Moscow Regional Meeting
On 25 December 2008, a Regional Meeting of the International Academy of Astronautics was held in Moscow, Russia with 62 participants. Prof. Vienamin Malyshev, IAA Regional Secretary presented certificates to the newly elected Russian members of IAA as follows:  Basic Science Section - Mal'tsev Vladimir M. CM; Engineering Science Section - Pieson Dmitry, CM , Bezverby Vitaly K. Member, Bodin Boris V. Member, Smirnov Nickolay N. Member; Life Science Section – Loginov Vassili A. Member, Ponomareva Irina P. Member; Social Science Section - Karpov Anatoly S. CM, Teselkin Sergei F. Member. After the ceremony Prof. Georgy J. Polishchuk, General Designer and Director General of Lavochkin Association and a Member of the Academy Engineering Section presented a lecture entitled "Program of new space investigations in Russia" that was followed by questions and a general discussion.

Prof. Georgy J. Polishchuk is a scientist of international reputation in the field of creation of SC for exploration of Mars and its natural satellites. Under his engineering direction “Phobos sample return” technical project (Phase B) has been developed to deliver Phobos soil samples to the Earth. He is an authoritative and noted scientist in the field of creation of the Earth remote sensing SC as well as meteorological and navigation. He is one of the main creators of the Russian Glonas global navigation system. Under his direction and with his direct assistance “Electro” SC has been developed for international meteorological organization. He holds 15 patents.

Mr Boris V. Bodin, Member of Section 2 Engineering Science

Dr Vassili A. Loginov, Member of Section 3 Life Science

Dr Dmitry Pieson, Corresponding Member of Section 2 Engineering Science

Dr Irina P. Ponomareva, Member of Section 3 Life Science