyed Mahmood Mousavi, Ali Reza Binesh

Fabrication technique and thermal insulation properties of micro- and nano-channeled polymer composites   Original Research Article
Pages 68-73
Eric D. Schmid, David R. Salem

Choosing control parameters for three axis magnetic stabilization in orbital frame  
Pages 74-77
M.Yu. Ovchinnikov, D.S. Roldugin, D.S. Ivanov, V.I. Penkov

Experimental results of a Terrain Relative Navigation algorithm using a simulated lunar scenario   Original Research Article
Pages 78-92
Luigi Ansalone, Eleonora Grava, Fabio Curti

Numerical investigation on mixing and combustion of transverse hydrogen jet in a high-enthalpy supersonic crossflow   Original Research Article
Pages 93-105
Chaoyang Liu, Zhenguo Wang, Hongbo Wang, Mingbo Sun

Global space workforce development: a model for partnership building and knowledge transfer to developing space-faring societies   Original Research Article
Pages 106-116
Marlene M. MacLeish, Joseph O. Akinyede, Ronald J. White, Nandu Goswami, William A. Thomson

Large amplitude nonlinear vibration analysis of functionally graded Timoshenko beams with porosities   Original Research Article
Pages 117-125
Farzad Ebrahimi, Majid Zia

Improving the wear properties of AZ31 magnesium alloy under vacuum low-temperature condition by plasma electrolytic oxidation coating   Original Research Article
Pages 126-131
Hang Li, Songtao Lu, Wei Qin, Lu Han, Xiaohong Wu

Thrust augmentation optimization through supersonic after-burning in scramjet engine nozzles via surrogate-assisted evolutionary algorithms
   Original Research Article
Pages 132-147
M.J. Candon, H. Ogawa

Abort recovery strategy for future vertical landing systems
   Original Research Article
Pages 148-153
Toyonori Kobayakawa, Hiroshi Kawato, Kazunori Mochizuki, Noboru Sakamoto, Yuuta Habaguchi

Multi-objective optimization of zero propellant maneuver using hybrid programming   Original Research Article
Pages 154-160
Qian Zhao, Haibing Huang

Reconsidering macro-artefacts in SETI searches   Original Research Article
Pages 161-165
Morris Jones

Second generation EmDrive propulsion applied to SSTO launcher and interstellar probe   Original Research Article
Pages 166-174
Roger Shawyer

Solar electric propulsion orbital debris ferry, vehicle concept and reference mission   Original Research Article
Pages 175-185
Matthew Duchek, John Abrams, Samantha Infeld, Steve Jolly, Michael Drews, Jesse Hopkins

Feasibility study of GNSS as navigation system to reach the Moon   Original Research Article
Pages 186-201
Vincenzo Capuano, Cyril Botteron, Jérôme Leclère, Jia Tian, Yanguang Wang, Pierre- André Farine

A novel approach to activate deep spinal muscles in space—Results of a biomechanical model   Original Research Article
Pages 202-210
Lukas Lindenroth, Nick Caplan, Dorothée Debuse, Sauro Emerick Salomoni, Simon Evetts, Tobias Weber

In-flight performance of the Van Allen Probes RF telecommunications system   Original Research Article
Pages 211-221
Dipak K. Srinivasan, Norm Adams, Robert Wallis

An engineering model to describe fragments clouds propagating inside spacecraft in consequence of space debris impact on sandwich panel structures   Original Research Article
Pages 222-228
A. Francesconi, C. Giacomuzzo, F. Feltrin, A. Antonello, L. Savioli

How can we increase the accuracy of determination of spacecraft׳s lifetime?   Original Research Article
Pages 229-236
A.I. Nazarenko

Speed and/or inclination-dependent mobilization of human leg muscles during walking with a unique exception   Original Research Article
Pages 237-246
Takashi Ohira, Hirooki Okabe, Fuminori Kawano, Ryo Fujita, Tomotaka Ohira, Kazutaka Ohira, Yoshihiko Oke, Naoya Nakai, Roland R. Roy, Victor R. Edgerton, Yoshinobu Ohira

Isolation and characterization of enzyme-producing bacteria of the silkworm larval gut in bioregenerative life support system   Original Research Article
Pages 247-253
Xue Liang, Yuming Fu, Hong Liu

Fault-tolerant attitude control of magneto-Coulombic satellites   Original Research Article
Pages 254-270
Dipak Kumar Giri, Manoranjan Sinha, Krishna D. Kumar

