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Space Exploration Torino 2019 Print

IAA Torino Conference 2019

International Academy of Astronautics
11th IAA Symposium on the Future of Space Exploration
Moon, Mars and Beyond: Becoming an Interplanetary Civilization
June 17-19, 2019

Torino, Italy


The International Academy of Astronautics is foste ring global cooperation in Human and Robotics Space Exploration since more than 5 decades. The International Space Station program is expected to be completed by 2024 and there is no global program agreed for Human Space Flight. The goals of this new Symposium are to present the final results of IAA activties related to programs beyond Low Earth Orbit, starting from the Moon Village vision. The Moon Village is considered by many as the logic step for humans beyond LEO and a stepping stone for Mars exploration and interplanetary journeys.
The aim is to promote an exchange of ideas and experiences, within the Space community, discussing the activties presented and proposing new concrete global space exploration activities involving established and emerging space agencies and industries.
Special effort will be devoted to involve young professionals and new space start-up compagnie related to exploration acting as a forum for fostering new intiatives
Papers related to Technology, Science, Programmatics, Economics, Ethical and Cultural aspects of exploration will be accepted.


8.30-10.00    Registration (at ALTEC)

9.00    Welcome to the participants
V. Giorgio, ALTEC CEO
R. Provera, Thales Alenia Space
G. Saracco, Rector of Politecnico di Torino 
J.-M. Contant, IAA Secretary General
G. Genta, Politecnico di Torino, Local Organizing committee

Session 1.   Chairperson:   Sabrina Corpino

9.30 IAA-FSE-19-01-01 Towards the Moon Village Implementation
G. Reibaldi, Moon Village Association and IAA

9.50 IAA-FSE-19-01-02 Possible synergies between Moon and Mars Exploration
G. Genta, Oleg Ventskovsky, Les Johnson, Politecnico di Torino, Yuzhnoye Design Office, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

10.10 IAA-FSE-19-01-03 Deep space exploration in China: Moon, Mars and beyond
Gongling Sun, International Space University

10.30 IAA-FSE-19-01-04 LOP-G in Support to Lunar Exploration
F. Fenoglio, Thales Alenia Space

10.50    Coffee break

11.20    Round Table: Towards the Moon Village
Moderator:  J.-M. Contant, IAA Secretary General
G. Martucci, ALTEC
D. Schmitt, ESA
C. Lobascio, Thales Alenia Space
Gongling Sun, International Space University
G. Reibaldi, Moon Village Association, President, IAA

12.20   Lunch

13.45   Visit to Thales Alenia Space and ALTEC facilities

15.00   Return to Politecnico di Torino, Lingotto Campus (by bus)

Session 2.     Chairperson: Nicole Viola

15.30 IAA-FSE-19-02-01 Considerations About Future Missions
C. Bruno, University of Connecticut

15.50 IAA-FSE-19-02-02 The Economics of Space Mining
A. Sommariva, Leonella Gori, Barbara Chizzolini, Mattia Pianorsi, , Università Bocconi

16.10 IAA-FSE-19-02-03 International Cooperation as a Key Driver for Emerging Space Nations
C. Iacomino, M. Sacchetti, Università Bocconi

16.30 IAA-FSE-19-02-04 Moon Farside Spectrum Protection by Negotiations
C. Maccone, IAA

16.50    Coffee break

17.30    Concert  by the choir of Politecnico di Torino

June 18, 2019

Session 3.     Chairperson: Giuseppe Reibaldi

9.00 IAA-FSE-19-03-01 Unnoticeable Space Resources - Lunar Sports
A.G. Faddoul,  Tony Sky Designs Group

9.20 IAA-FSE-19-03-02 Minimum number of settlers for survival on another planet
J.M. Salotti,  University of Bordeaux

9.40 IAA-FSE-19-03-03 Extended Space Journeys: Current to G-Zero and G-1 Human Aspects in Crewing and Phasing
A.G. Faddoul,  Tony Sky Designs Group

