On the Horizon - IAA Calendar

update October 15, 2019


Saturday 19 October, Washington DC, USA:
08h00-12h30 IAA Symposium on Moon Farside Negotiations, room 143C
10h00-13h00 IAA Space Debris Committee meeting, room 143B
12h30-13h00 IAA Commission Plenary meeting (by invitation only), room 143A  
13h00-16h00 IAA Commission 1 meeting, room 143A
13h00-16h00 IAA Commission 2 meeting, room 143B
13h00-16h00 IAA Commission 3 meeting, room 143C
13h00-16h00 IAA Commission 4 meeting, room 144A
13h00-16h00 IAA Commission 5 meeting, room 144B
13h00-16h00 IAA Commission 6 meeting, room 144C
16h15-17h30 IAA Scientific Activities Committee meeting (SAC) (by invitation only)

Sunday 20
October, Washington DC, USA:
09h00-12h15 IAA Academy Day, room 146B
12h15-13h15 Lunch
13h30-14h30 IAA Regular meeting (Reserved to Academician M and CM only)
14h45-17h15 IAA Academy Day, room 146B
15h00-17h00 IAA Board of Trustees meeting (BOT) (by invitation only)
18h30-20h00 Reception and Induction Ceremonies for Newly Elected IAA Academicians (in advance Registration only)
20h00-22h00 IAA Awards Gala Dinner (in advance Registration only)

21-25 October, 70th International Astronautical Congress (IAC), Washington DC, USA

Monday 21 October, Washington DC, USA:
13h00-13h30 IAA Study Group 2.18 Sleeping Brain in Space and Analog Environments, room 153
16h00-17h30 IAA Study Group 3.27 Towards the utilization of the Moon, Preparing for Mars Exploration, room 153

Tuesday 22 October, Washington DC, USA:
11h30-13h30 IAA Study Group 3.26 Space Mineral Resources #2, room 149B
12h00-13h30 IAA Study Group 4.21 Distributed, Networked, Smart, Cooperating Small Satellite Formations, room 153
13h00-14h00 IAA Small Satellite Missions Program, room 156

Wednesday 23 October, Washington DC, USA:
09h30-12h30 IAA SETI Permanent Committee, room 156
13h30-15h30 IAA Study Group 3.28 Strategy of Low Cost and Large Scale Access to Space in Future, room 153

Thursday 24 October, Washington DC, USA:
12h30-14h30 IAA History Committee, room 149B
16h00-17h30 IAA Study Group 4.26 Cubesat Interface, room 153


04-08 November, 4th COSPAR Symposium on Small satellites for sustainable Science and Development, Herzliya, Israel
11-14 November, 22nd IAA Humans in Space Symposium, Dubai, UAE
11-15 November, 2nd IAA Latin American Symposium on Small Satellites (IAA LASSS), Buenos Aires, Argentina


14-16 January, 2nd IAA Conference Space Situational Awareness (ICSSA), Washington DC, USA
22-24 January, IAA-ISRO-ASI Human Spaceflight Programme Symposium, Bangalore, India
28-31 January, 5th IAA Conference on University Satellites Missions & CubeSat Workshop, Roma, Italy


03-14 February, UN COPUOS Scientific and Technical Subcommittee, 57th session, Vienna, Austria
19-20 February, IAA-UT Space Traffic Management Conference, Austin TX, USA

MARCH 2020

 23-27 March, IAA Spring Meetings, Paris, France


15 August, IAA Academy Day Sydney, Australia
15-23 August, 43rd COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Sydney, Australia


11 October, IAA Academy Day Dubai, EAU
12-16 October, International Astronautical Congress, Dubai, EAU