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Acta Papers 2017 (2) Print
Acta Papers 2017

Acta Astronautica
Volume 139, Pages 1-564, October 2017

Combustion characteristics and turbulence modeling of swirling reacting flow in solid fuel ramjet    Review Article
Pages 1-17
Omer Musa, Chen Xiong, Zhou Changsheng
Torque distribution algorithm for effective use of reaction wheel torques and angular momentums   
Pages 18-23
Mikihiro Sugita
Experimental study of cone-struts and cavity flameholders in a kerosene-fueled round scramjet combustor    Original Research Article
Pages 24-33
Dongqing Zhang, Wenyan Song
Analysis of the effect of attachment point bias during large space debris removal using a tethered space tug    Original Research Article
Pages 34-41
Zhongyi Chu, Jingnan Di, Jing Cui
Approach to technology prioritization in support of moon initiatives in the framework of ESA exploration technology roadmaps    Original Research Article
Pages 42-53
Sara Cresto Aleina, Nicole Viola, Roberta Fusaro, Giorgio Saccoccia
A modified modal method for solving the mission-oriented inverse kinematics of hyper-redundant space manipulators for on-orbit servicing    Original Research Article
Pages 54-66
Wenfu Xu, Zonggao Mu, Tianliang Liu, Bin Liang
Effects of injection pressure variation on mixing in a cold supersonic combustor with kerosene fuel    Original Research Article
Pages 67-76
Wei-Lai Liu, Lin Zhu, Yin-Yin Qi, Jia-Ru Ge, Feng Luo, Hao-Ran Zou, Min Wei, Tien-Chien Jen
Fast spacecraft adaptive attitude tracking control through immersion and invariance design    Original Research Article
Pages 77-84
Haowei Wen, Xiaokui Yue, Peng Li, Jianping Yuan
Numerical simulation on the powder propellant pickup characteristics of feeding system at high pressure    Original Research Article
Pages 85-97
Haijun Sun, Chunbo Hu, Xiaofei Zhu
Breakthrough Listen – A new search for life in the universe    Original Research Article
Pages 98-101
S. Pete Worden, Jamie Drew, Andrew Siemion, Dan Werthimer, David DeBoer, Steve Croft, David MacMahon, Matt Lebofsky, Howard Isaacson, Jack Hickish, Danny Price, Vishal Gajjar, Jason T. Wright
Cultural ethology as a new approach of interplanetary crew's behavior    Original Research Article
Pages 102-110
Carole Tafforin, Francisco Giner Abati
Sliding mode disturbance observer-enhanced adaptive control for the air-breathing hypersonic flight vehicle    Original Research Article
Pages 111-121
Hao An, Changhong Wang, Baris Fidan
Asymptotic stability of a satellite with electrodynamic attitude control in the orbital frame    Original Research Article
Pages 122-129
A. Yu. Aleksandrov, A.A. Tikhonov
Satellite single-axis attitude determination based on Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast signals    Original Research Article
Pages 130-140
Kaixing Zhou, Xiucong Sun, Hai Huang, Xinsheng Wang, Guangwei Ren
Electric propulsion reliability: Statistical analysis of on-orbit anomalies and comparative analysis of electric versus chemical propulsion failure rates    Original Research Article
Pages 141-156
Joseph Homer Saleh, Fan Geng, Michelle Ku, Mitchell L.R. Walker
Power matching between plasma generation and electrostatic acceleration in helicon electrostatic thruster    Original Research Article
Pages 157-164
D. Ichihara, Y. Nakagawa, A. Uchigashima, A. Iwakawa, A. Sasoh, T. Yamazaki
Pose estimation and tracking of non-cooperative rocket bodies using Time-of-Flight cameras    Original Research Article
Pages 165-175
Harvey Gómez Martínez, Gabriele Giorgi, Bernd Eissfeller
Conducting Rock Mass Rating for tunnel construction on Mars    Original Research Article
Pages 176-180
Heidi D. Beemer, D. Scott Worrells
Agent-based algorithm for fault detection and recovery of gyroscope's drift in small satellite missions    Original Research Article
Pages 181-188
Johan Carvajal-Godinez, Jian Guo, Eberhard Gill
