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Acta vol. 152 November 2018 Print

Acta Astronautica Volume 152
Pages 1-920, November 2018

ExMASS: A viable model for authentic student-scientist research partnerships
Pages 1-9
  Andrew Shaner, Sandy Watson, Maya Bakerman, Sanlyn Buxner
Optical changes of molecular contamination thin-film outgassed from epoxy-based resin during deposition and desorption process
Pages 10-17
  Kazunori Shimazaki, Eiji Miyazaki, Yugo Kimoto
Mixing enhancement mechanism induced by the cascaded fuel injectors in supersonic flows: A numerical study
Pages 18-26
  Wei Huang, Yong Li, Li Yan, R. Moradi
Performance analysis of fixed wing space drones in different solar system bodies
Pages 27-48
  M. Hassanalian, D. Rice, S. Johnstone, A. Abdelkefi
Dynamic and static controller placement in Software-Defined Satellite Networking
Pages 49-58
  Shuai Wu, Xiaoqian Chen, Lei Yang, Chengguang Fan, Yong Zhao
A model for understanding and managing cost growth on joint programs
Pages 59-70
  Morgan Dwyer, Zoe Szajnfarber, Bruce Cameron, Edward Crawley
Surrogate modeling for liquid-gas interface determination under microgravity
Pages 71-77
  Zongyu Wu, Yiyong Huang, Xiaoqian Chen, Xiang Zhang, Wen Yao
Flexible heat shields deployed by centrifugal force
Pages 78-87
  Rui Wu, Peter C.E. Roberts, Constantinos Soutis, Carl Diver
Study of satellite formation flying control using differential lift and drag
Pages 88-100
  D. Ivanov, M. Kushniruk, M. Ovchinnikov
Serum microRNA as noninvasive indicator for space radiation
Pages 101-104
  Wenjun Wei, Jufang Wang, Jinpeng He, Xiaodong Xie
Analysis of the gas exchange and water balance in a closed experimental model of the artificial ecosystem intended for an estimated portion of a human
Pages 105-111
  Sofya Ushakova, Natalia Tikhomirova, Vladimir Velichko, Sergey Trifonov, Yegor Morozov, Galina Kalacheva, Anastasia Pavlova, Alexander Tikhomirov
Combustion stabilization modes in a hydrogen-fueled scramjet combustor at high stagnation temperature
Pages 112-122
  Yanan Wang, Zhenguo Wang, Mingbo Sun, Hongbo Wang
Space elevator maturing into a Galactic Harbour
Pages 123-126
  Peter Swan, Michael Fitzgerald
Evaluation criteria for a flameless combustor based on recirculation and mixing - A CFD approach
Pages 127-136
  Hesham M. Khalil, Yehia A. Eldrainy, Khalid M. Saqr, Walid A. Abdelghaffar
Electrostatic-magnetic-hybrid thrust generation in central–cathode electrostatic thruster (CC–EST)
Pages 137-145
  Akihiro Sasoh, Hayato Kasuga, Yoshiya Nakagawa, Toshihiro Matsuba, Daisuke Ichihara, Akira Iwakawa
MPC-based anti-sway control of tethered space robots
Pages 146-162
  Zhongjie Meng, Bingheng Wang, Panfeng Huang
The Rosetta science operations and planning implementation
Pages 163-174
  Miguel Pérez-Ayúcar, Mike Ashman, Miguel Almeida, Marc Costa Sitjà, Juan José García Beteta, Raymond Hoofs, Michael Kueppers, Julia Marín Yaseli, Donald Merritt, Federico Nespoli, Eduardo Sánchez Suarez
Humor as a coping strategy in spaceflight
Pages 175-178
  Jelena Brcic, Peter Suedfeld, Phyllis Johnson, Tina Huynh, Vadim Gushin
A gradual approach towards space traffic management: The contribution of UNISAPCE+50
Pages 179-184
Peter Stubbe
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