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Academy Day Washington 2019 Print

Academy Day

International Academy of Astronautics (IAA)


Washington DC, USA

room 146B


Sunday 20 October 2019


09h00    Opening of the Academy Day, Peter Jankowitsch, IAA President,
             John Schumacher, M2, introduce Jim Bridenstine, M4, NASA Administrator
09h10    Thomas Stafford (M3) video exchange with Alexei Leonov (Honorary member) in Star City, Moscow, Russia.
09h30    Introduction to the Laurels by Francisco Mendieta-Jimenez, Vice-President
09:35    The 2019 IAA Laurels for Team Achievement: China-Brazil CBERS Earth Resource Satellite Program. Wu Meirong, M4, China and Jose Braga-Coelho, M4, Brazil
10:15    Space exploration plans in India, Kailasavadivoo Sivan, M4, Chaiman ISRO
10:45    Interplanetary missions. Modern achievements and problems of gravitational physiology, Elena Fomina, M3, Russia
11:15    Space exploration plans in USA, Scott Pace, M4, USA
11:45    French place in the Space Exploration Program, Jean-Pascal Le Franc, CM4, France

12h15     IAA Luncheon (in advance registration)

13h30    30th IAA Regular Meeting (restricted access) and Induction of the 2019-2021 Board of Trustees
14h30    End of Restricted Meeting

14h35    Apollo Anniversary, Chair: Otfrid Liepack, M4
             Introduction, Anatoly Perminov, M4, Russia, Vice-President Scientific Programs

14:40   Past, Present and Future, Buzz Aldrin, Honorary Member, Apollo 11
15:00   Bill Barry, NASA Chief Historian: Moderator’s Opening Remarks – Apollo 11 at 50 Years
            John Logsdon, M4, George Washington University: "Once we went to the Moon"
            Jim Green, NASA Chief Scientist: Apollo’s science results
            Howard McCurdy, American University: “When the moon is in the seventh house…..”
            Teasel Muir-Harmony, Smithsonian: “Around the World with the Apollo 11 Crew”
            Roger Launius, M4,: “Apollo’s Legacy: A meaning for the Moon Landing”
            Roger Launius, M4: Summary

17h30     End of Session
18h15     Cocktails
18h45     Induction Ceremonies for Newly Elected IAA Academicians (in advance registration)
19h45     Awards Gala Dinner (in advance registration) 

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