Structural testing and analysis of a braided, inflatable fabric torus structure    Original Research Article
Pages 189-200
Andrew C. Young, William G. Davids, Daniel J. Whitney, Joshua D. Clapp, Andrew J. Goupee
Drift-free solar sail formations in elliptical Sun-synchronous orbits    Original Research Article
Pages 201-212
Khashayar Parsay, Hanspeter Schaub
Non-cooperative spacecraft pose tracking based on point cloud feature    Original Research Article
Pages 213-221
Ying He, Bin Liang, Jin He, Shunzhi Li
Change of growth promotion and disease resistant of wheat seedling by application of biocontrol bacterium Pseudochrobactrum kiredjianiae A4 under simulated microgravity    Original Research Article
Pages 222-227
Yuming Fu, Han Gao, Hongyan Li, Youcai Qin, Wen Tang, Jinying Lu, Ming Li, Lingzhi Shao, Hong Liu
The elements of a commercial human spaceflight safety reporting system    Original Research Article
Pages 228-232
Ian Christensen
A non-saturated sliding-mode control of shaft deflection for magnetically suspended momentum wheel with coupled disturbance and saturated amplifier    Original Research Article
Pages 233-242
Chao Han, Xinwei Wang, Yuanjin Yu, Zhaohua Yang
A combined impedance-PD approach for controlling a dual-arm space manipulator in the capture of a non-cooperative target    Original Research Article
Pages 243-253
A. Stolfi, P. Gasbarri, M. Sabatini
Galaxy travel via Alcubierre's warp drive    Original Research Article
Pages 254-257
M. Fil'chenkov, Yu. Laptev
Visualization of the heat release zone of highly turbulent premixed jet flames    Original Research Article
Pages 258-265
Liang Lv, Jianguo Tan, Jiajian Zhu
Dynamic analysis of the tether transportation system using absolute nodal coordinate formulation    Original Research Article
Pages 266-277
Xin Sun, Ming Xu, Rui Zhong
Investigation on the propagation process of rotating detonation wave    Original Research Article
Pages 278-287
Li Deng, Hu Ma, Can Xu, Changsheng Zhou, Xiao Liu
Effect of thermochemical non-equilibrium on the aerodynamics of an osculating-cone waverider under different angles of attack    Original Research Article
Pages 288-295
Zhen Liu, Jun Liu, Feng Ding, Kai Li, Zhixun Xia
Coordinated control of a space manipulator tested by means of an air bearing free floating platform    Original Research Article
Pages 296-305
Marco Sabatini, Paolo Gasbarri, Giovanni B. Palmerini
Integrating spaceflight human system risk research    Original Research Article
Pages 306-312
Jennifer Mindock, Sarah Lumpkins, Wilma Anton, Maria Havenhill, Mark Shelhamer, Michael Canga
Design and implementation of a Cube satellite mission for Antarctic glacier and sea ice observation    Original Research Article
Pages 313-320
Shufan Wu, Tiancheng Zhao, Yuan Gao, Xiao Cheng
Optimal Bi-elliptic transfer between two generic coplanar elliptical orbits   
Pages 321-324
Elena V. Kiriliuk, Sergey A. Zaborsky
Towards a standard licensing scheme for the access and use of satellite earth observation data for disaster management    Original Research Article
Pages 325-331
Nathan E. Clark
Experiments and simulation of a net closing mechanism for tether-net capture of space debris    Original Research Article
Pages 332-343
Inna Sharf, Benjamin Thomsen, Eleonora M. Botta, Arun K. Misra
A methodology to study the possible occurrence of chugging in liquid rocket engines during transient start-up    Original Research Article
Pages 344-356
Marco Leonardi, Francesco Nasuti, Francesco Di Matteo, Johan Steelant
Attitude and vibration control of a satellite containing flexible solar arrays by using reaction wheels, and piezoelectric transducers as sensors and actuators    Original Research Article
Pages 357-366
Ijar M. da Fonseca, Domingos A. Rade, Luiz C.S. Goes, Thiago de Paula Sales
An adaptive optics aided differential optical positioning for passive orbit determination of the space debris at the geostationary orbit    Original Research Article