10.00 IAA-FSE-19-03-04 Human-in-the-loop Related Space Missions: Application of Probabilistic Modeling
E. Suhir, J.M. Salotti,  Portland State University, University of Bordeaux

10.20    Coffee break

Session 4.     Chairperson: Giancarlo Genta

11.00 IAA-FSE-19-04-01 Electric sail phasing maneuvers with radial thrust
M. Bassetto, L. Boni, G. Mengali, A.A. Quarta, University of Pisa

11.20 IAA-FSE-19-04-02 Static structural analysis of an electric sail with Finite Element approach
L. Boni, M. Bassetto,G. Mengali,A.A. Quarta, University of Pisa

11.40 IAA-FSE-19-04-03 Trajectory and Preliminary Design Integrated Tool for a Reusable Lunar Space Tug
J. Rimani, C.A. Paissoni, N. Viola, G. Saccoccia, J.G. del Amo, Politecnico di Torino, ASI, ESTEC 

12.00 IAA-FSE-19-04-04 Design of Halo Orbit in the Framework of Elliptic Restricted Three Body Problem using Differential Evolution
N. Rithwik, R. V. Ramanan, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology

12.20    Lunch

Session 5.   Chairperson: Gongling Sun

14.00 IAA-FSE-19-05-01 On Possibilities for Development of the Common-Sense Concept of Habitats Beyond the Earth: Part 1
V.S. Volkov,  A. V. Degtyarev, L. M. Lobanov, A. P. Kushnar’ov, Ie. Yu. Baranov, A. O. Perepichay, V. V. Korotenko, O. A. Volkova, G. G. Osinovyy, Yu. A. Lysenk1, M. D. Kaliapin, Yuzhnoye State Design Office, E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, National Technical University  of Ukraine

14.20 IAA-FSE-19-05-02 On Possibilities for Development of the Common-Sense Concept of Habitats Beyond the Earth: Part 2
V.S. Volkov,  A. V. Degtyarev, L. M. Lobanov, A. P. Kushnar’ov, Ie. Yu. Baranov, A. O. Perepichay,
V. V. Korotenko, O. A. Volkova, G. G. Osinovyy, Yu. A. Lysenk1, M. D. Kaliapin, Yuzhnoye State Design Office, E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, National Technical University  of Ukraine

14.40 IAA-FSE-19-05-03 Multi-CubeSats Constellation Design for Lunar Global Communication and Positioning Systems
Boqin Hu, Dong Qiao, Xiangyu Li, Yu Cheng, Beijing Institute of Technology, Ministry of Ind. and Inf. Tech.

15.00 IAA-FSE-19-05-04 Analysis on Artificial Intelligence Applications for Celestial Body Exploration and Operations
D. Carabellese, G. Thirion, I. Adamson, M. Karnal, M. Giuliani, Politecnico di Torino, ISAE Supaero, Leicester University

15.20    Coffee break

Session 6.      Chairperson: Andrea Sommariva

16.00 IAA-FSE-19-06-01 Effects of attitude constraints on solar sail optimal interplanetary trajectories
A. Caruso, A.A. Quarta, G. Mengali, University of Pisa

16.20 IAA-FSE-19-06-02 Electric sail active control law for artificial Lagrangian point maintenance
L. Niccolai, A. A. Quarta, G. Mengali, University of Pisa

16.40 IAA-FSE-19-06-03 Modelling of Pneumatic Sample Transport Systems for Enceladus Surface Acquisition
D. Riccobono, , S. Moreland, P. Backes, G. Genta, Politecnico di Torino, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

17.00 IAA-FSE-19-06-04 Road Map to the Stars: Current, Anticipated, and Required Technology Milestones
A.G. Faddoul,  Tony Sky Designs Group

