SG 4.4 Proposal

IAA, Paris, June 2001


Study Group Form (comments and form available on


Proposal for Forming an IAA Study Group: S 4.4



Title of Study: 

Position Paper: Cost-Effective Earth Observation Missions



R. Sandau, A. Valenzuela, L. Paxton


Primary IAA Commission Preference: IV, Space Systems Operations and Utilization


Secondary IAA Commission Interests: III, Space Technology and Systems Develop-



Members of Study Team


Chairs:                            R. Sandau, L. Paxton


Secretary:                      J. Esper


Other Members:            C. Carmona-Moreno, R. Blott, and other members of the IAA

Study Group on Small Satellites for Earth Observation Missions


Short Description of Scope of Study


Overall Goal: describe the user requirements and expectations, the current status, and possible approaches to improve the current situation concerning cost-effective Earth

Observation missions


Intermediate Goals: Collect information about the current status of cost-effective Earth

Observation missions and inform decision makers, scientists, engineers and managers about current situation and approaches for improvement

IAA, Paris, October 2000


Study Group Form (comments and form available on





To be defined.


Time Line:

1st draft IAC 2003, Final paper IAC 2003, 2nd draft 4th IAA Symposium on Small Satellites for Earth Observation, April 7, 2003


Final Product (Report, Publication, etc.):

Report to be published in Acta Astronautica


Target Community:

Decision makers, managers, scientists, engineers involved or interested in Low-Cost Earth Observation Missions


Support Needed:

IAA web site


Potential Sponsors:

Space entities of less industrialized countries, universities

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Date:   15 January 2002                                   Signature:   SANDAU

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