Pages 367-376
Piotr Piatrou, Francois Rigaut
LEO-to-ground optical communications using SOTA (Small Optical TrAnsponder) – Payload verification results and experiments on space quantum communications    Original Research Article
Pages 377-384
Alberto Carrasco-Casado, Hideki Takenaka, Dimitar Kolev, Yasushi Munemasa, Hiroo Kunimori, Kenji Suzuki, Tetsuharu Fuse, Toshihiro Kubo-Oka, Maki Akioka, Yoshisada Koyama, Morio Toyoshima
Towards a results-based management approach for capacity-building in space science, technology and applications to support the implementation of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development    Original Research Article
Pages 385-389
Werner R. Balogh, Luc St-Pierre, Simonetta Di Pippo
Environmental design implications for two deep space SmallSats    Review Article
Pages 390-395
Peter Kahn, Travis Imken, John Elliott, Brent Sherwood, Andreas Frick, Douglas Sheldon, Jonathan Lunine
Space architecture for MoonVillage    Original Research Article
Pages 396-406
Brent Sherwood
Development of a solar array drive mechanism for micro-satellite platforms    Original Research Article
Pages 407-418
Giorgos Galatis, Jian Guo, Jeroen Buursink
Chaotic attitude motion of a low-thrust tug-debris tethered system in a Keplerian orbit    Original Research Article
Pages 419-427
Vladimir S. Aslanov, Arun K. Misra, Vadim V. Yudintsev
Numerical simulation of the combustion of nano-aluminum in carbon dioxide    Original Research Article
Pages 428-434
Yunlan Sun, Qichang Wang, Yuxin Wu, Baozhong Zhu, Jianfeng Pan
Parametric effect on the mixing of the combination of a hydrogen porthole with an air porthole in transverse gaseous injection flow fields    Original Research Article
Pages 435-448
Lang-quan Li, Wei Huang, Li Yan, Shi-bin Li
Investigation on the effect of diaphragm on the combustion characteristics of solid-fuel ramjet    Original Research Article
Pages 449-462
Lunkun Gong, Xiong Chen, Haitao Yang, Weixuan Li, Changsheng Zhou
Response of Lactobacillus acidophilus ATCC 4356 to low-shear modeled microgravity    Original Research Article
Pages 463-468
Sarah Castro-Wallace, Sarah Stahl, Alexander Voorhies, Hernan Lorenzi, Grace L. Douglas
Critically stable damping in flexible structure control    Original Research Article
Pages 469-480
Zhigang Xing, Gangtie Zheng
New fractal math tool providing simultaneous reorientation and acceleration of spacecraft    Original Research Article
Pages 481-485
Alexander P. Yefremov
A low-complexity attitude control method for large-angle agile maneuvers of a spacecraft with control moment gyros    Original Research Article
Pages 486-493
Shota Kawajiri, Saburo Matunaga
Adaptive quaternion tracking with nonlinear extended state observer    Original Research Article
Pages 494-501
Yu-liang Bai, Xiao-gang Wang, Jiang-tao Xu, Nai-gang Cui
Structural-electromagnetic bidirectional coupling analysis of space large film reflector antennas    Original Research Article
Pages 502-511
Xinghua Zhang, Shuxin Zhang, ZhengAi Cheng, Baoyan Duan, Chen Yang, Meng Li, Xinbin Hou, Xun Li
Active vibration suppression for maneuvering spacecraft with high flexible appendages    Original Research Article
Pages 512-520
Qiufan Yuan, Yanfang Liu, Naiming Qi
A 200 W Hall thruster with hollow indented anode   
Pages 521-527
Yongjie Ding, Hezhi Sun, Liqiu Wei, Peng Li, Hongbo Su, Wuji Peng, Daren Yu
Pulsed fusion space propulsion: Computational Magneto-Hydro Dynamics of a multi-coil parabolic reaction chamber    Original Research Article
Pages 528-544
Gherardo Romanelli, Andrea Mignone, Angelo Cervone
Advanced concept for a crewed mission to the martian moons    Original Research Article
Pages 545-563
Davide Conte, Marilena Di Carlo, Dorota Budzyń, Hayden Burgoyne, Dan Fries, Maria Grulich, Sören Heizmann, Henna Jethani, Mathieu Lapôtre, Tobias Roos, Encarnación Serrano Castillo, Marcel Schermann, Rhiannon Vieceli, Lee Wilson, Christopher Wynard

