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Acta Vol. 142 January 2018 Print
Acta Astronautica
Volume 142, Pages 1-314, January 2018
Combined high and low-thrust geostationary orbit insertion with radiation constraint    Original Research Article
Pages 1-9
Malcolm Macdonald, Steven Robert Owens
The politics of space mining – An account of a simulation game    Original Research Article
Pages 10-17
Deganit Paikowsky, Roey Tzezana
2D Necklace Flower Constellations    Original Research Article
Pages 18-28
David Arnas, Daniel Casanova, Eva Tresaco
Thermal probe design for Europa sample acquisition    Original Research Article
Pages 29-36
Mera F. Horne
Limits and signatures of relativistic spaceflight    Original Research Article
Pages 37-44
Ulvi Yurtsever, Steven Wilkinson
High-frequency counter-flow plasma synthetic jet actuator and its application in suppression of supersonic flow separation    Original Research Article
Pages 45-56
Hongyu Wang, Jun Li, Di Jin, Mengxiao Tang, Yun Wu, Lianghua Xiao
Pulsar navigation using time of arrival (TOA) and time differential TOA (TDTOA)    Original Research Article
Pages 57-63
Ning Xiaolin, Yang Yuqing, Gui Mingzhen, Wu Weiren, Fang Jiancheng, Liu Gang
Interstellar communication. II. Application to the solar gravitational lens    Original Research Article
Pages 64-74
Michael Hippke
Recovering area-to-mass ratio of resident space objects through data mining    Original Research Article
Pages 75-86
Hao Peng, Xiaoli Bai
The Strata-1 experiment on small body regolith segregation    Original Research Article
Pages 87-94
Marc Fries, Paul Abell, Julie Brisset, Daniel Britt, Joshua Colwell, Adrienne Dove, Dan Durda, Lee Graham, Christine Hartzell, Kenneth Hrovat, Kristen John, Dakotah Karrer, Matthew Leonard, Stanley Love, Joseph Morgan, Jayme Poppin, Vincent Rodriguez, Paul Sánchez-Lana, Dan Scheeres, Akbar Whizin
Aerodynamics and Aerothermodynamics of undulated re-entry vehicles    Original Research Article
Pages 95-102
K. Kaushikh, S. Arunvinthan, S. Nadaraja Pillai
Analysis of atomic oxygen and ultraviolet exposure effects on cycloaliphatic epoxy resins reinforced with octa-functional POSS    Original Research Article
Pages 103-111
Agnieszka Suliga, Ewa M. Jakubczyk, Ian Hamerton, Andrew Viquerat
Space strategy and governance of ESA small member states    Original Research Article
Pages 112-120
Daniel Sagath, Angeliki Papadimitriou, Maarten Adriaensen, Christina Giannopapa
Formation mechanisms and characteristics of transition patterns in oblique detonations    Original Research Article
Pages 121-129
Shikun Miao, Jin Zhou, Shijie Liu, Xiaodong Cai
Which benefits and limits derive from ESA membership for European Countries owning “medium-sized” space agencies?    Original Research Article
Pages 130-137
Giorgio Petroni, Barbara Bigliardi, Francesco Galati, Alberto Petroni
Planar rigid-flexible coupling spacecraft modeling and control considering solar array deployment and joint clearance    Original Research Article
Pages 138-151
Yuanyuan Li, Zilu Wang, Cong Wang, Wenhu Huang
Similarity solutions for unsteady flow behind an exponential shock in a self-gravitating non-ideal gas with azimuthal magnetic field    Original Research Article
Pages 152-161
G. Nath, R.P. Pathak, Mrityunjoy Dutta
Numerical simulation of divergent rocket-based-combined-cycle performances under the flight condition of Mach 3    Original Research Article
Pages 162-169
Peng Cui, WanWu Xu, Qinglian Li
Real-time maneuver optimization of space-based robots in a dynamic environment: Theory and on-orbit experiments    Original Research Article
Pages 170-183
Gregory E. Chamitoff, Alvar Saenz-Otero, Jacob G. Katz, Steve Ulrich, Benjamin J. Morrell, Peter W. Gibbens
The soviet manned lunar program N1-L3    Original Research Article
Pages 184-192
Christian Lardier
Accuracy enhancement of navigation images using blind restoration method    Original Research Article
Pages 193-200
Jianhui Zhao, Cundu Zhang, Tao Yu, Fan Li
Institutional patterns in the Austrian space sector    Original Research Article
Pages 201-211
Annie Wong, Elco van Burg, Christina Giannopapa
Tether cutting maneuver in swing-by trajectory    Original Research Article
Pages 212-220
Tsubasa Yamasaki, Mai Bando, Shinji Hokamoto
Concentrated energy addition for active drag reduction in hypersonic flow regime    Original Research Article
Pages 221-231
M. Ashwin Ganesh, Bibin John
Dynamics and offset control of tethered space-tug system    Original Research Article
Pages 232-252
Jingrui Zhang, Keying Yang, Rui Qi
An adaptive reentry guidance method considering the influence of blackout zone    Original Research Article
Pages 253-264
Yu Wu, Jianyao Yao, Xiangju Qu
Determination of disturbances acting on small satellite mock-up on air bearing table    Original Research Article
Pages 265-276
D. Ivanov, M. Koptev, Y. Mashtakov, M. Ovchinnikov, N. Proshunin, S. Tkachev, A. Fedoseev, M. Shachkov
Observability of satellite launcher navigation with INS, GPS, attitude sensors and reference trajectory    Original Research Article
Pages 277-288
Yanick Beaudoin, André Desbiens, Eric Gagnon, René Landry
Long-duration space exploration and emotional health: Recommendations for conceptualizing and evaluating risk    Review Article
Pages 289-299
Candice A. Alfano, Joanne L. Bower, Jennifer Cowie, Simon Lau, Richard J. Simpson
Investigation of drag and heat reduction induced by a novel combinational lateral jet and spike concept in supersonic flows based on conjugate heat transfer approach    Original Research Article
Pages 300-313
Liang Zhu, Xiong Chen, Yingkun Li, Omer Musa, Changsheng Zhou

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