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IAA Journal Acta Astronautica

The journal Acta Astronautica, 2500 pages a year, covers developments in space science technology related to peaceful scientific exploration of space and its exploitation for human welfare and progress, the conception, design, development and operation of space-borne and Earth-based systems. In addition to the regular issues of contributed papers and transaction notes, the journal publishes selected proceedings from IAA congresses.
The journal Acta Astronautica first appeared in 1959 and is published monthly by Elsevier Science Ltd in London under the auspices of the IAA Publications and Communication Committee chaired by Marius-Ioan Piso, Romania.

The Editor in Chief is Jeng-Shing Chern (China Taiwan)

The Co-Editors are:

- Space Physical Sciences: Athena Coustenis (France), Elisabeth Piotelat (France), Radhika Ramachandran (India), Nickolay Smirnov (Russia), Antonio Viviani (Italy)
- Space Life Sciences: Olivier Contant (France), Christos Frantzidis (Greece), Antonios Kyparos (Greece), Jan Stepanek (Switzerland), Oliver Ullrich (Germany);  
- Space Technology & Systems Development: Riccardo Bevilacqua (USA), Christophe Bonnal (France), Filippo Graziani (Italy), Jiawen Qiu (China), Chen Jie (China), Krishna D. Kumar (Canada), Mauro Pontani (Italy)
- Space Systems Operations & Utilization: Vipparthi Adimurthy (India), Anna Guerman (Portugal), Lu Yu (China), Robert G. Melton (USA), V, Arun K. Misra (Canada), Maria-Antonietta Perino (Italy), Yury Razoumny (Russia);
- Space Policy, Law & Economics: Haym Benaroya (USA), Corinne Jorgenson (USA), Leslie I. Tennen (USA)
- Space ands Society: Culture and Education: Eva Yi-Wei Chang (China Taiwan), Ingemar Skoog (Sweden)

The Honorary Editor is Jean-Pierre Marec (France)
The Editor for Ex-Mundo Astronautico is Jean-Michel Contant (France)
The Managing Editor is Eva Yi-Wei Chang (China Taiwan)

Scope of the Journal
The journal Acta Astronautica first appeared in 1959 and is published monthly by Elsevier Science Ltd in London under the auspices of the IAA Publications and Communication Committee chaired by Prof. Marius-Ioan Piso, Romania.

In order to provide opportunities for initiation of focused activities, to facilitate and observe such activities, enable the exchange of ideas and information among interested members of the Academy and recommend appropriate measures, the journal of the Academy Acta Astronautica is divided in six areas with a scope described below. The general scopes of responsibility of each area of the journal may be amended by the IAA Board of Trustees in the future.

Scope of Space Physical Sciences:
Basic Science in General, Planetary, Interplanetary and Interstellar Exploration, Astronomy,
Earth Sciences, Space Physics, Space Weather, Space Material Sciences, Search for Extraterrestrial
Intelligence (SETI).

Scope of Space Life Sciences:
Life Sciences in General, Space Physiology and Medicine, Human Factors, Space and Planetary Biology and Biophysics, Biotechnology and Life Support, Astrobiology.

Scope of Space Technology & System Development:
Engineering Sciences in General, Research and Development to Enable Future Space Activities, Human Exploration of the Solar System,Development of New Space Facilities in or Beyond Earth Orbit, Advanced Propulsion, Interstellar Space Exploration, Space Resources.

Scope of Space System Operation & Utilization:
Space Activities and New Concepts that Directly Relate to Space Operations and Utilization, Communications, Remote Sensing, and Navigation Satellites, Small Satellites for Developing Nations, Countries Emerging in Space Technology, and Earth Observation, Safety, Rescue and Quality, EVA Protocols and Operations, Utilization of Space Facilities Such As Space Stations.

Scope of Space Policies, Law & Economics:
Global Policy Issues, International Cooperation and Competition, Intergovernmental Relations, Management, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, Social Science in General, Space Law, Scientific-legal Liaison, Economic Issues Associated With Developing New Space Applications such as Solar Power Satellites, Public Space Travel, Space Debris, Economics of Launch Systems, Financing, Commercialization and Privatization Issues in General, Secondary Interest in Areas such as Space Debris and Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

Scope of  Space & Society, Culture & Education:
- Societal Needs: Environmental Issues - Energy, Green, Sustainability, Waste, Water, Health and Well-being, Influence of Space on Society Drivers, Technology and Knowledge Transfer,
- Education and Outreach: Communications, Public Relations, Information Dissemination, Media, Education - Teaching, Learning, Training, Workforce Development, Space Awareness, Impact of Space Activities,
- Art and Culture: Applied Arts, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Plastic Arts, Visual Arts, Architecture, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Cultural Studies, Cultural Anthropology, Archaeology, Fashion and Lifestyle, Literature, Science Fiction, SETI - Social and Cultural Dimensions, Terminology in Space Activities,
- Humanities and History: History of Astronautics and Space Science, Museums and Libraries, Philosophy, Ethics, Religion, Sociology, Astrosociology.

In this section you will find:

Instructions to Authors: How to publish in Acta Astronautica Journal

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