Acta Astronautica
Volume 138, Pages 1-596, September 2017

A new analytical solution of the hyperbolic Kepler equation using the Adomian decomposition method    Original Research Article
Pages 1-9
Abdelhalim Ebaid, Randolph Rach, Essam El-Zahar
Predictor-corrector entry guidance with waypoint and no-fly zone constraints    Original Research Article
Pages 10-18
Tao Wang, Hongbo Zhang, Guojian Tang
Improving of technical characteristics of launch vehicles with liquid rocket engines using active onboard de-orbiting systems    Original Research Article
Pages 19-27
V. Trushlyakov, Ya. Shatrov
Concurrent rendezvous control of underactuated spacecraft    Original Research Article
Pages 28-42
Vijay Muralidharan, M. Reza Emami
Astro Pi: Running your code aboard the International Space Station   
Pages 43-52
David Honess, Oliver Quinlan
Mars Colony in situ resource utilization: An integrated architecture and economics model    Original Research Article
Pages 53-67
Robert Shishko, René Fradet, Sydney Do, Serkan Saydam, Carlos Tapia-Cortez, Andrew G. Dempster, Jeff Coulton
Absolute navigation for Mars final approach using relative measurements of X-ray pulsars and Mars orbiter    Original Research Article
Pages 68-78
Shuo Wang, Pingyuan Cui, Ai Gao, Zhengshi Yu, Menglong Cao
Experimental investigation on laser-induced plasma ignition of hydrocarbon fuel in scramjet engine at takeover flight conditions   
Pages 79-84
Xipeng Li, Weidong Liu, Yu Pan, Leichao Yang, Bin An
Inertial frames and breakthrough propulsion physics    Original Research Article
Pages 85-94
Marc G. Millis
Extending the coverage of the internet of things with low-cost nanosatellite networks    Original Research Article
Pages 95-101
Vicente Almonacid, Laurent Franck
The Lunar Space Tug: A sustainable bridge between low Earth orbits and the Cislunar Habitat    Original Research Article
Pages 102-117
M. Mammarella, C.A. Paissoni, N. Viola, A. Denaro, E. Gargioli, F. Massobrio
Ignition and combustion characteristics of molded amorphous boron under different oxygen pressures    Original Research Article
Pages 118-128
Daolun Liang, Jianzhong Liu, Yunan Zhou, Junhu Zhou, Kefa Cen
Experimental validation of damping properties and solar pressure effects on flexible, high area-to-mass ratio debris model    Original Research Article
Pages 129-144
Sittiporn Channumsin, Matteo Ceriotti, Gianmarco Radice, Ian Watson
On the prediction of spray angle of liquid-liquid pintle injectors    Original Research Article
Pages 145-151
Peng Cheng, Qinglian Li, Shun Xu, Zhongtao Kang
Attitude control of towed space debris using only tether    Original Research Article
Pages 152-167
Bingheng Wang, Zhongjie Meng, Panfeng Huang
Drag and heat flux reduction mechanism of blunted cone with aerodisks    Original Research Article
Pages 168-175
Wei Huang, Lang-quan Li, Li Yan, Tian-tian Zhang
Enhanced GPS-based GRACE baseline determination by using a new strategy for ambiguity resolution and relative phase center variation corrections    Review Article
Pages 176-184
Defeng Gu, Bing Ju, Junhong Liu, Jia Tu
Velocity-free adaptive backstepping control of underactuated spacecraft hovering in circular orbits with input saturation    Original Research Article
Pages 185-200
Xu Huang, Ye Yan, Yang Zhou, Daoliang Hao
Exchange inlet optimization by genetic algorithm for improved RBCC performance    Original Research Article
Pages 201-213
G. Chorkawy, J. Etele
Numerical simulation of the fluid-solid interaction for CNT reinforced functionally graded cylindrical shells in thermal environments    Original Research Article
Pages 214-224
Hamed Asadi
Hayabusa 2 extension plan: Asteroid selection and trajectory design    Original Research Article
Pages 225-232
Bruno Victorino Sarli, Yuichi Tsuda
Fuzzy attitude control of solar sail via linear matrix inequalities    Original Research Article
Pages 233-241
Joshua Baculi, Mohammad A. Ayoubi