Interplanetary parking method and its applications   Original Research Article
Pages 271-281
Toshinori Ikenaga, Masayoshi Utashima, Nobuaki Ishii, Yasuhiro Kawakatsu, Makoto Yoshikawa

Study of gas separation by the means of high-frequency membrane oscillations   Original Research Article
Pages 282-285
Valery Kovalev, Artem Yakunchikov, Vasiliy Kosiantchouk

Impact of shear stress and simulated microgravity on osteocytes using a new rotation cell culture device   Original Research Article
Pages 286-298
Xiao Yang, Lian-Wen Sun, Xin-Tong Wu, Meng Liang, Yu-Bo Fan

A realistic concept of a manned Mars mission with nuclear–electric propulsion   Original Research Article
Pages 299-306
H.W. Loeb, V.G. Petukhov, G.A. Popov, A.I. Mogulkin

The features of constellations׳ formation and replenishment at near circular orbits in non-central gravity fields   Original Research Article
Pages 307-317
Andrey A. Baranov, Dmitriy A. Grishko, Vera I. Mayorova

Optimization of micro single dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuator models based on experimental velocity and body force fields   Original Research Article
Pages 318-332
E. Pescini, D.S. Martínez, M.G. De Giorgi, A. Ficarella

Unified kinematic framework for a non-nominal Euler axis/angle rotation   Original Research Article
Pages 333-338
E.L. de Angelis, F. Giulietti

Analytical study of microsatellite attitude determination algorithms
   Original Research Article
Pages 339-348
D. Ivanov, M. Ovchinnikov, N. Ivlev, S. Karpenko

Uniform rotations of tethered system connected to a moon surface   Original Research Article
Pages 349-354
Alexander A. Burov, Anna D. Guerman, Ivan I. Kosenko

Flat-spin recovery of spinning satellites by an equatorial torque
   Original Research Article
Pages 355-367
Frank L. Janssens, Jozef C. van der Ha

Impact on mission design due to collision avoidance operations based on TLE or CSM information   Original Research Article
Pages 368-381
Noelia Sánchez-Ortiz, Raúl Domínguez-González, Holger Krag, Tim Flohrer

Project of a multibeam UHF receiver to improve survey capabilities   Original Research Article
Pages 382-386
Stelio Montebugnoli, Claudio Bortolotti, Germano Bianchi, Jader Monari, Claudio Maccone, Federico Perini, Mauro Roma, Marco Schiaffino

A possible spontaneous generation of silicon utilizing minimal containers as precursors of life in the cosmos   Original Research Article
Pages 387-393
Satadal Das

Convergent evolution and the search for biosignatures within the solar system and beyond
   Original Research Article
Pages 394-402
Claudio L. Flores Martinez

Beyond an anthropomorphic template   Original Research Article
Pages 403-407
John Elliott

Acta Astronautica, Journal of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA)
Volume 115 ,  Pages 1-462, October–November 2015

Optimized control for longitudinal slip ratio with reduced energy consumption   Original Research Article
Pages 1-17
Haibo Gao, Kerui Xia, Liang Ding, Zongquan Deng, Zhen Liu, Guangjun Liu

A one meter class eye for the PLAnetary Transit and Oscillation spacecraft   Original Research Article
Pages 18-23
Roberto Ragazzoni, Heike Rauer, Claude Catala, Demetrio Magrin, Daniele Piazza, Isabella Pagano, Valerio Nascimbeni, Giampaolo Piotto, Pierre Bodin, Patrick Levacher, Jacopo Farinato, Valentina Viotto, Maria Bergomi, Marco Dima, Luca Marafatto, Matteo Munari, Mauro Ghigo, Stefano Basso, Francesco Borsa, Daniele Spiga, Gisbert Peter, Ana Heras, Philippe Gondoin

Drag reduction mechanism induced by a combinational opposing jet and spike concept in supersonic flows   Original Research Article
Pages 24-31
Wei Huang, Jun Liu, Zhi-xun Xia

Fast adaptive pose tracking control for satellites via dual quaternion upon non-certainty equivalence principle   Original Research Article
Pages 32-39
Dongeun Seo

High resolution numerical simulation of triple point collision and origin of unburned gas pockets in turbulent detonations   Original Research Article
Pages 40-51
Yasser Mahmoudi, Kiumars Mazaheri

