IAA Program Committee on Small Satellites Missions
16th Symposium on Small Satellites Missions, Naples, Italy, IAC 2012, 1-5 October 2012

«Small Satellite Missions» refers to the class of missions conducted using satellites weighing less than 1000 kg. For clarity, we further classify small satellites
as microsats if they weigh less than 100 kg; nanosats if they weigh less than 10 kg; and pico or cubesats if they weigh less than1 kg.
This symposium, organised by the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA), addresses small satellite missions and projects in science, exploration,
and technology for government, industry, and academic programmes.
The symposium scope encompasses space science, earth observation, and exploration missions, as well as the cross-cutting topics of small
satellite programmes in developing countries, cost-effective operations, affordable and reliable space access, emerging and promising
technologies, and cross-platform compatibility applications and standards. For IAC 2012, the symposium is introducing the topic
of Small Distributed Space Missions, to be held in cooperation with B4.7A as a possible implementation of modular, reconfigurable, rapid systems.

Program Committee Structure:

Rhoda S. Hornstein, USA
Alex da Silva Curiel, UK

Rapporteur General:

Sias Mostert, South Africa
Sergei Chernikov, Austria
Petr Lala, Czech Republic
Pierre Molette, France
Stamatios Krimigis, USA
Denis J.P. Moura, France
Peter M. Allan, UK
Karen McBride, USA
Larry Paxton, USA
Amnon Ginati, Germany
Klaus Briess, Germany
Jeffery Emdee, USA
Nicholas Waltham, UK
Philip Davies, UK
Andrew Davies, UK
Joost Elstak, UK
Jaime Esper, USA
Marco D’Errico, Italy
Giancarmine Fasano, Italy
Leon Alkalai, USA
Rene Laufer, USA
Adam Baker, UK