Program Committee on History of Astronautics
46th IAA History of Astronautics Symposium, Naples, Italy, IAC 2012, 1-5 October 2012

This Symposium organized by the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) includes history of space sciences, technology and development, rocketry, personal
memoirs. The entire spectrum of space history, at least 25 years old, is covered as well as history of rocketry and astronautics in Italy.

Program Committee Structure:

Christophe Rothmund, France
Philippe Jung, France
Ake Ingemar Skoog, Sweden

Rapporteur General:

Marsha Freeman, USA
Herve Moulin, France
Niklas Reinke, Germany
Theo Pirard, Belgium
Susan McKenna-Lawlor, Ireland
Kerrie Dougherty, Australia
William Jones, USA
Otfrid Liepack, USA
Philippe Cosyn, Belgium