Composite structures with gradient of permeability to be used in heat pipes under microgravity   Original Research Article
Pages 52-57
A.G. Kostornov, A.L. Moroz, A.A. Shapoval, O. Kabov, P. Strizhak, J.C. Legros

Optimal frame geometry of spacecraft seat based on multi-body dynamics modelling   Original Research Article
Pages 58-70
Ali Akbar Pasha Zanoosi, Mohammadreza Mallakzadeh, Reza Kalantarinejad

Exploiting lunisolar perturbations using the grazing method: An orbit control strategy for a satellite in a critically inclined highly eccentric orbit around the Earth
   Original Research Article
Pages 71-81
Matthew Bourassa, Bruce Burlton, Fred Afagh, Rob Langlois

Radiation heat transfer in particle-laden gaseous flame: Flame acceleration and triggering detonation   Original Research Article
Pages 82-93
M.A. Liberman, M.F. Ivanov, A.D. Kiverin

Combustion onset in non-uniform dispersed mixtures   Original Research Article
Pages 94-101
Nickolay N. Smirnov, Valeriy F. Nikitin, Vladislav R. Dushin, Yurii G. Filippov, Valentina A. Nerchenko, Javad Khadem

Variable-time-domain neighboring optimal guidance applied to space trajectories   Original Research Article
Pages 102-120
Mauro Pontani, Giampaolo Cecchetti, Paolo Teofilatto

Lessons learned from the dynamical behaviour of orbiting satellites   Review Article
Pages 121-137
Jozef C. van der Ha

Form influences function: Anthropometry and orthostatic stability during sustained acceleration in a short arm human centrifuge   Original Research Article
Pages 138-146
Michael Nordine, Martina Anna Maggioni, Alexander Stahn, Stefan Mendt, Katharina Brauns, Hanns-Christian Gunga, Helmut Habazettl, Andrea Nitsche, Oliver Opatz

Model-Based Systems Engineering approach for the development of the science processing and operations center of the NASA OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample return mission   Original Research Article
Pages 147-159
Daniel R. Wibben, Roberto Furfaro

The economics of space debris: Estimating the costs and benefits of debris mitigation   Original Research Article
Pages 160-164
Molly K. Macauley

Understanding the effects of spaceflight on head–trunk coordination during walking and obstacle avoidance
   Original Research Article
Pages 165-172
S. Madansingh, J.J. Bloomberg

Space and Open Innovation: Potential, limitations and conditions of success   Original Research Article
Pages 173-184
Magni Johannsson, Anne Wen, Benjamin Kraetzig, Dan Cohen, Dapeng Liu, Hao Liu, Hilda Palencia, Hugo Wagner, Ian Stotesbury, Jaroslaw Jaworski, Julien Tallineau, Karima Laïb, Louis-Etienne Dubois, Mark Lander, Matthew Claude, Matthew Shouppe, Michael Gallagher, Mitchell Brogan, Natalia Larrea Brito, Philippe Cyr, Rory Ewing, Sebastian Davis Marcu, Silje Bareksten, M.N. Suma, U. Sreerekha, Tanay Sharma, Tiantian Li, Wei Yang, Wensheng Chen, William Ricard, William van Meerbeeck, Yang Cui, Zac Trolley, Zhigang Zhao

What is in a name? Perceived identity, classification, philosophy, and implied duty of the ‘astronaut’   Original Research Article
Pages 185-194
Sara Langston, Sarah Jane Pell

Spaceship Earth. Space-driven technologies and systems for sustainability on ground
   Original Research Article
Pages 195-205
Alberto Giovanni Castiglioni, Masoud Bozorg Bigdeli, Cristina Palamini, Diego Martinoia, Ludovica Frezza, Beatrice Matassini, Davide Pizzocri, Mauro Massari

Development of wind measurement systems for future space missions
   Original Research Article
Pages 206-217
Gordon G. Shepherd

Pressure sensing for in-suit measurement of space suited biomechanics   Original Research Article
Pages 218-225
Allison P. Anderson, Dava J. Newman

Trajectory design for bounded motion near uncertain binary systems comprised of small irregular bodies exploiting sliding control modes   Original Research Article
Pages 226-240
Loic Chappaz, Kathleen C. Howell

Rocketry Mentors, Rocketry Practitioners and Unique Space Pioneers
   Original Research Article
Pages 241-246
Charles A. Lundquist