19.30    Official Dinner

June 19, 2019

Session 7.  Chairperson: Giovanni Mengali

9.00 IAA-FSE-19-07-01 Be cool to be far: exploiting hibernation for space exploration
M. Cerri, University of Bologna

9.20 IAA-FSE-19-07-02 Sustainable Design for Extended Space Travel, Technology Apprised
A. G. Faddoul,  Tony Sky Designs Group

9.40 IAA-FSE-19-07-03 Biosignatures are Based on Their Information Content  (EVO-SETI Scale)
C. Maccone, IAA.

10.00 IAA-FSE-19-07-04 From spirituality to preservation. Is there a chance of peaceful exploration of the Moon?
R. Rapetti, M. Hanlon, MVA

10.20    Coffee break

10.40    Round Table on Future problems in Human Space Exploration
Moderator:  Giancarlo Genta
Andrea Sommariva, , Università Bocconi
Remo Rapetti, MVA
Giancarlo Genta, Politecnico di Torino
Matteo Cerri, University of Bologna
Stefano Catucci, University of Rome

12.00    Synthesis of the Symposium
G. Reibaldi, President Moon Village Association, IAA

12.30    Closing

12.40    Lunch


Politecnico di Torino – Lingotto Campus
Via Nizza, 230


A new three-days International Symposium on the future of Space Exploration will be organized by the International Academy of Astronautics and Politecnico di Torino. The symposium will be held in Torino, on 17-19 June 2019.



Propulsion and power generation
Mission and trajectory design
Atitude dynamics
Navigation, guidance and control
Very deep space telecommunications
Sensors, detectors and lens systems
Precursor interstellar missions
Nanotechnology and robotics
Innovative concepts
Regenerative life support systems
ISRU systems
Planetary protection


Scientific objectives and payload requirements
Present outgoing scientific missions
Biosignatures from space
Medical problems of very long-range spaceflight
Planetary environments


Cooperation schemes and roadmaps
Reporting of the ongoing IAA Study Groups
Role of the ISS in space exploration


Motivations and human aspects
Policy and international cooperation
Ideas from science fiction to technology


Funding aspects and economic sustainability
Space mineral resources
Space resources exploitation


Ethical aspects of long-range exploration
From exploration to colonization
Ethical aspects of terraforming
Robot ethics
Adaptation of humans to new environments
Experience of 10 Years of ISS permanent activity


Multicultural aspects of human space exploration
Outreach aspects of Space Exploration
Access to space for emerging countries


Les Johnson      Giuseppe Reibaldi


Catharine Conley
Bernhard Hufenbach
Greg Matloff
Suzan McKenna-Lawlor
Maria Antonietta Perino
Yury Razoumny
Andrea Sommariva
Antonio Viviani
Giancarlo Genta
Jan Kolar
Les Johnson
Yoshinari Minami
Sundaram Ramakrishnan
Giuseppe Reibaldi
Yuichi Tsuda
Yang Yuguang


Sabrina Corpino
Nicole Viola
Giancarlo Genta


pdf print version of the Call for Papers 

Abstracts must be written in English on a single A4 page with the title, author's name affiliation and complete address. All intended papers will be examined by the Scientific Committee.

Abstracts must be e-mailed to:         This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Submission of abstract                   April 15, 2019
Notification of acceptance                April 29, 2019
Submission of camera-ready text     May 31, 2019

Official language of Symposium is English.


Preliminary program
is available (pdf format version).


To register, please visit the registration webpage at:

Fees* Registration and Payment 
within May 28th,2019  
(Early Bird)
Registration and Payment 
after May 28th,2019
DELEGATE€ 450,00€ 530,00
STUDENT€ 150,00€ 230,00
RETIRED€ 200,00€ 280,00
SOCIAL DINNER €   40,00€   40,00

*Fees are VAT included.

The registration fee covers, both for full and for Students: conference materials, attendance to all Sessions, buffet lunches, coffee-breaks.

Students must provide proof of their full-time undergraduate or postgraduate student status at the registration. Please send an email to the Organising Secretariat attaching a copy of your Student ID ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

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