2001-2010 period

- 29-30 May 2010, 1st IAA Workshop on Coordination and Cooperation for Global Environmental Impact, Beijing, China

- 05-08 July 2010, 2nd International Symposium on Space & Global Security of Humanity
, Riga , Latvia.

17 July Academy Day, Bremen, Germany,on the occasion of the 50th year anniversary celebration, Park Hotel, Bremen, 9h-16h
- 18-25 July 38th Scientific Assembly of Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) and Associated Events, Bremen, Germany

- 20 July A Protected Antipode Circle (PAC) at the center of the Moon Farside, IAA presentation during the 3rd NASA Lunar Science Forum at NASA Ames Research Center.

- 30-31 August 2010, IAA 50th Anniversary Celebration Symposium on Climate Change /Green Systems "What Can We Do for Our Mother Earth?”, Nagoya, Japan