On-board orbit determination for low thrust LEO-MEO transfer by Consider Kalman Filtering and multi-constellation GNSS    Original Research Article
Pages 242-254
Francesco Menzione, Alfredo Renga, Michele Grassi
Operations Data Files, driving force behind International Space Station operations    Review Article
Pages 255-261
Tom Hoppenbrouwers, Lionel Ferra, Michael Markus, Mikael Wolff
Mars double-aeroflyby free returns    Original Research Article
Pages 262-275
Mark Jesick
A novel nonlinear control for tracking and rendezvous with a rotating non-cooperative target with translational maneuver    Original Research Article
Pages 276-289
Dayu Zhang, Jianjun Luo, Dengwei Gao, Weihua Ma, Jianping Yuan
Attitude motion compensation for imager on Fengyun-4 geostationary meteorological satellite   
Pages 290-294
Wang Lyu, Shoulun Dai, Yaohai Dong, Yili Shen, Xiaozheng Song, Tianshu Wang
Space assets, technology and services in support of energy policy    Original Research Article
Pages 295-300
C.A. Vasko, M. Adriaensen, A. Bretel, I. Duvaux-Bechon, C.G. Giannopapa
Surrogate assisted multidisciplinary design optimization for an all-electric GEO satellite    Original Research Article
Pages 301-317
Renhe Shi, Li Liu, Teng Long, Jian Liu, Bin Yuan
Backstepping control for attitude tracking of the spacecraft under input saturation    Original Research Article
Pages 318-325
Yong Guo, Jin-hua Guo, Shen-min Song
Final payload test results for the RemoveDebris active debris removal mission    Original Research Article
Pages 326-342
Jason L. Forshaw, Guglielmo S. Aglietti, Thierry Salmon, Ingo Retat, Mark Roe, Christopher Burgess, Thomas Chabot, Aurélien Pisseloup, Andy Phipps, Cesar Bernal, François Chaumette, Alexandre Pollini, Willem H. Steyn
Karl Poggensee - A widely unknown German rocket pioneer - The early years 1930–1934 - A chronology    Original Research Article
Pages 343-355
Karlheinz Rohrwild
Manufacturing of a high-temperature resistojet heat exchanger by selective laser melting    Original Research Article
Pages 356-368
F. Romei, A.N. Grubišić, D. Gibbon
Silicon solar cell performance deposited by diamond like carbon thin film “Atomic oxygen effects”    Original Research Article
Pages 369-373
Abbas Ail Aghaei, Akbar Eshaghi, Esmaeil Karami
Development of small solid rocket boosters for the ILR-33 sounding rocket    Original Research Article
Pages 374-383
Pawel Nowakowski, Adam Okninski, Michal Pakosz, Dawid Cieslinski, Bartosz Bartkowiak, Piotr Wolanski
Experimental and numerical studies on the treatment of wet astronaut trash by forced-convection drying    Original Research Article
Pages 384-393
J.M.R. Apollo Arquiza, Robert Morrow, Ross Remiker, Jean B. Hunter
Thermodynamic efficiency analysis and cycle optimization of deeply precooled combined cycle engine in the air-breathing mode    Original Research Article
Pages 394-406
Jianqiang Zhang, Zhenguo Wang, Qinglian Li
Coupling characteristics analysis for the disturbance free payload spacecraft    Original Research Article
Pages 407-416
Chen Wu, Xianren Kong, Yanfang Liu, Zhenpeng Chen
Impact of End-of-Life manoeuvres on the collision risk in protected regions    Original Research Article
Pages 417-422
Stefan Frey, Stijn Lemmens, Benjamin Bastida Virgili, Tim Flohrer, Volker Gass
The effect of hypergravity on the lens, cornea and tail regeneration in Urodela    Original Research Article
Pages 423-433
E.N. Grigoryan, N. Dvorochkin, V.A. Poplinskaya, R. Yousuf, E.A. Radugina, E.A. Almeida
A virtual maintenance-based approach for satellite assembling and troubleshooting assessment    Original Research Article
Pages 434-453
Jie Geng, Ying Li, Ranran Wang, Zili Wang, Chuan Lv, Dong Zhou
Rover deployment system for lunar landing mission   
Pages 454-461
Masataku Sutoh, Takeshi Hoshino, Sachiko Wakabayashi
Free-flying dynamics and control of an astronaut assistant robot based on fuzzy sliding mode algorithm    Original Research Article
