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Acta Vol. 141 December 2017 Print
Acta Astronautica
Volume 141, Pages 1-254, December 2017
Concept design and cluster control of advanced space connectable intelligent microsatellite   
Pages 1-7
Xiaohui Wang, Shuang Li, Yuchen She
Mach-Effect thruster model    Original Research Article
Pages 8-16
M. Tajmar
Open innovation in the European space sector: Existing practices, constraints and opportunities    Original Research Article
Pages 17-21
Elco van Burg, Christina Giannopapa, Isabelle M.M.J. Reymen
The Phobos-Grunt microgravity soil preparation system    Original Research Article
Pages 22-29
Kai-leung Yung, Chi Wo Lam, Sui Man Ko, James Abbott Foster
Effects of materials surface preparation for use in spacecraft potable water storage tanks    Original Research Article
Pages 30-35
William T. Wallace, Sarah L. Wallace, Leslie J. Loh, C.K. Mike Kuo, Edgar K. Hudson, Tyler J. Marlar, Daniel B. Gazda
Parametric study of sensor placement for vision-based relative navigation system of multiple spacecraft    Original Research Article
Pages 36-49
Junho Jeong, Seungkeun Kim, Jinyoung Suk
Design of tipping structure for 110 m high-precision radio telescope    Original Research Article
Pages 50-56
Shufei Feng, Congsi Wang, Baoyan Duan, You Ban
Multifunctional fiber reinforced polymer composites using carbon and boron nitride nanotubes    Original Research Article
Pages 57-63
Behnam Ashrafi, Michael B. Jakubinek, Yadienka Martinez-Rubi, Meysam Rahmat, Drazen Djokic, Kurtis Laqua, Daesun Park, Keun-Su Kim, Benoit Simard, Ali Yousefpour
Numerical simulation of a Rotating Detonation with a realistic injector designed for separate supply of gaseous hydrogen and oxygen    Original Research Article
Pages 64-78
T. Gaillard, D. Davidenko, F. Dupoirieux
Red Dragon drill missions to Mars    Original Research Article
Pages 79-88
Jennifer L. Heldmann, Carol R. Stoker, Andrew Gonzales, Christopher P. McKay, Alfonso Davila, Brian J. Glass, Larry L. Lemke, Gale Paulsen, David Willson, Kris Zacny
Study on the criterion to determine the bottom deployment modes of a coilable mast    Original Research Article
Pages 89-97
Haibo Ma, Hai Huang, Jianbin Han, Wei Zhang, Xinsheng Wang
Detumbling control for kinematically redundant space manipulator post-grasping a rotational satellite    Original Research Article
Pages 98-109
Mingming Wang, Jianjun Luo, Jianping Yuan, Ulrich Walter
Numerical and experimental investigation of the effect of geometry on combustion characteristics of solid-fuel ramjet    Original Research Article
Pages 110-122
Lunkun Gong, Xiong Chen, Omer Musa, Haitao Yang, Changsheng Zhou
Thermal shock induced dynamics of a spacecraft with a flexible deploying boom    Original Research Article
Pages 123-131
Zhenxing Shen, Huijian Li, Xiaoning Liu, Gengkai Hu
Post-Newtonian equations of motion for LEO debris objects and space-based acquisition, pointing and tracking laser systems    Original Research Article
Pages 132-142
J.M. Gambi, M.L. García del Pino, J. Gschwindl, E.B. Weinmüller
Nonlinear electromechanical modelling and dynamical behavior analysis of a satellite reaction wheel    Original Research Article
Pages 143-157
Alireza Aghalari, Morteza Shahravi
Semi-analytical methods for rapid pre-dimensioning of launcher structures subjected to Booster load introduction    Original Research Article
Pages 158-171
Andreas Rittweger
Design of a three-dimensional scramjet nozzle considering lateral expansion and geometric constraints    Original Research Article
Pages 172-182
Zheng Lv, Jinglei Xu, Jianwei Mo
Building large telescopes in orbit using small satellites    Original Research Article
Pages 183-195
Chris Saunders, Dan Lobb, Martin Sweeting, Yang Gao
A review of the performance and structural considerations of paraffin wax hybrid rocket fuels with additives    Review Article
Pages 196-208
Kirsty Veale, Sarp Adali, Jean Pitot, Michael Brooks
Establishing a framework for studying the emerging cislunar economy    Original Research Article
Pages 209-218
Carlos Manuel Entrena Utrilla
Electrodynamical compensation of disturbing torque and attitude stabilization of a satellite in J2 perturbed orbit    Original Research Article
Pages 219-227
A.A. Tikhonov, K.A. Antipov, D.G. Korytnikov, D.Yu. Nikitin
Calcium dependent current recordings in Xenopus laevis oocytes in microgravity    Original Research Article
Pages 228-236
Simon L. Wuest, Christian Roesch, Fabian Ille, Marcel Egli
Effects of dynamic backpressure on shock train motions in straight isolator    Original Research Article
Pages 237-247
Jianhua Cai, Jin Zhou, Shijie Liu, Zhiyong Lin
Back-pressure effects on unsteadiness of separation shock in a rectangular duct at Mach 3    Original Research Article
Pages 248-254
Bing Xiong, Xiao-qiang Fan, Yi Wang, Liang Zhou, Yuan Tao
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