Program Committee on Multilingual Astronautical Terminology
Multilingual Astronautical Terminology Symposium, Naples, Italy, IAC 2012, 1-5 October 2012

This symposium organized by the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) will review the progress made in multilingual space terminology and its impact
on international cooperation in space. Terminology is a key issue for a better understanding among people using various languages and dialects. Consecutive or
simultaneous translation doesn’t remove risk of ambiguity during technical meetings and terminology accuracy is essential during all phases of cooperation. The
session will address issues such as standardization of definitions in space science and technology. Specific character of space emerging countries will be discussed.

Program Committee Structure:

Susan McKenna-Lawlor, Ireland
Danielle Candel, France

Rapporteur General:

Tetsuo Yoshimitsu, Japan
Fabrice Dennemont, France