Pages 462-474
Qing Gao, Jinguo Liu, Tongtong Tian, Yangmin Li
Robust coordinated control of a dual-arm space robot    Original Research Article
Pages 475-489
Lingling Shi, Sharmila Kayastha, Jay Katupitiya
Mars final approach navigation using ground beacons and orbiters: An information propagation perspective    Original Research Article
Pages 490-500
Yangwei Ou, Hongbo Zhang
Corrigendum to “Transfer from Earth to libration point orbit using lunar gravity assist” [Acta Astronaut. 133 (2017) 145–157]   
Page 501
Yi Qi, Shijie Xu, Rui Qi
  Special Section - The Fifth International Conference on Tethers in Space
Tethers in Space   
Page 502
Les Johnson, Sven G. Bilén, Brian E. Gilchrist, Linda Habash Krause
Electric sail elliptic displaced orbits with advanced thrust model    Original Research Article
Pages 503-511
Lorenzo Niccolai, Alessandro A. Quarta, Giovanni Mengali
Modeling of Active Tether System concepts for planetary exploration    Original Research Article
Pages 512-529
Marco B. Quadrelli, Masahiro Ono, Abhinandan Jain
Tether enabled spacecraft systems for ultra long wavelength radio astronomy    Original Research Article
Pages 530-535
Thomas Gemmer, Christopher D. Yoder, Jacob Reedy, Andre P. Mazzoleni
Comparison of technologies for deorbiting spacecraft from low-earth-orbit at end of mission    Original Research Article
Pages 536-542
G. Sánchez-Arriaga, J.R. Sanmartín, E.C. Lorenzini
Magnetour: Surfing planetary systems on electromagnetic and multi-body gravity fields    Original Research Article
Pages 543-558
Gregory Lantoine, Ryan P. Russell, Rodney L. Anderson, Henry B. Garrett
Study of dynamical stability of tethered systems during space tug maneuvers    Original Research Article
Pages 559-569
R. Mantellato, L. Olivieri, E.C. Lorenzini
Space experiments on basic technologies for a space elevator using microsatellites    Original Research Article
Pages 570-578
Yoshiki Yamagiwa, Masahiro Nohmi, Yoshio Aoki, Yu Momonoi, Hirotaka Nanba, Masanori Aiga, Takeru Kumao, Masahito Watahiki
Simulation of a tethered microgravity robot pair and validation on a planar air bearing    Original Research Article
Pages 579-589
R. Mantellato, E.C. Lorenzini, D. Sternberg, D. Roascio, A. Saenz-Otero, H.J. Zachrau
Study about the simultaneous deployment performance of the cables from GEO station at the space elevator construction    Original Research Article
Pages 590-595
Koki Tao, Yosiki Yamagiwa, Kiyotoshi Otsuka, Yoji Ishikawa

Acta Astronautica
Volume 137, Pages 1-522, August 2017

Investigation of transient ignition process in a cavity based scramjet combustor using combined ethylene injectors    Original Research Article
Pages 1-7
Xiao Liu, Zun Cai, Yiheng Tong, Hongtao Zheng
Discharge reliability in ablative pulsed plasma thrusters    Original Research Article
Pages 8-14
Zhiwen Wu, Guorui Sun, Shiyue Yuan, Tiankun Huang, Xiangyang Liu, Kan Xie, Ningfei Wang
Robustness analysis method for orbit control    Original Research Article
Pages 15-24
Jingrui Zhang, Keying Yang, Rui Qi, Shuge Zhao, Yanyan Li
Green hypergolic combination: Diethylenetriamine-based fuel and hydrogen peroxide    Original Research Article
Pages 25-30
Hongjae Kang, Sejin Kwon
Space-based pseudo-fixed latitude observation mode based on the characteristics of geosynchronous orbit belt    Original Research Article
Pages 31-37
Yun-peng Hu, Lei Chen, Jian-yu Huang
Rosetta Lander - Philae: Operations on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, analysis of wake-up activities and final state    Original Research Article
Pages 38-43
Stephan Ulamec, Laurence O'Rourke, Jens Biele, Björn Grieger, Rafael Andrés, Sylvain Lodiot, Pablo Muñoz, Antoine Charpentier, Stefano Mottola, Jörg Knollenberg, Martin Knapmeyer, Ekkehard Kührt, Frank Scholten, Koen Geurts, Michael Maibaum, Cinzia Fantinati, Oliver Küchemann, Valentina Lommatsch, Cedric Delmas, Eric Jurado, et al.
