1st IISL / IAA Symposium on Space Law and Policy
In Partnership with Secure World Foundation
Sponsored by ArianeSpace

Space Law 2010 & Policy Perspectives

11 May 2009, Washington DC , USA
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Building, Washington DC, USA.

Space Law & Policy 2010 is a high level symposium organized by the International Institute of Space Law (IISL), and the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) that will examine the reach of space regulations and how they affect U.S. civil, commercial, and government activities, as well as the average citizen’s daily life. The event will highlight the relevance of current space law issues to U.S. policymakers. Space impacts the U.S. economy, national security, international relations and advancement of science. The goal of this event is to highlight the relevance of current space law issues to U.S. policymakers, as they may not be as familiar with them and yet are every day affected by the space regulatory environment. Understanding how current regulations at the national and international levels govern actors in space is therefore crucial. Speakers will also address the development of the international legal regime for space and evaluate if it is sufficient. As space become increasingly ubiquitous, there will be a need to refine the space regulatory environment. Understanding what system is currently in place and how we may need to amend it in the future to suit changing U.S. and global needs is key.

Tuesday 11 May 2010

08:30 Check in and coffee

08:45 Welcomes – organisers and sponsors - SWF, IISL, Arianespace, IAA

09:00 Keynote 1 – Representative Gabrielle Giffords, Chair, Space Sub-Committee
  - Introduced by Clay Mowry, Arianespace

09:30 Panel 1 – Space General Counsels, Moderator: Mindel De La Torre, International Bureau  Chief, FCC What are the top three biggest legal challenges for US space Industry?  - Intelsat; Arianespace; SES; Virgin Galactic; Iridium, Hughes Network Systems, EchoStar, DIRECTTV

10:45  Coffee

11:00 Keynote 2 - Dr. Hammadoun Toure, Director, International Telecommunications Union
  -  Introduced by Tanja Masson-Zwaan, IISL

1130 Panel 2 - International Aspects, Moderator: Catherine Lotrionte, Georgetown Policy and Law Center How do you view the development of the international legal regime for space and is it sufficient?- Ambassador Ciro Arévalo, UNCOPUOS; Scott Pace, George Washington University; Ken Hodgkins, State Department; Kai-Uwe Schrogl, European Space Policy Institute

12:45 Lunch - Speaker: Lori Garver, Deputy Administrator, NASA  -  Introduced by Dr. Jean-Michel Contant, IAA

14:00 Panel 3 – United States Government: Moderator: Dick Obermann, Staff Director, Space Sub-Committee Space Law in Government Daily Life – Successes and Failures - David Koplow, DOD; Phil Meek, USAF (Ret.); Margaret Roberts, NASA; Richard Leshner,  OSTP

1515 Keynote 3 – Dr. John Holdrin, OSTP  - Introduced by Dr. Ray Williamson, SWF

15:45 Wrap up discussion

16:30 Adjourn

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