Thermal design and analysis of a nanosatellite in low earth orbit
   Original Research Article
Pages 247-261
S. Corpino, M. Caldera, F. Nichele, M. Masoero, N. Viola

Asteroid Impact and Deflection Assessment mission   Original Research Article
Pages 262-269
A.F. Cheng, J. Atchison, B. Kantsiper, A.S. Rivkin, A. Stickle, C. Reed, A. Galvez, I. Carnelli, P. Michel, S. Ulamec

Pretension design for space deployable mesh reflectors under multi-uncertainty   Original Research Article
Pages 270-276
Hanqing Deng, Tuanjie Li, Zuowei Wang

Statistical Drake–Seager Equation for exoplanet and SETI searches   Original Research Article
Pages 277-285
Claudio Maccone

Evo-SETI Entropy identifies with Molecular Clock   Original Research Article
Pages 286-290
Claudio Maccone

Position-based visual servo control of autonomous robotic manipulators   Original Research Article
Pages 291-302
Gangqi Dong, Z.H. Zhu

Fixed-time control for spacecraft attitude tracking based on quaternion
   Original Research Article
Pages 303-313
Jiwei Gao, Yuanli Cai

Finite element simulation of buckling-induced failure of carbon fibre-reinforced laminated composite panels embedded with damage zones   Original Research Article
Pages 314-329
Umar Farooq, Peter Myler

Indirect measurement method of inner wall temperature of scramjet with a state observer
   Original Research Article
Pages 330-337
Cong Zhang, Jiang Qin, Qingchun Yang, Silong Zhang, Juntao Chang, Wen Bao

Performances of a small hypersonic airplane (HyPlane)   Original Research Article
Pages 338-348
Raffaele Savino, Gennaro Russo, Vera D’Oriano, Michele Visone, Manuela Battipede, Piero Gili

Development of cooperative communication techniques for a network of small satellites and CubeSats in deep space: The SOLARA/SARA test case   Original Research Article
Pages 349-355
Alessandra Babuscia, Kar-Ming Cheung, Dariush Divsalar, Charles Lee

Effects of oblique and transverse injection on the characteristics of jet in supersonic crossflow
   Original Research Article
Pages 356-366
Yujie Zhang, Weidong Liu, Bo Wang

Low-complexity code tracking loop with multipath diversity for GNSS over multipath fading channels   Original Research Article
Pages 367-375
Yating Wu, Y.S. Zhu, S.H. Leung, W.K. Wong, Tao Wang

Performance model for space-based laser debris sweepers   Original Research Article
Pages 376-383
Manuel Schmitz, Stefanos Fasoulas, Jens Utzmann

Toward open source CubeSat design   Original Research Article
Pages 384-392
Artur Scholz, Jer-Nan Juang

Some characteristics of Coronal Mass Ejections associated with Prominence Eruptions   Original Research Article
Pages 393-399
Nishant Mittal, Joginder Sharma, Vijay Garg

Hypervelocity impact of a pressurized vessel: Comparison of ballistic limit equation predictions with test data and rupture limit equation development
   Original Research Article
Pages 400-406
William P. Schonberg, J.Martin Ratliff

Incremental planning of multi-gravity assist trajectories   Original Research Article
Pages 407-421
Massimiliano Vasile, Juan Manuel Romero Martin, Luca Masi, Edmondo Minisci, Richard Epenoy, Vincent Martinot, Jordi Fontdecaba Baig

Numerical study of shock wave interaction on transverse jets through multiport injector arrays in supersonic crossflow   Original Research Article
Pages 422-433
M. Barzegar Gerdroodbary, D.D. Ganji, Y. Amini

Rosetta operations at the comet   Original Research Article
Pages 434-441
Andrea Accomazzo, Paolo Ferri, Sylvain Lodiot, Jose-Luis Pellon-Bailon, Armelle Hubault, Roberto Porta, Jakub Urbanek, Ritchie Kay, Matthias Eiblmaier, Tiago Francisco

Communications satellites: Time expanded graph exploration of a tradespace of architectures
   Original Research Article
Pages 442-451
Peter Davison, Demetrios Kellari, Edward F. Crawley, Bruce G. Cameron

High-resolution mapping of lunar polar hydrogen with a low-resource orbital mission   Original Research Article
Pages 452-462
David J. Lawrence, Richard S. Miller, Martin T. Ozimek, Patrick N. Peplowski, Christopher J. Scott 
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