Flow field characteristics analysis and combustion modes classification for a strut/cavity dual-mode combustor    Original Research Article
Pages 44-51
Chenlin Zhang, Juntao Chang, Yuanshi Zhang, Youyin Wang, Wen Bao
The influence of cavity parameters on the combustion oscillation in a single-side expansion scramjet combustor    Original Research Article
Pages 52-59
Hao Ouyang, Weidong Liu, Mingbo Sun
Reentry trajectory optimization with waypoint and no-fly zone constraints using multiphase convex programming    Original Research Article
Pages 60-69
Dang-Jun Zhao, Zheng-Yu Song
Crack cause analysis of a graphite nozzle throat insert    Original Research Article
Pages 70-77
Lin Sun, Futing Bao, Yu Zhao, Lian Hou, Weihua Hui, Ning Zhang, Wei Shi
Transfer orbits to L4 with a solar sail in the Earth-Sun system    Original Research Article
Pages 78-90
Ariadna Farrés
Teófilo Tabanera, Father of the Argentine Space Program    Original Research Article
Pages 91-97
Pablo de León, Marcela Tabanera, Marisol Tabanera
Solving fuel-optimal low-thrust orbital transfers with bang-bang control using a novel continuation technique    Original Research Article
Pages 98-113
Zhengfan Zhu, Qingbo Gan, Xin Yang, Yang Gao
Reconfigurable phased antenna array for extending cubesat operations to Ka-band: Design and feasibility    Original Research Article
Pages 114-121
G. Buttazzoni, M. Comisso, A. Cuttin, M. Fragiacomo, R. Vescovo, R. Vincenti Gatti
Effect of 21-day head down bed rest on urine proteins related to endothelium: Correlations with changes in carbohydrate metabolism    Original Research Article
Pages 122-127
D. Kashirina, L. Pastushkova, M.A. Custaud, I. Dobrokhotov, A. Brzhozovsky, N. Navasiolava, A. Nosovsky, A. Kononikhin, E. Nikolaev, I. Larina
Time-optimal spacecraft attitude maneuver path planning under boundary and pointing constraints    Original Research Article
Pages 128-137
Changqing Wu, Rui Xu, Shengying Zhu, Pingyuan Cui
Examining personal values in extreme environment contexts: Revisiting the question of generalizability    Original Research Article
Pages 138-144
N. Smith, G.M. Sandal, G.R. Leon, A. Kjærgaard
Numerical study on dynamic characteristics for sharp opening procedure of boundary-layer suction slot    Original Research Article
Pages 145-156
Yubao He, Hang Yin, Hongyan Huang, Daren Yu
Experimental and numerical investigation on the ignition and combustion stability in solid fuel ramjet with swirling flow    Original Research Article
Pages 157-167
Omer Musa, Chen Xiong, Zhou Changsheng
The Small Mars System    Original Research Article
Pages 168-181
E. Fantino, M. Grassi, P. Pasolini, F. Causa, C. Molfese, R. Aurigemma, N. Cimminiello, D. de la Torre, P. Dell'Aversana, F. Esposito, L. Gramiccia, F. Paudice, F. Punzo, I. Roma, R. Savino, G. Zuppardi
Designing the design at JPL'S innovation foundary    Original Research Article
Pages 182-191
Tibor S. Balint, Anthony Freeman
Drilling, sampling, and sample-handling system for China's asteroid exploration mission    Original Research Article
Pages 192-204
Tao Zhang, Wenming Zhang, Kang Wang, Sheng Gao, Liang Hou, Jianghui Ji, Xilun Ding
Characterization and compensation of thermo-elastic instability of SWARM optical bench on micro Advanced Stellar Compass attitude observations    Original Research Article
Pages 205-213
M. Herceg, P.S. Jørgensen, J.L. Jørgensen
Entrainment characteristics of cavity shear layers in supersonic flows    Original Research Article
Pages 214-221
Hongbo Wang, Peibo Li, Mingbo Sun, Jun Wei
Dynamic load synthesis for shock numerical simulation in space structure design    Original Research Article
Pages 222-231
Riccardo Monti, Paolo Gasbarri
Intelligent landing strategy for the small bodies: from passive bounce to active trajectory control    Original Research Article
Pages 232-242
Pingyuan Cui, Yanjie Liu, Zhengshi Yu, Shengying Zhu, Wei Shao
Swarm satellite mission scheduling & planning using Hybrid Dynamic Mutation Genetic Algorithm    Original Research Article
Pages 243-253
Zixuan Zheng, Jian Guo, Eberhard Gill
Hybrid SGP4 orbit propagator    Original Research Article
Pages 254-260
Juan Félix San-Juan, Iván Pérez, Montserrat San-Martín, Eliseo P. Vergara
Singularity and steering logic for control moment gyros on flexible space structures    Original Research Article
Pages 261-273
Quan Hu, Chuandong Guo, Jun Zhang
High velocity penetrators used a potential means for attaining core sample for airless solar system objects    Original Research Article
Pages 274-286
R.M. Winglee, C. Truitt, R. Shibata
Robust trajectory tracking control of a dual-arm space robot actuated by control moment gyroscopes    Original Research Article
Pages 287-301
Yinghong Jia, Arun K. Misra
Relative position coordinated control for spacecraft formation flying with communication delays    Original Research Article
Pages 302-311
Dechao Ran, Xiaoqian Chen, Arun K. Misra, Bing Xiao
Shared control on lunar spacecraft teleoperation rendezvous operations with large time delay    Original Research Article
Pages 312-319
Zhang Ya-kun, Li Hai-yang, Huang Rui-xue, Liu Jiang-hui
Multiphysics elastodynamic finite element analysis of space debris deorbit stability and efficiency by electrodynamic tethers    Original Research Article
Pages 320-333
Gangqiang Li, Zheng H. Zhu, Stephane Ruel, S.A. Meguid
An online planetary exploration tool: “Country Movers”    Original Research Article
Pages 334-344
Mátyás Gede, Henrik Hargitai
The strength analysis of steel sunk screw connections in the rocket    Original Research Article
Pages 345-352
Xiaogang Li, Xiaotian Zhang
Closed-loop control for global coverage and equatorial hovering about an asteroid    Original Research Article
Pages 353-361
Mauricio M. Guelman
Aerodynamic performance investigation on waverider with variable blunt radius in hypersonic flows    Original Research Article
Pages 362-372
Shibin Li, Zhenguo Wang, Wei Huang, Shenren Xu, Li Yan
Local vibration enhanced the efficacy of passive exercise on mitigating bone loss in hindlimb unloading rats    Original Research Article
Pages 373-381
Yunfei Huang, Huiqin Luan, Lianwen Sun, Jingfang Bi, Ying Wang, Yubo Fan
Thermal design, analysis and comparison on three concepts of space solar power satellite    Original Research Article
Pages 382-402
Chen Yang, Xinbin Hou, Li Wang
Mixing augmentation of transverse hydrogen jet by injection of micro air jets in supersonic crossflow    Original Research Article
Pages 403-414
A. Anazadehsayed, M. Barzegar Gerdroodbary, Y. Amini, R. Moradi
Towards disruptions in Earth observation? New Earth Observation systems and markets evolution: Possible scenarios and impacts    Original Research Article
Pages 415-433
Gil Denis, Alain Claverie, Xavier Pasco, Jean-Pierre Darnis, Benoît de Maupeou, Murielle Lafaye, Eric Morel
A 1 cm space debris impact onto the Sentinel-1A solar array    Original Research Article
Pages 434-443
H. Krag, M. Serrano, V. Braun, P. Kuchynka, M. Catania, J. Siminski, M. Schimmerohn, X. Marc, D. Kuijper, I. Shurmer, A. O'Connell, M. Otten, Isidro Muñoz, J. Morales, M. Wermuth, D. McKissock
Experimental investigation on the impacts of ignition energy and position on ignition processes in supersonic flows by laser induced plasma   
Pages 444-449
Bin An, Zhenguo Wang, Leichao Yang, Xipeng Li, Jiajian Zhu
Myth-free space advocacy part I—The myth of innate exploratory and migratory urges    Original Research Article
Pages 450-460
James S.J. Schwartz
Inverse simulation system for evaluating handling qualities during rendezvous and docking    Original Research Article
Pages 461-471
Wanmeng Zhou, Hua Wang, Douglas Thomson, Guojin Tang, Fan Zhang
Proof of concept demonstration of novel technologies for lunar spacesuit dust mitigation    Original Research Article
Pages 472-481
Kavya K. Manyapu, Pablo De Leon, Leora Peltz, James R. Gaier, Deborah Waters
A socio-economic impact assessment of the European launcher sector    Review Article
Pages 482-489
Luca del Monte, Luigi Scatteia
Attitude dynamics and control of a spacecraft like a robotic manipulator when implementing on-orbit servicing    Original Research Article
Pages 490-497
Ijar M. Da Fonseca, Luiz C.S. Goes, Narumi Seito, Mayara K. da Silva Duarte, Élcio Jeronimo de Oliveira
How far are extraterrestrial life and intelligence after Kepler?    Original Research Article
Pages 498-503
Amri Wandel
An accurate procedure for estimating the phase speed of ocean waves from observations by satellite borne altimeters    Original Research Article
Pages 504-511
Yair De-Leon, Nathan Paldor
Invariant manifold connections via polyhedral representation    Original Research Article
Pages 512-521
Mauro Pontani, Paolo Teofilatto
Corrigendum to “Optimization of micro single dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuator models based on experimental velocity and body force fields” [Acta Astronaut. 116 (2015) 318–332]   
Page 522
E. Pescini, D.S. Martínez, M.G. DeGiorgi, A. Ficarella
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